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Mr Seitusein Kuku, age 39, Crimean Tatar, Politically neutral Human Rights worker in Russian Occupied Cimea


On Monday 20th April 2015, at 8.25 am local time in Crimea, Mr. Seitusein Kuku, 39, (father of two children) was detained by the group of unidentified people in civilian clothes. 

Mr. Kuku was at the bus stop on the road from Sevastopol-Yalta while he was waiting for the bus to go to his working place. The men exited a vehicle and pounced on him, and because they did not identify themselves as Police he naturally resisted them, and upon seeing the unfolding situation - his neighbors intervened and helped him to resist the attackers.

The attackers immediately used a mobile phone to call someone else, then soon thereafter another group of men - well equipped with guns and clubs - wearing camouflage uniforms and wearing masks, arrived in a van to the same bus stop location and proceeded to beat the resisters.

Finally Mr. Kuku was detained and taken away from the place. The rest of the people that tried to come to his rescue - had to apply for first aid care with different traumas at nearby medical facilities.

Shortly thereafter a group of police went to the private house of Mr. Kuku and searched everything....taking two notebooks, one phone, and 7 religious books ( which are not even those ones that are officially prohibited in Russia).

Mr. Kuku was taken to Simferopol (administrative centre of Crimea) at the so called Centre "E" (the special agency against extremism) - where he was interrogated.

He was accused under the article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Incitement of hatred or enmity, and humiliation of human dignity".

Mr. Kuku is not a political activist nor a religious activist, and is in fact merely the local representative of a Crimean Contact Group & informal NGO - which helps the victims of Human Rights violations and tries to communicate with authorities and the public in order to prevent or to investigate Human Rights violations.

The circumstances of the attack against Mr.Kuku are disturbingly similar with the cases of kidnapping and disappearance of multiple Crimean Tatars in the past year since the Russian invasion, especially Mr. Reshat Ametov, who was kidnapped, tortured and finally murdered last year without any investigation or prosecution of the killers...Mr. Ametov was kidnapped in the central square of Simferopol at the middle of March 2014. Ten days later his body was found in a rural area; murdered with the traces of multiple physical tortures. 

Since the murder of Mr. Ametov, there have been 8 cases of forcible disappearances of Crimean Tatars in different parts of Crimea.

We suspect that because Mr. Kuku's attack was witnessed by multiple persons who also saw the victim being taken away by members of the Security Forces - he was only detained "officially". But for that reason the authorities had to put forward an official accusation, which looks like a very artificial one. So presently the authorities are looking for an alibi for their illegal conduct and fabricating a false investigation & accusation against Mr. Kuku.

Mr Kuku was eventually released without an apology and ordered to report back to the Police the next day, so far he remains a free man for now, possibly partially because this incident was reported within hours of it occurring and was brought to the attention of prominent persons in the United Nations Human Rights Council by Commissioner Nwe Oo - at the urgent request of Chairman Damon Corrie (both of the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization/IDDO) who is still attending the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) 2015 - at present; in New York City USA. 
To quote Chairman Corrie: "The Russian authorities must be made to understand that their illegal actions and human Rights violations WILL be exposed at the highest levels on the World Scene, they will not all be swept under the rug of humanities collective consciousness. We Indigenous Peoples have a voice - and we are not afraid to use it to speak into receptive ears all over the world; from the lowest to the highest levels imaginable"
Mr. Igor Barinov - Chief of Nationalities Issues of Russia

It is also worthwhile to note that the person who is presently the Chief of the Russian Agency on Nationalities Issues - Mr. Igor Barinov in fact is the Deputy of the Head of State Duma of the Russian Federation (Parliament) on Defence....and he is a former Commander of the "Alfa" special troops of the Russian Federal Security Service (formerly the KGB) - who made a career for himself by waging war on the indigenous peoples in Chechnya. In 2003 he finished the Federal Security Service Academy and was elected to the Russian parliament. Now he is an MP on the list of the ruling Party of 'United Russia'. The Russian Security Forces now view even Human Rights defenders as being 'domestic terrorists' - and Russia is not the only country with such draconian un-civilised policies towards defenseless helpers of humanity.

Here is a documentary on the bloody and GENOCIDAL war Russia waged in Chechnya against indigenous freedom a 'proud' veteran of these atrocities the right man to be the Chief of the Russian Agency on Nationalities Issues?

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