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Interesting, I always suspected that Caucasoids (as in the 3 main phenotypes formerly recognized of - Negroid, Mongoloid & Caucasoid) were the youngest 'race' of human beings (why else would they have only been able to hold such a tiny portion of the Earth for themselves compared to other skin hues - namely Europe, which is merely the Western peninsula of Asia) science (done by some Caucasoid professors) seems to confirm it....they are saying scientifically, that just over 8,000 years ago - literally 'white people' did not yet exist......only everyone else (blacks, browns, reds etc).
It also refutes the very childish notion I see on some Afrocentric sites - that Negroid people gave birth to Caucasoids - 'who first appeared on Earth as albino Negroids' (i've seen hundreds of albino Negroids, they are never born with Caucasian hair or facial bone structure and features - except for skin color) was far more to it than that one generation simplistic unscientific non-explanation.
Already white supremacists are interpreting this data to mean (in their mind) that 'Caucasoids are the most evolved humans' ('newest' = 'latest model') the same manner that Male sexists say that men are more 'evolved' than women - because men have the female chromosome PLUS an additional chromosome that women do not....all kinds of ways to interpret data to suit yourself I guess.
Another FACT we should all take note of, that big browed bipedal creature (at far left in the photo based on facial reconstruction techniques) that walked out of Africa all those eons ago did NOT look like any black, brown, or red human being alive when you say 'the first man was a black man' you give uneducated people the wrong impression, they have the image of a modern day Bantu looking man when you say that, but the skeletons of 'Lucy' and others of that epoch look more like a Chimpanzee than a modern honest human being alive today can claim that the first human being on Earth looked like they themselves do today...though I know these are cherished misconceptions that most people's 'ethnic egos' will find it damn near impossible to accept and would be more factual if you say the first 'Bi-pedal Hominid' or 'Human-like ancestor' that existed most likely had black skin.....few can scientifically argue against THAT probability.
This reminds me of something a native holy man once told me which was "white people are like spiritually lost children compared to the rest of humanity, and this is why they abandoned their spiritual connection to the Earth first and found false comfort in acquiring technology instead, and in their confusion they have been so hostile to their spiritually elder brothers who maintain the connection"...I think he has a valid point, we ALL know that every race once lived as tribes (yes even white people), but we also know they were the first ones to turn their back on their tribal identity - and use technology to conquer/eliminate everyone else all over the world.....a people with a deep spiritual connection to mother Earth would NOT behave in this manner.
THIS opens (and possibly explains) another thing that has puzzled me for ages, namely - why do the Jews say they were 'created' less than 6000 years ago according to the Jewish calendar......meanwhile Negroid and Mongoloid peoples know that they are FAR older than that in existence on this planet (Mongoloids were in South America 50,000 years ago and Negroids in the Philippines just as long).......if we try to apply a logical explanation based on this new scientific evidence in the article above about white skin only appearing in humanity (in roughly the same area of the world that the Jewish Genesis story is situated - in the upper Middle East) and note that it would have appeared in ONE person first then progressively spread over years by copulation.....IF the Jews were originally or subsequently a Caucasoid tribe (and bear in mind there are still Caucasoids with brown and dark brown skin in the Arab tribes and even among Jews......this is why you will hear a policeman reporting from a murder scene in an American 'cop show' for example - saying 'dead, one white Caucasian male' etc....because 'Caucasian does not strictly mean white skinned, there are brown Caucasians as well) COULD explain why in their mind - their world & their existence in it - is only 6,000 years.  

ALSO - let us examine the Jews Genesis story...for in it AFTER they claim their ancestors 'Adam & Eve' were 'created' - they go on to say that after Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden of Edom - they went out among OTHER Genesis 4.13 we read that Cain (who was then supposedly the 'only' other person alive besides his parents Adam & Eve) said: "I will be a restless wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me.” Note Cain said 'WHOEVER' (referring to a person) not 'whatever' (referring to an animal) finds him will kill him....a strong young man who already murdered his brother would NOT fear his older mom and dad (who probably feared him more) might find him and kill him...we also read that Cain took a wife in the land of Nod.....come on now, are we so retarded by illogical faith to NOT see that OBVIOUSLY there were other humans ALREADY existing on the Earth by the accounts of these very old Hebrew writings themselves - and these other humans are who Cain feared might find him and kill him, and also from among whom he took his wife which was NOT recorded as being his sister (and what kind of cosmic pervert God would expect his created humans to breed each other incestuously like dogs taking sisters and daughters as wives? 

It is a biological IMPOSSIBILITY for 2 humans alone to have gave rise to every one of the 7+billion humans alive today with no other DNA entering this scenario than the DNA of these 2 (and the 2nd was a genetic clone from the rib of the 1st)....such genetic inbreeding leads to defects and extinction in very few is not bad, but faith that ignores INESCAPABLE FACTS AND SCIENTIFIC REALITIES is just downright moronic....such people like to say they have 'blind faith'...but they forget that their own Jesus said that he came to give sight to the blind and he also said 'for there are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see" (people who refuse to use the intelligence that the brain God gave them allows and prefer to believe in illogical nonsense instead, even spirituality - which is different from 'religion' has a logic to it, though to the non-spiritual layman it is all indistinguishable 'superstitious nonsense').

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