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                                                                  A microscopic virus

            The Industrial Devolution & the birth of the debt slavery era of consumerism


I just found this from an anonymous poster on the internet called 'Face the truth'...this person DOES have a very valid point here, this is why I do NOT support humans leaving the Earth to colonize ANYWHERE else, what for? To ruin it like we did the Earth looking for 'natural resources to extract' to satisfy our species virulent avarice?
True there are humans who fight against this introversion of bad habits, but obviously not the majority - or we would not have laid as much waste to the Earth since the 'Industrial Devolution' as we have done.

"The goal of a virus, is to attach itself to a host, spread through its host, endlessly multiplying and destroying its host, until it has destroyed it along with itself.

But before it reaches this end, it hopes to send it seed off to another host, to carry on the endless multiplying and destroying, and leaving a trail of dead bodies in its wake, we have all seen the result of a virus, the Ebola virus for example, so you all know what a virus does and how it behaves.

Now examine the human species, yourself and examine how you behave.
The human species has one goal to attached itself to his planet, it is going to spread across this planet endlessly multiplying and destroying this planet, until it has destroyed this planet and itself.

But before it reaches this end, it hopes to get the technology, so it can send a very few very wealthy people, off to another planet, and leave billions of people here to die a slow death, but it doesn't care, because it's got another planet to destroy by endlessly multiplying and destroying.

The human species goal is to drift through the universe attaching itself to planet after planet destroying them for its own personal greed and moving on, and leaving a trail of dead planets in its wake.

Now you explain to me how you can claim to be intelligent, what is the difference between your behavior and a virus, the ability to speak does not indicate intelligence, it is behavior where you find the evidence of intelligence.

So how can your behavior of endless destruction of your own environment, be evidence of intelligent life?
Maybe the scientists can answer the question, what's the difference between your behavior and a virus?

For I see no difference, none whatsoever."

Saturday, 20 June 2015



Many scientists are now echoing these views.....but as usual you can always find someone to give you a contrary opinion, and while the train of thought that says (as is echoed in the end of the new Movie 'Tomorrowland') 'Humanity is willing the end upon itself by our own collective consciousness 'believing' in a coming doom (whether September 23rd 2015 and the period after the 4th Blood Moon - is going to be an esoteric factor in this or not) - thought becoming action, along the lines of 'word manifesting into reality' - like how creation myths say God created something from nothing....

And though it IS nice to think that by just altering our collective consciousness to believe no doom awaits us - that we can merrily continue forever as we are now......the most INCONVENIENT TRUTH of all is this simple fact...Humanity CANNOT continue to be devotees of extract-consume-discard is simply NOT scientifically (nor spiritually) sustainable...'natural resources' will run out eventually, the Earth's capacity to feed Billions of humans will reach a numerical limit eventually, the point where the ensuing pollution from our materialistic lifestyles - where we act as though to stop consuming is to stop being human - WILL reach a limit eventually...maybe when there is not a drop of un-polluted water left to drink.....but one way or another ...IT HAS TO END.

So either we STOP being the selfish, greedy, 'technology at all costs addicted ignorant bastards' that we are collectively....or we DESERVE to experience a great cull or extinction level event. I am sad that many innocent people who are not materialistic will die with the multitudes that ARE.....but we must look beyond the cosmically insignificant family circle of relatives and friends (why is your life and the lives of the handful of humans you know and love - more important that the suffering humanity is inflicting on the entire Earth? Are you THAT selfish? Or THAT stupid?).....if humanity cannot cease to exist as a parasite on the Earth, the natural karmic solution is for us to go (or a great number of us in any case - maybe the remnant survivors will FINALLY learn what 'actions lead to consequences' TRULY means), the natural world does not NEED us humans to be present, it is WE who needs the natural world (to continue to support our ungrateful existence), the animals and plants, the rivers and oceans, the air and soil - ALL would be better off if WE disappeared or had our numbers greatly reduced IF WE DO NOT COLLECTIVELY CHANGE OUR WAYS IN A MASS SCALE NOW.

So if Humanity begins to truly LIVE 'with the Earth' - I hope we ALL continue to exist...but if we do NOT change our unsustainable ways of merely 'existing' on it....then I welcome and accept our elimination as a does not keep me awake at night as I know I came here from the spirit world, and the physical life is but a blip in the cosmic time returning to my original state is no cause for fear in my heart, only the spiritually unaware are afraid of the inescapable physical death that awaits us all whether we like it or not.        










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                                             The Great Hunkpapa Lakota Chief Sitting Bull

             My firstborn son Hatuey (left) and myself (right) at Sitting Bulls gravesite

            My second daughter Sabantho with one of our Tobacco plants some years ago

NO-ONE can do EVERYTHING needed to make a difference in the world - but EVERYONE can do SOMETHING needed to make a difference in the world.

When I FINALLY was able to visit the Lakota in May 2013 (a Tribal Nation I grew up in admiration of - that boasts such famous Amerindian heroes like Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull) and I learned that they no longer had wild Tobacco they grew themselves...I asked myself what I could do to change that....years ago I brought wild Tobacco from the Pakaraima mountains near the Border of Guyana & Brazil - back to my own Lokono-Arawak people of Pakuri Territory of the Coastal plains in Guyana (60 miles inland from the Sea), because I could not find any plants anywhere on our territory when I began my traditional spiritual revival movement among my people.

So with the help of a Taino-Arawak brother, and a Lakota brother, I was able this year to give over half a million wild Tobacco seeds BACK to the Lakota people, better yet - to Sitting Bull's own Hunkpapa Lakota's!
I feel proud that the once young boy (me) who grew up listening to the words of Sitting Bull and taking them to heart, was is his (my) adult life not only able to visit his grave site and pay my traditional respects (with my firstborn son next to me), but was also able to give Tobacco - one of the most sacred of all plants to Amerindian traditionalists throughout this Hemisphere - BACK to one of my hero's descendants. Maybe my vision of the Buffalo head on a hide shield and a voice that said "Now you know how to reach me - when you pray - use the feathers" ...when I was 16, was maybe a portend of this act I would accomplish as a grown man? Because the Buffalo is from the Great Plains of North America, NOT the great plains of South America, and it was a symbol for Sitting Bull's name.

So YES, one person with an idea and a determination to make it become REALITY - CAN and WILL make a difference in the world! It is in fact - often the ONLY kind of person who ever DOES! Believe in the fact that you VOLUNTEERED as a spirit to come here to DO positive things in this physical life, and when you do negative things and stumble and fall....get UP and go forward again focused on doing GOOD - having learned your lesson in the consequences of distractions.

Just a note to ignorant people for whom Tobacco is a 'bad' plant 'that causes the death of millions'.....NO, get your facts straight, the ABUSE of Tobacco (for it is a sacred plant and should be used accordingly) is what causes the death of millions each year. Let me explain further....myself, my wife and my children all grow Tobacco, we use it to offer prayers to the Great Holy Spirit or in healing the sick via 'blowing' in traditional prayer healing ceremonies ONLY, we do not smoke it ourselves for recreation, that would be a sin, holy plants are for spiritual uses not for your personal enjoyment...and if that is how you use it - expect negative consequences to come back to YOU.
Secondly - you are NOT supposed to MIX Tobacco with any other substance ESPECIALLY man-made substances (which is precisely what cigarettes are!).
You are not even supposed to pick the leaves when they are green - unless you asked the plant for forgiveness first - because picking green leaves is like pulling hairs out of a human hurts the one being 'harvested' (only a Shaman needs to use the 'green juice' of a Tobacco plant, not everyone).
We wait until the leaves turn brown on the plant then the plant is 'giving' the leaf it no longer needs to you - so you are free to accept the gift in good conscience.
One cannot claim to be a spiritually-minded native and yet show complete disrespect for one of our most sacred plants - by abusing/incorrectly using it, or denying it's sacredness.    

Sunday, 14 June 2015


Traditional Central, South American & Caribbean Amerindian hand-made & home made brews such as from Cassava, sweet potato or Corn are weak by comparison - and do not cause the addiction and Alcoholism that commercially made (and much stronger) Alcohol does - and THIS is the focus of my article; traditional brews are made for special occasions such as feasts/festivals and other communal celebrations and is a more sanctified substance.

ALCOHOL is not the harmless source of entertainment that we assume it to be...well if you nor anyone you know has never 'become a different person' under the influence of Alcohol...or actually become happier and more pleasant to be around (as you are normally an uptight miserable bitch or bastard)  - then lucky for you! But if you know that you are a better human being when you are sober - then STOP DRINKING ALCOHOL. Stop saying - 'it is not that easy', or 'it is very hard to conquer an addiction' are making an excuse for yourself to use and setting yourself up to fail - so you can use it! Each of us has the power of our own free will to achieve any effect on our own beings that we truly desire....if you want to become a healer (a living medicine to yourself and others) and help others in person or from the other side of the world - you can....if you want to let yourself become - or continue to be - a slave to an addiction and be of no help to yourself or anyone else - you will! Your spirit must be the master of your body, your body must not become the master of your spirit.

But I notice this 'no harm done' effect is quite rare among native people - and I think this is because we are supposed to be closer to nature & therefore should be more 'spiritual thinking'....recently I had to deal with a case of one such person who becomes a different person once they begin to consume alcohol, and when they ceased to be consciously awake I was able to focus my gaze on their Aura, then I noticed light entering and exiting the area of their forehead Eastern Peoples describe as the '3rd eye Chakra' - which roughly corresponds to what anatomy describes as the 'Pineal gland' area in the center of our brain (itself still not completely explained or understood by science) that additives in tap water causes to become calcified and rendered less receptive to spiritual signals that are being emitted from nature all around us at all times....a clever way to induce a 'mass spiritual disconnect' as far as I see...and merely avoiding tap water does not help you, the same additives are in every junk drink, junk food and commercial bottled water you consume...they make it impossible for any urban person to escape their invisible and involuntarily administered 'spiritual cloaking device' on the can look around you and see the results of the kind of humanity they have created by doing this....little thought to spiritual matters - most urban humans are now preoccupied/fixated with earning money to continue to consume and discard relentlessly - for all the days of their now spiritually worthless lives.

Getting back to my prayer patient, not all light is holy, many an ancient text refer to the entity of negativity (we call it the Trickster) having the ability to appear as an Angel of light in order to deceive the spiritually unaware, the light entering this area of my patient corresponded to the patient talking nonsense in their sleep and moving erratically, and I had the distinct impression that the native patient (who is normally tranquil - but becomes aggressive and violent and foul mouthed with Alcohol in their system) was allowing them-self to literally become a puppet for a negative entity to control - once they consume is like you lose your self-generated spiritual shield that safeguards your consciousness - or to put it in another way - you INVITE (by YOUR OWN action consuming it voluntarily) this unholy force to take control of you,...not everyone, but native peoples are SUPPOSED to be more spiritually conscious than non-native peoples, so whereas they can eat, drink Alcohol & be merry....native peoples usually CANNOT get off so lightly.

I think the Creator has a higher purpose for us native peoples than to become Alcoholics (this is what the Trickster wants us to become), this is why when we get drunk we tend to behave WORSE than others - and it effects us worse as is like we are handing over our divine purpose to live as POSITIVE examples and lead the non-natives BACK to the kinds of spiritual truths and understanding that their own ancient native ancestors had -  since they turned their backs on their own tribal true identities long ago - or had that ancestral wisdom connection beaten out of them by already spiritually dead human slave masters who replaced it with the slave-masters man-made religion.    

Geronimo warned us that 'everything has power', our thoughts, our words, our actions, what we feed our physical bodies has an effect - a power - on our spiritual can you poison your body and expect your spirit to remain healthy?
No my brothers and sisters, let the spiritually dead bury the spiritually dead, but let the spiritually asleep awaken, and let the spiritually living be an example for the spiritually diseased and dying to follow back to the healing that exists within themselves.

When I made a vow to stop drinking alcohol in May 2013 on Harney Peak in the sacred Black Hills (after being taken there with my eldest son Hatuey by our Lakota brother Chase Iron Eyes) when I tied this prayer on to a tree with a red ribbon - I noticed afterwards a new spiritual awareness and received new spiritual abilities I did not think were logically possible before, but they are real, and I have been able to transform from being a poison in some peoples lives - to becoming a medicine in the lives of others instead .....and my experience can be yours as well. None of us is perfect, and I have never been described as a 'saint', but thank the Creator - forgiveness and blessings are there for all who genuinely seek them.

Of course, if you truly want to live a life of spiritual mediocrity, then by all means - continue drinking, but you might want to be remembered when you eventually die - as someone that was worthy of the life granted to him by the Creator....and you will not find your divine purpose in this life in the bottom of any beer can or liquor matter how many times you look there for it.


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                                                          Nicole Yanes - Opata beauty

Nicole holding two Cactus flowers harvested to make a traditional tea in the desert in Opata territory

                       Nicole with flower motif, the flower features prominently in traditional Opata designs - because flowers are rare and treasures gems in the desert, and are seen in abundance only after the annual rains - which signifies a time of precious bounty.

                                Nicole and I outside UN headquarters, New York City, USA.

Let me begin by giving you a quote from Nicole...for it personifies my description of her as 'a desert flower of the Opata people':

 " Love Life Where You Are. Always know someone needs your prayers. You are medicine to someone, as someone is medicine to you. You are medicine to plants like plants are medicine to you. Living in harmony is living in a balanced exchange of energy. Do not take more than you need. Always remember to stand up for the Mother who has nurtured you all along. Give thanks and Keep on going, this journey is beautiful."

I met Nicole Yanes for the first time in New York City in April 2015. The unique and widely recognized & hailed (for it's meritorious value) Tribal Link Project Access United Nations training for the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Nicole was now entering it for the first time as a student, and I was returning to it as an Alumni to mentor the 1st & 2nd year students. Nicole is also a proud member of the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC). 
Nicole is a youth delegate and Programs Assistant for the International Indian Treaty Council (IITC). In her personal capacity, Nicole founded a student organization in 2013 called "Light is Life: Food Sovereignty Project." Light is Life utilizes gardening as a means to actualize decolonization and seeks to create Indigenous-centered solutions to unhealthy diets, availability to traditional foods, and cultural loss. 
She is from the Opata Nation from Sonora, Mexico...and is also interested in environmental issues and the effects of climate change on traditional food production.  

I must admit that I enjoyed being in the company of Nicole, she has that Angelic, soft-spoken voice - yet determined aura and sense of purpose about her, and I found myself happy to receive the positive vibrations she puts out into the universe for all who are receptive to absorb. 

I must ALSO admit I had not heard of Nicole's Opata Tribal Nation before, this is some of the info I was able to gather online:
At the time of first contact with the Spanish in the mid-16th century, the Opateria was a land of “statelets” — a number of independent, agricultural towns scattered up and down the inland valleys of the Sonora and other rivers. There were at least 5 Opata statelets, and 4 others which were either Opata, Pima, or mixed. The statelets had populations of several thousand people, and consisted of towns surrounded by dispersed dwellings, and irrigated cropland on which the Opata grew cornsquashbeans, and cotton. The Jova, however, were a more dispersed people, living in more rugged terrain, and depended more on hunting and gathering than the other Opata groups.
The Opata fiercely resisted the expedition of Spanish explorer, Francisco Ibarra in 1565 and, for a period of 60 years thereafter, the Spanish made no further attempts to conquer the Opateria. However, during that period, the statelets declined and were replaced, in part, by a much-reduced population, and a “rancheria” culture of small settlements and dispersed dwellings. The likely cause of the decline of the statelets and population were epidemics of introduced European diseases, which killed thousands of the Opata and neighboring peoples. Jesuit missionaries established a mission in Opateria in 1628 and initially encountered little opposition to their efforts to evangelize, and later, to re-organize Opata society along Spanish lines. The Opata slowly became Spanish allies of convenience.  By 1800, the Opata were mostly followers of Christianity, commonly spoke Spanish, and were largely under the rule of the Spanish government. Many Opatans became cowboys on Spanish ranches, or migrated to mining towns to work in the mines.  
Tension between the Spanish, the Mexicans, and the Opata manifested itself in numerous revolts in the 19th century. In 1820, 300 Opata warriors defeated a Spanish force of 1,000 soldiers, and destroyed a mining town near Tonichi. Later, they won another battle at Arivechi, killing more than 30 soldiers. A Spanish force of 2,000 soldiers finally defeated the Opata, forcing the survivors to surrender. The Spanish executed the Opata leaders, including Dorame, a Eudeve, whose surname is still common in the Opateria region of Sonora. Revolts continued after Mexico gained its independence from Spain in 1821. Another Opata leader, Dolores Gutierrez, was executed in 1833 by the Mexicans for his involvement in a revolt. Although the Opata had formidable reputations as warriors, they were never able to unite as a single people to oppose the Spanish and Mexicans.
At the time of first contact with the Spanish, the Opata may have been the most numerous and culturally complex people living in Oasis America, comprising the desert regions of northern Mexico and the southwestern United States.
The towns of the Opata were found in the broad valleys of the five north-south trending rivers of northern and eastern Sonora. The rivers, west to east, are the San Miguel, Sonora, Moctezuma, and the two upper tributaries of the Yaqui, the Bavispe and the Arcos. The Opata were not members of a single political entity, but rather organized into a number of “statelets – several of which may have also been populated by their neighbors to the south, the Pima Bajo. The statelets were characterized by a ruling class, slavery, irrigation agriculture, and emphasis on trade. They featured a central town, functioning as the seat of government, of at least 200 two and three story adobe houses and a population of six per house or 1,200 or more. In the countryside for several miles in every direction from the central town were satellite communities: hamlets of 9 to 25 houses and “rancherias” of less than 9 houses.
The Opata depended upon agriculture for most of their subsistence. Maize, beans, squash, and cotton were the principal crops. Due to the scarcity and irregularity of rainfall, the Opata practiced canal irrigation as well as dry-land farming techniques. Early Spanish explorers described large and productive fields among the Opata. The Opata also hunted game, especially deer, with bows and arrows, fished in the rivers with spears and nets and gathered wild foods, such as Chenopodium and cactus leaves and fruits. They also produced a fermented maize atole beverage known as tanori, which was normally drunk during certain ceremonies and celebrations. (Expert preparers of that beverage often took on the second name of Tanori.
The statelet era of Opata history endured from 1350 to 1550 AD.With decreasing population due to European diseases, Opatan societies in the 17th century became smaller and less complex.

I asked Nicole 4 important questions and here are her answers:
Question did you personally benefit from the Project Access Training, how did it help you to understand the UN process better
I now know more about the UN system and where the Permanent Forum fits in the UN System. I learned about where Indigenous Peoples are participating in the UN system as well and also the history that occurred in order for us to be able to participate. For example, I learned that in 1932 an Indigenous Elder went to the UN and got denied access , it puts many things into perspective. 

I also now understand, due to the training, some of the challenges in promoting a “Rights based approach” within the UN system (including in the FAO, UNEP, Post-2015 development agenda, etc.).

I also benefited because I learned more in depth the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples as well as about the World Conference. 

And most important I met a family there and I did not go with! I learned that coming into the UN with many relatives in spirit (my new Tribal Link Family)  is by far one of the most intelligent things one can do!

Question will you share or spread or disseminate the information and knowledge you gained in the Project Access training when you return home? 
I will do this informally via conversations I am already having with people. More “formally” I will be able to share this with students and youth at a university and maybe do a small training for 30-40 youth. I will also share this with my community/ Nation in Sonora Mexico to see how we can address some of our issues. It will touch many of my circles and networks, I can't count how many because it includes international, national, local communities and also my ceremonial circles, and then people I meet, so I thinking maybe 15 different  direct communities this year, to do the multiplier effect. 

Question 3...Are you aware of any climate change problems that your own people has a traditional solution for?
Because of damming, pollution and drought thousands of Opata people have left their territories. Both of our main rivers have been contaminated and also dammed so we are no long able to harvest and gather as much nor farm which was and still is the main source of economic development. Most recently our river got contaminated by a copper mine that was in a hill and now people can not drink the wáter or even irrigate the crops or sell their foods. So that has impacted us a lot.
 Finally, question 4....what are the major water issues facing your people today?

Gathering. We are big on gathering local plants which prevents us to depend so much on food that has been transported thousands of miles and has left a big carbón footprint. Also it helps for there to be no need for mono-culture because with gathering and small scale farming/ gardening we can live as a family but also economically grow just fine. Another thing that my community and also others have done is to follow the rivers, let the rivers flow and plant and grow where there is wáter, that way you don't have to import or dig the ground wáter up. 

Here is our beautiful Opata sister Nicole talking about Food Sovereignty


                                                Gun stores in the USA above and below

In Japan last year there were no fatal police shootings, in Germany there were three, and in the UK last year there was just one fatal police shooting. And in the US during the same time period? Over 400 fatal police shootings. If you live in the US, you are roughly 100 times more likely to be killed by the police than if you live in the UK. You are literally living in a police state.   Would you like to use the excuse that 'America has a much bigger population than those other countries' as your excuse? Ok well let us be clear, USA = 322 million, Japan 126 million, Germany 80 million, and UK 64 you know anything about 'statistical averages'? Ok let me help you - well if the USA's average of 400 was 'normal' for population size - why did Japan with roughly 40% of Americas population not have 40% of the fatal police killing rate - which 'should' be 160...yet not a SINGLE one...what exactly IS your problem America? Easy access to guns, or too many racial groups that dislike each other at a subconscious level? OR BOTH? Because Japan has NO easy access to guns and only ONE main racial group with an insignificant percentage of other races........then again the UK is almost just as racially diverse as the USA with the only main difference of no easy access to perhaps the anti-gun lobby has a point there.

Are there more criminals in the USA in its population than every other country? Because not only are your Police seemingly 'trigger-happy' - your criminals are too....why do you think that is? Could the TWO factors I highlight be the reason?  
Personally I neither focus on guns as being the SOLE reason (Switzerland is armed to the teeth - has virtually no gun crime - but is basically a one race society like Japan, with insignificant amounts of other races).....and I know several Amerindian tribes (one race societies) that are bristling with guns of all kinds - and yet no gun violence among themselves.
You cannot focus on 'gun availability' as the sole excuse for the problems in the USA, we must face the truth - that only a MINORITY of human beings are culturally 'colorblind' and just see 'other human beings like themselves in every hue'....unfortunately the MAJORITY of human beings do NOT feel the same love for other races/skin hues/ethnicities different to themselves...they may pretend or try to live with it....but just get them to loose their temper (via intoxication is a clever way - for a drunken mind reveals what a sober mind conceals) and the TRUTH of how they feel/think about other ethnic groups of peoples is quickly revealed.

This is something that WAR is also good at exposing (albeit in the most dangerous circumstances imaginable - because then racists get to kill the kinds of people they hate/resent and usually get away with it)....for as I was telling my Army veteran Taino sister a few days ago when I said: "as ugly as war is - it reveals what peacetime allows a human to conceal of his or her true nature"....    
We cannot discount the 'discipline & training before ownership' (as Switzerland implements) as being another factor lacking in the USA that SHOULD be a pre-requisite for gun ownership, I have myself (as a mere tourist visiting the USA) walked out of a store (that also sold clothes, and toys) with a rifle and ammo at the age of 19, I could have started killing people in the parking lot if I was a terrorist....surely something is NOT right when it is THAT easy to buy a gun and ammunition - with no proof that I was trained to use it, or mentally fit to own a gun etc...not even proof that I lived anywhere in the USA, just cash and carry.
I agree that an armed society is least likely to be invaded by another country (as Switzerland knows), and this will be the ONE thing in Americas favor...if any other country ever makes the mistake of trying to invade it...but that is still just a theoretical possibility - but in the meanwhile America is continuing to suffer the effects of gun violence as a daily REALITY.

I do not think we will EVER see a truly homogeneous multi-ethnic society anywhere on Earth, at best the majority will 'tolerate' people who look different to them - among them, but 'racial tensions' will continue to 'ferment' under the surface of most human beings skin....just waiting for an external visual trigger to release it's ugly 'effervescence' in a violent is the lingering effects of 'kith and kin' see someone looking like you being harmed and you tend to take the side of the one who resembles you - without knowing all the facts of who started it & who is right for defending them-self & who is wrong for throwing the first blow (we also see people who comment after the fact taking 'racial sides' - defending the participant that resembles them for reasons of perceived visual ethnic kinship alone) ....these behaviors are all the evidences I need to point to subconscious racism being deeply ingrained in every human being of every hue,,,not ALL of us thankfully, but definitely the MAJORITY of us unfortunately.

Switzerland - not perfect - but as far as 'gun happy' countries go, with 3 million guns for 8 million citizens - it still considers gun violence to be rare - not daily occurrences like in the USA....big difference? The SWISS have far more DISCIPLINE and far less inter-ethnic friction.

Monday, 8 June 2015


Drinking Cassava beer together on the 240 square mile Pakuri Arawak Territory in Guyana - 2 Kalinagos (Che Frederick & Tikenti Auguiste) with 2 Lokonos in Guyana (Grandpa Joseph Simon and Hatuey Corrie), what 'enemies'? WE ARE BROTHERS THAT SHARE THE SAME DNA!

SOME INFO ABOUT THE KALINAGO TRIBAL NATION - including a vision you will not hear anywhere else.

In 1897 Joseph N Rat recorded that the Kalinago of Dominica only remembered how to say 4 numbers in their own language...1 = Aba, 2 = Biaba, 3 = Irua, 4 = Biabri...for all other numbers they were using local French patois words for them.
This is merely one MORE example of the proof that the 'Arawak' wives the Kalinago's male ancestors took for themselves when they conquered the Lesser Antilles were Kairi-Lokono (Island Arawak - called 'Igneri' by the Kalina) not Taino Arawak women (who are our kin in the Greater Antilles) , as the Europeans recorded that men and women lived in two separate buildings - where the men spoke 'Carib' and the women spoke 'Arawak', so naturally a language would evolve that incorporated both mainland Kalina ('Carib') and Kairi ('Igneri') Lokono....for in Lokono-Arawak these same numbers are: 1 = Abaro. 2 = Biama, 3 = Kabun, and 4 = can clearly see 3 of the 4 cardinal Kalinago numbers are almost identical to their corresponding Lokono cardinal numbers.

Many other Kalinago words as well are identical or almost identical to Lokono words, such as 'Bu' for 'You' and 'Iri' for 'name' .


"The Kalinago legends even name the rivers in Guyana where their Kalina ancestors came from, not surprising, as according to information recorded in plant induced visions (which scientists discount as an informational source - but traditionalist accept) - their male Kalina ancestors left the northern peninsula of the Gulf of Pariah (from where you can see the Trinidadian Bocas island of Chacachacare) in 1323 in an all-male war flotilla of canoes and crossed to Trinidad via the Bocas islands, attempted to raid mainland Trinidad but were repulsed by unexpectedly populous villages of similarly well armed and skilled Trinidadian tribes; and so they had to escape along the north coast of Trinidad before moving on to Tobago (as the Bocas islands escape route back to mainland South America was now blocked by their enemies who were alerted to their presence).
These Kalina warriors (who never saw their homeland or Kalina families again) were able to successfully conquer the island of Tobago with very little fighting required (they certainly did not harm any women or children or elderly people), and since they took no Kalina women with them (as they had journeyed to Trinidad expecting a quick victory and a return to the mainland to their home villages and families with bounty to share), they took all the Kairi (aka 'Igneri') -Arawak women as their new wives (as they could NOT go back home, they could only continue to head north into the territory of the less militarily skilled 'Igneri' (who's language was the same as Lokono-Arawak). So these Kalina raiders had no choice but to use their military skills to embark on a new 'survival by conquest' way of life - and they created a new tribe of people in the Caribbean forever after known as the Kalinago...and it was their new life that allowed them to EARN the distinction (400 years later) as the ONLY Tribal nation in the Caribbean islands who were NEVER militarily conquered by ANY European power....not the Spaniards, not the Portuguese, not the French, not the Dutch, not even the English.
The 'Igneri'/Kairi-Lokono inhabited all the Lesser Antilles from Tobago to the Virgin Islands, where they had no enemies to fight for so many centuries that they had lost all military skill (unlike the militarily expert Kalina fresh from mainland South America where Tribal wars were frequent) - and only knew of hunting and fishing.....they were swiftly conquered. The first true 'Kalinago' (a mixture of a Kalina father and a Kairi (Igneri) Lokono mother.....the first member of a new people was born in 1324 on the island of Tobago....this is something to celebrate, not to mourn or feel ashamed about."

So you can choose to believe what the Europeans wrote about the 'Caribs' and continue to falsely think that they were 'evil savages' who butchered their way into the Caribbean, or you can believe what traditional Arawak Shamans say about what REALLY happened concerning a tribe that the Europeans say was supposedly the 'hated enemies of the Arawaks', men like you or I, who loved and lived shaped by the times and circumstances in which that had to adapt and survive....I see no sign of hatred in the spiritual visions and detailed explanations that these Arawak Shamans received about the origin of the 'Caribs' in the Caribbean islands, they asked the ancestral spirits what the truth is in this particular matter (as they always do in all matters) - and that is what the spirits of our ancestors told them.....and to me it makes a lot MORE sense than what European books say - which is always to portray the 'Caribs' (whom they never conquered) as a tribe of 'evil' people.

This is why I advocate for a 're-migration' policy that would allow any Kalinago alive today who wants to 'get back to their South American Amerindian roots' and marry a Kalina or Lokono wife or husband and reside permanently, to be officially granted permission by the Chiefs of Tribal Territories in Guyana that I am in discussion with - to do so. It may be the ONLY way to save our Kalinago blood relatives from an eventual genetic extinction....which is what will happen is about 200 years from now if the continuing trend to marry non-Kalinagos (who are non-Amerindians - as no other tribes exist in Dominica) continues. Complete the circle, come back to the land of your ancestors birth!


The Egyptian God Amen/Amun/Amon....notice the Ankh cross in his left hand, many a 'Christian' church has adopted this symbol from ancient Egypt, it existed long before anyone was crucified by the Romans on it. Why not accept that his very name 'Amen' was ALSO adopted and incorporated in later religions? You say it every time you go to Church or pray yourself - without knowing it's true origins!

                                         The Coptic Christian Church of Egypt uses this symbol still
                                   As do other Western Churches as pictured above & below

Human beings often repeat sayings without truly understanding why we say it, two good examples are how Billions of peoples of multiple religions say 'Amen' at the end of a prayer or after someone has said something that sound 'good' to their ears...some will tell you part of the history of this word - but rarely all...they MIGHT tell you "the word Amen was adopted from Hebrew thence to Greek (where this particular spelling with the 'e' first appeared), thence to Latin, thence to English......but they do not tell you the Hebrews adopted it after spending 400 years in captivity in Egypt where the worship of the Egyptian Supreme God and Creator Amen-Ra (also written Amun-Ra, and Amon-Ra) was the official stands to reason that after 400 years of being cruelly oppressed and as a slave - that your people  might adopt certain traits of your slave masters religion - just to survive.
It happened with Amerindians and Africans so why not with Hebrews?. If you see your Egyptian masters ending their prayers by consecrating them to their  God Amen/Amun/Amon - you will probably do the same, at least when your masters are around and observing logical reason to get killed for not repeating a word that means everything to the people who own you (and have the power to kill you for disrespect) - but means nothing to you.....over time (and this ALSO has occurred before everywhere else) your people will adopt the word - albeit assigning a different contextual use for it - in your own parlance. This is precisely what occurred - and is why we consecrate our prayers unknowingly to the principal deity of the ancient Egyptians by continuing to repeat it's name to this day.....most people have no interest in actually learning the back story of anything, they are quite content to keep doing what every other historically ignorant person is they can continue to 'fit it' in the human society in which they live.

The OTHER expression has similarly become an 'illogical auto-reflex expression'...namely: 'Rest In Peace' when speaking of a bodily deceased human being (because only our bodies die - our spiritual consciousness is immortal) repeating this you are saying to people who know better that you have little to no comprehension of spiritual matters....if you DID, you would have realized long ago that this expression is spiritual nonsense...the physical body gets tired and has need of rest (also hungry for food, thirsty for drink, horny for sex etc.), - NOT a non-physical entity of conscious energy....such biological impulses do not exist in the spirit - only in the body.
Neither does the spirit that inhabits our physical bodies (in order to use them as a vehicle for existence on this physical plane of existence) cease to exist or lay in some eternal 'slumber' with it's stinking rotting corpse as it decomposes into mere bones....or eventually dust....ok if you are an Atheist you might be forgiven for thinking that, but how can anyone who claims to believe that we come from the Creator INTO the physical body prior to birth - to experience a physical life (a school for the soul) - to EXIT the physical body after death and return to the Creator         ....and still say 'Rest in peace'? The body will rest in decomposition....but the spirit is now FREE and more ALIVE than you obviously are able to comprehend - by saying that oft repeated expression of spiritual ignorance.

If you know enough about Egyptian religion - you will notice that remnants of it survive to this day after having been incorporated/adopted by just about EVERY major religion that came into existence AFTER it....from Judaism, Christianity, Islam and others.....this is why I prefer my own ancestral indigenous spirituality - it is free from any such 'cross-pollination contamination' from any other man-made Religion.

Here is a rather cheerful video to lead you to happily accept ancient Egyptian religion and by extension even Freemasonary (with it's fixation on the corner stone terminology etc.), I post it not to convert you to any 'illuminati' agenda (which is just another deception I distrust that has origins in ancient Egypt - like your cherished man-made 'religion'), but merely to prove the point of what I said above about why you say Amen - and the ancient Egyptian God you are praising when you say it:

Seems the Egyptians ALSO gave the so called 'civilized world' the sex addiction that is the hallmark of 'developed societies' 'primitive and uncivilised' rural indigenous societies did not have this 'sex addiction' will notice it seems to appear only in urban city dwelling societies.
My question is - why view the religions of such peoples as being 'superior' to our more moral own 'primitive' indigenous spirituality?  Sex is important yes, but my tribal ancestors never made it part of our prayers or ceremonial worship of the one invisible Great Holy Spirit/Creator.... indigenous peoples do not have any depictions of Gods giving themselves blowjobs like the Egyptians have of their God about 'sex freak' indeed! Why would you want to keep any connection to such a religion?

And if your excuse is 'Oh it is just a word'...why not say another word - or statement that is free of any sinister origins instead - like 'I thank you God for hearing my prayer' ? Would that not make more sense and be more direct and harmless?

Sunday, 7 June 2015


The ILLEGAL map now making the rounds in official circles in Venezuela

Sounds like a movie plot doesn't it? Such a thing could NEVER happen you say? Well you are free to say and believe whatever your heart desires, just as I am free to simply reveal a disturbing vivid dream I had (at the end of this page below).

I WAS and still AM a BIG fan of Hugo Chavez, my brother-in-law even named a son after him, and whether you like him or not - the FACT remains - that Hugo Chavez was the BEST President of Venezuela AS FAR AS AMERINDIAN RIGHTS ARE CONCERNED....take note of that qualifying statement....I did not say he was the best Venezuelan President for everyone...but it would be a lie to deny the great progress indigenous Venezuelans have made in general terms - under Chavez.
The Pemon Tribal Nation in that country even captured 40 Venezuelan soldiers and took away their weapons, tied them up for days - and NO HARM was done in retaliation to the tribe that did this.....under any other President those Amerindians would have been slaughtered by the Venezuelan military for doing such a thing....Chavez (who's Amerindian grandmother helped raise him) protected them - because they were only protesting ill treatment by members of the military in their territory.

 Pemon Indians leading one of the 40 Venezuelan soldiers they captured & disarmed to a holding area

Some of the 40 soldiers captured and disarmed by the Pemon Tribe in Venezuela

I wonder if Amerindians were to capture, disarm & tie-up 40 Guyana Soldiers to protest ill-treatment by some of them - would the Guyana Military react in the civilized way Chavez ordered his Military to?  Or would we get the same treatment our Makushi (who are one of the Pemon peoples) brothers received when the GDF was sent to the Rupununi to 'crush' the Makushi manned & Rancher manipulated rebellion in January 1970? Makushi girls were raped, boys & men were beaten to degrees that qualify as torture under the Geneva convention, Makushi houses were burned to the ground, and Makushi livestock were slaughtered in vindictive retaliation by the GDF....I know because I interviewed over 100 survivors who gave eyewitness accounts which I sent to my contacts in the OAS, UN and at the World Court in the Hague, Netherlands.

Video of the Pemon Tribe explaining to the Venezuelan Military negotiator why they captured the 40 soldiers

But let us get back to the here and NOW, we have a NEW Government in Guyana, and for the FIRST time ever - a Minister of Indigenous People's Affairs who is NOT a political pimp - and neither is he promoting the idea that Amerindian leaders should align themselves to one political party or the other, quite the contrary - he is urging them to be first and foremost servants of their own people who elected them and see how best they can work in harmonious equity with the National Government as FRIENDS not SERVANTS of it - and certainly not to be mascots of any political party - as EVERY other so-called 'Amerindian Affairs Minister' in the history of Guyana has been.....doubt me? Read the progressive new policies for yourself:
(NB - a 'Toshao' is a Chief of an Amerindian tribe or tribal community/village in Guyana)

   Preparations ongoing for Toshao and Village Council elections
Georgetown, GINA, June 6, 2015 Over 100 Amerindian communities will be holding meetings for Toshaos and Village Councillors shortly. Minister of Indigenous People’s Affairs, Sydney Allicock, has indicated that the Ministry is in preparation mode, and that the process is expected to be conducted by July 22. During a recent interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), the Minister explained that the village leaders’ election was delayed to accommodate the Regional and National Elections on May 11. He said that the Ministry is currently in collaboration with the Ministry of Communities to distribute letters to the various communities advising of the meetings. To be elected as a Toshao, a person must be eligible to stand as a Councillor and should not have held the position for the two terms immediately preceding his or her nomination. Immediately after the holding of the village elections, the Minister said the next focus will be the National Toshaos’ Council, so that the Ministry could get on with its work, because “without a council or without the Toshaos, there is very little that we can do for the communities.” He said that the administration’s intention is to depoliticize the Toshaos’ Council, allowing Amerindian leaders to discuss the way forward without any sort of alliance. “We would like to have Toshaos using their imagination, their own strength, because they are the ones who have to manage their communities, and if they are linked heavily to political parties, then they would be probably intimidated and they wouldn’t be able to do their work as they should be for the communities,” Minister Allicock explained.


Despite my admiration of the late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela - I will be the first to tell you now - that the revolution he started is fast approaching it's final moments in failure (you can find any excuse you want to explain the reason why - but the end is now inevitable). However, Maduro is NO Chavez, and like any populist politician with plummeting popularity and mounting problems beyond his capacity to remedy....President Maduro will look for an external 'Nationalistic Scape-Goat' - to divert public attention from his domestic decline...and Guyana is always going to be in the top 3 of dubious choices for ANY troubled Venezuelan regime to put the 'diversionary spotlight' on.

Conveniently over-extending an already worldwide condemned territorial claim is just the last straw (or will be recorded as one of them when history judges the final future outcome), President Granger cannot and must not back down in the face of a powerful bully.....Guyanese people are industrious and intelligent, why should we sacrifice national prosperity to a country that ALREADY has some of the largest oil reserves on Earth? What - we don't have a right to have a slice of OUR OWN birthday cake? We know we CANNOT possibly stop a military invasion by Venezuela, let us be realistic, but as brother Bob said ' we will fight if we find in necessary' knows our country as well as we do, and a freedom fighter defending his own land is worth 100 invading may take us many years to dislodge a Venezuelan military occupation, but we WILL liberate our country in the end, and every Guyanese knows that my words ring true in their hearts....we don't take 'skunt' from anyone for long lol. Did not little David defeat mighty Goliath? 

This is the part you can ignore or commit to memory, it matters not to me what you think of it, but I share it with you anyway:

In my dream the American dollar lost it's value (this will be the first event), civil unrest then erupted across america (and other countries) and chaos generally ensued in financial markets around the world, as all currencies that are tied to the US dollar likewise suddenly had become virtually worthless overnight, at the end of the first month of nationwide rioting and anarchy in the USA - other countries realized that the USA now had it's hands tied militarily speaking - being too preoccupied with maintaining law and order across the USA - to come to the rescue of anyone - anywhere else in the world (and neither could the UK either).
A great alliance of countries opposed to the USA (Russia, China, North Korea, Pakistan, Iran etc) moved in global concert simultaneously to seize long cherished territorial ambitions, Guatemala invaded Belize - and all the UK did was verbally condemn the act, but it did NOT send it's military to 'rescue' Belize....and neither did the USA, as Guatemala was more 'useful' to them than Belize.
Venezuela invaded Guyana, the act allowed the Venezuelan President to declare martial law at home and use it as a pretext to crack down on dissent whilst strengthening his hold on power and cancelling elections, Timehi International airport was destroyed by the Venezuelan Air Force - but Ogle was not destroyed, it was seized by Venezuelan paratroopers instead, the Venezuelan Navy destroyed the Guyana Coast Guard with little resistance, Venezuelan submarines and destroyers were stationed offshore, all our government, Police & GDF buildings were reduced to rubble in less than an hour. Venezuelan marines secured the coast and Georgetown, the Venezuelan army crossed the land border and met little resistance, Guyana Police and Soldiers who survived remained loyal to the President and fled into interior locations - where our guerrilla resistance was formed - and fought many small battles in hit and run ambuscade, most of which we won.
Eventually, the USA and UK did come to turn the invaders back, but only years later, after much blood had been shed all over the globe in what had become World War 3 - which waxed and waned for each side in the conflict for decades, the Caribbean changed hands several times and were occupied by both the enemies of the USA, and the USA itself - during the periods when the 'western powers' seemed to be enjoying the upper-hand in the global conflict..

Saturday, 6 June 2015


                                      Martha Agbani Naenwi of the Ogoni People of Nigeria

 Martha in the United Nations General Assembly Hall at the UN Headquarters New York

 Martha making a strong point at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues 2015

Martha in the UNPFII session

                                Martha Agbani Naenwi making a presentation at a UNDP event

I met Martha Agbani Naenwi in person for the first time in New York City in April 2015. We came together for the now universally acknowledged important Tribal Link Project Access United Nations training for the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues; lead by world famous trainers like Andrea Carmen of the International Indian Treaty Council. Martha was now entering it for the first time as a student, and I was returning to it as an Alumni to mentor the 1st & 2nd year students.

Martha is a representative of "The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP), which was founded in 1990 to unite all Ogoni people in the fight against marginalization.
MOSOP is an umbrella organization of ten different groups, which include among others the Federation of Ogoni Women's Associations (FOWA), the Council of Ogoni Professionals (COP), the National Union of Ogoni Students (NUOS), the Conference of Ogoni Traditional Rulers (COTRA), etc. 
MOSOP strives for empowering the Ogoni people and other marginalized groups of peoples by developing actions and campaigns in the following areas: Indigenous Peoples Rights, Human Rights and conflict management, Environment and sustainable development, Social, Economic and political issues and actions. 

I had the privilege to ask Martha 4 important questions - and receive her answers to each of them:

Question 1 How did you personally benefit from the Project Access Training? Did it give you a better understanding of the UN process for example?  
The benefits I got from the training are enormous. I now have better understanding of the workings of the UN System, that the time frame for making speeches ranges from 7, 5 and 3 minutes for different categories of persons like the UN Agency, Country Representative and Joint Statements and 1 minute for individual statements.
Through the Project Access Training, I also learned that joint statements were better of as it represents the minds of a group of people and that it elates the level of importance of the propositions. 
One key thing that was learned that might not be very observable, but to me is important is the use of 's' in the word people. that it must be used - meaning inclusion. Beyond this, I learned that I have to take deep breath, raise my hand, and turn on the speaker to be recognized by the Chair of the forum, I must not leave the room until I am done with my statement or the meeting adjourned. That prior to the time of my statement, that I should sign in the statement. that I should make certain numbers of copies of the statement. More to this is that the Forum only serves as advisory to the ECOSOC, therefore statements made should have concrete recommendations for onward translation to the ECOSOC. 

Question 2 How will you share or spread or disseminate the information or knowledge you gained in the Project Access Training? How many networks, groups or communities for example - will you spread the news to, to show the multiplier effect.  
I planned to share the knowledge with at least 200 indigenous women directly, and would work with representatives of 6 kingdoms in Ogoni area. For Networks, we have the Niger Delta Universal Periodic Review, Business and Human Rights Working Group, Child Protection Network, Federation of Ogoni Women Association, National Youth Congress of Ogoni People, the leaders of the above mentioned groups shall be trained on the Working system of the UN and let them know the spaces and opportunities for engagements. 

Question 3 What are the major water issues facing your people today?  Is it pollution, dams, drought, flooding etc.? 
Our major issue is pollution and lack of potable water supply in homes and public places.

Question 4 Are you aware of any Climate change solutions that your own indigenous community can offer which could be useful for dominant society to apply today? 
We have been carrying out campaigns against cutting down of mangroves, which is called Mangrove conservation, and there is an on going activity to replant mangroves on swamps that have been deserted but this takes a long period of time to grow (usually about 10 years by some environmental experts).One campaign that I have been doing personally is the campaign against dumping of plastic bottles and sachets in drainage, as when it rains it all washes to the river, thus blocking the penetration of oxygen into the river for the sustenance of marine life. 

Thank you Damon, I hope my responses meets your demand.
Martha Agbani

Excellent speech by an Ogoni leader of MOSOP

Lest we forget the Ogoni HERO Ken Saro Wiwa

Friday, 5 June 2015


Top tribal conservation skills

For Environment Day on June 5, we showcase tribal peoples’ extraordinary conservation skills and intimate knowledge of their environments
Awá man making arrows, Brazil. The Awá have an intimate knowledge of their rainforest and are extremely skilled hunters.

Awá man making arrows, Brazil. The Awá have an intimate knowledge of their rainforest and are extremely skilled hunters.
© Survival International
Awá Indians in Brazil’s north-eastern Amazon rainforest know at least 275 useful plants, and at least 31 species of honey-producing bee. Each bee type is associated with another rainforest animal like the tortoise or the tapir.
In the 1980s, the Great Carajás Project opened up Awá lands to illegal loggers and ranchers. More than 30% of one of their territories has since been destroyed.
The Baka have developed sophisticated codes of conservation yet face persecution by wildlife officers.

The Baka have developed sophisticated codes of conservation yet face persecution by wildlife officers.
© Selcen Kucukustel/Atlas
Baka “Pygmies” of Central Africa eat 14 kinds of wild honey and more than 10 types of wild yam. By leaving part of the root intact in the soil, the Baka spread pockets of wild yams – a favorite food of elephants and wild boar – throughout the forest.
The Baka are taught not to overhunt the animals of the forest. A Baka woman said, “When you find a female animal with her young, you must not kill her. Even worse, when the little animals are walking next to their mother, it is strictly forbidden to kill them.”
But despite their intimate knowledge of their environment, Baka in southeast Cameroon face arrest and beatings, torture and even death at the hands of wildlife officers funded and supported by the conservation giant World Wide Fund for Nature.
A Bushman mother and child gathering berries in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.

A Bushman mother and child gathering berries in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve.
© Philippe Clotuche/Survival
The Bushmen consume over 150 species of plant and their diet is high in vitamins and nutrients. Yet Africa’s last hunting Bushmen in Botswana are abused, tortured and arrested when found hunting to feed their families.
A Bushman said, “I know how to take care of the game. That’s why I was born with it, and lived with it, and it’s still there. If you go to my area, you’ll find animals, which shows that I know how to take care of them. In other areas, there are no animals.”
A Baiga woman overlooking her tribe's forest. Thousands of Baiga have been evicted from their land in the name of tiger 'conservation.'

A Baiga woman overlooking her tribe's forest. Thousands of Baiga have been evicted from their land in the name of tiger 'conservation.'
© Harshit Charles/ Survival
Baiga in India have set up their own project to “save the forest from the forest department” – setting out rules for their own community and outsiders to protect the forest and its biodiversity. As a result, the availability of water supply has increased and they have been able to collect more herbs and medicines from the forest.
The Baiga don’t hunt tigers – on the contrary, they call the animal their little brother – but like many tribal peoples in India, thousands of Baiga have been illegally and forcibly evicted from their ancestral homeland in the name of tiger "conservation,"while tourists are welcomed in.
A Baiga said, “The forest guards don’t know how to look after the tiger. If they see one they bring groups and groups of foreigners to see it. This really harms the tiger, but the park guards can’t see this.”
There are many more examples of how tribal peoples are the best conservationists andguardians of the natural world – satellite images and academic studies have shown that indigenous peoples provide a vital barrier to deforestation of their lands. Yet tribal peoples are being illegally evicted from their ancestral homelands in the name of “conservation.” It’s often wrongly claimed that their lands are wildernesses even though tribal peoples have been dependent on, and managed, them for millennia.
The Xingu indigenous park  (outlined in pink) is home to several tribes. It provides a vital barrier to deforestation (in red) in the Brazilian Amazon.

The Xingu indigenous park (outlined in pink) is home to several tribes. It provides a vital barrier to deforestation (in red) in the Brazilian Amazon.
© ISA (Instituto Socioambiental)
Survival’s Director Stephen Corry said today, “Tribal peoples are better at looking after their environments than anyone else – after all, they have been dependent on, and managed, them for millennia. If conservation is actually going to start working, conservationists need to ask tribal peoples what help they need to protect their land, listen to them, and then be prepared to back them up as much as possible. A major change in thinking about conservation is now urgently required.”