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                                                         Kayapo Tribal Nation Warrior

                                                               Kayapo Tribal Nation girls

You might think yourself to be tough, but are you as tough as a Kayapo warrior? To become qualified to be a warrior or a shaman, a Kayapo teenager must destroy any nearby killer wasp nest with his bare hands, not with fire, literally tearing the nest to pieces with his bare hands as the wasps sting him mercilessly, several boys do this together as the nest is large and the wasps so numerous that they would kill one or two men alone, so a dozen go and and do this together.
The boys then spend that one entire night swollen and crippled by pain - but proud to have passed their important life test.
These are killer wasps, not your average wasp that only inflicts searing pain for a half hour or so -  then eases, they have been known to kill children when several target a small human....so the young men do this also to protect the children in the tribe.

It is also standard practice in traditional indigenous societies (including our own Lokono-Arawak one before sustained contact with corrupt outsiders afflicted us 150 years ago) that if any tribal member is too sick to do his share of the collective work, the ones who are not sick do his/her work for them.....and if several hunters go out - but only ONE returns with meat, the one who was successful SHARES what he obtained EQUALLY to every member of the tribe, if any children lost their parents they were adopted by another relative or tribal member immediately, if an elder had no relative to provide or care for them, they were taken in by another family in the tribe who treated them as their own grandparent, ....why? Because this how a REAL human being should live - 'treating others just as you would wish others to treat you"....a wise man tried to tell so-called 'civilized' people that this way (OUR way) was THE BEST way to live almost 2,000 years ago...but the so-called 'civilized' people were too spiritually UN civilized to comprehend this simple and most basic of all life lessons (forgetting that their own 'Adam & Eve' lived completely naked 'sinless' lives as well - and only became clothed AFTER they became corrupt - not the other way around)....so they killed or assimilated into their culture of corruption ALL the people who WERE still living this original way instead (and they are still trying to eliminate/assimilate & corrupt them wherever they continue to survive) - and told themselves that they were 'spreading their God's word to naked sinners' as they spread their spiritual and cultural destruction instead (often their own 'men & women of god' were the very ones introducing sexual immorality to the tribes! )......the hypocrisy is truly phenomenal!

Orlando Villas Boas lived among completely traditional & naked Amerindian tribes in the Amazon for 40 YEARS - and he says he did not ONCE ever see an Amerindian child be beaten by it's parents (as children respectfully listen to their elders), or a husband beat his wife (when a separation did rarely occur, the aggrieved spouse simply returned to his/her family and subsequently found someone else to re-marry), or hear of a child sexually molested, or anyone raped by members of their own community....this amazed him - because he had the SAME foolish misconceptions as most urban people do when he first ventured to live among them....thinking that "a naked society must be a sexually immoral one".....but you fools who think this way (because you see sexual corruption in your own westernized or semi westernized societies TODAY and think that your people were always corrupted - but BEFORE they had contact with outside culture & people they predominantly were NOT - even Columbus was the first person to record the fact that we lived more genuinely Christ-like lives than anyone in Europe)  you do NOT understand that when you grow up all your life seeing everyone else naked, the curiosity and lust/temptation for the human body and it's sexual organs that is so ingrained in clothed societies - simply does not exist. People still marry and make love & children, but the fixation/preoccupation with sexual gratification is put in it's rightful place and natural context.....there are no 'sex-addicts' in completely naked traditional indigenous societies....THAT fact alone speaks volumes!
Traditional indigenous societies are the EPITOME of a "One for ALL and ALL for one" way of life....and THAT is why I consider them SUPERIOR to all other societies, which by comparison are selfish, greedy and superficial.

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