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Someone asked me to explain something according to my own life experience - concerning the 'spirit' and 'soul' and whether the two are synonyms - or entirely different......from all I have seen, and experienced myself (as a man can only be guided by his own life experiences), I have come to the conclusion that just as many ancient scriptures have stated about "the spirit AND the soul of men" (speaking of them as two separate entities)....that we indeed have a 'Holy Trinity' of our is a part of each and every one of us, for we are body, spirit AND soul.

Our body needs no explanation for we can see it - and therefore doubt it's existence not, only our spirit and soul are the subjects of much debate.
The spirit is merely the invisible 'carbon'-copy' of the physical body, some may recall the scientific experiment done years ago whereby a leaf from a tree was physically cut in half, then put under an electron microscope (or similar device) - and the severed part of the physical leaf was revealed to still exist but in some invisible (to the naked eye) electron particle form.....this not only proves the existence of what we call the 'spirit form' (which EVERY living thing has), but also confirms what indigenous holy sages all say - humans, all other animals - and even plants - have a physical AND spiritual form to them.

The Soul is something different, and it is unique to human beings, nothing alive needs to have a soul...but to experience this physical 'reality' - every soul needs a physical body to inhabit for a time here....the time required to gain the physical life experiences not possible in the place of perfection the soul comes from - precisely to 'enroll' in this 'school for the soul'...where the soul comes from there is no hunger, sorrow, sexual intimacy, fatigue, pain, disappointment, etc....only platonic never-ending love - the highest vibrational frequency of all.

The same way that even we in our much diminished limited understanding of the purpose and meaning of life - see the truth and wisdom in the saying 'experience is the greatest teacher' too does the soul. This is why the soul within us chooses to come here, no soul is compelled to enter the physical reality, each soul volunteers.....but nothing is predetermined either, the soul does not flip through a divine catalog and say - ok I choose to inhabit the body of this person who will be raped as a child, or this man who will crash a plane full of people into a mountain and kill them all with himself as an adult.....for not only is there 'free will' of the body the soul inhabits to contend with, there is also the random unpredictability of the physical 'life' itself (actions causing reactions, get drunk throughout your pregnancy and you can expect a child to be born with neurological damage...did 'God' make your child that way? Or did your actions? Did you take a chemical pill to prevent pregnancy for years - then blame 'God' that your womb is now unable to bear children? Of course others can cause YOU to have problems as well, you might have been raped and given an STD as a little girl - that caused your womb to become destroyed for egg production, or physical trauma to that area of your body by repeated punches or kicks - can cause this, even slow poisoning your own body with unhealthy consumption for many years can cause this....but none of that was  'God's fault is never 'God's will' than any child be harmed - and anyone teaching you that God will punish the children for their parents sins - is a fool, so do not apportion blame where it does not belong, the ill deeds of the parents MAY cause harm to their own children...but recognize where the blame truly lies - in the actions of the parents themselves....I tell you solemnly that one skilled in the dark arts - if they invest enough of their energy into it - CAN cause harm to your child, never underestimate the ability of strong-willed humans to cause good AND/OR ill in the lives of others - but this CAN also be reversed/defeated by the divine)....

However, the above being said....certain 'Macro significant' (Wars, major natural disasters etc.) events ARE foreseen in the place of perfection, because time and space are not the linear construct of mortal man's assumption (even Einstein realized this) but are like a 'time stream' that flows in a circular manner, allowing for past, future to be accessed in tandem with the present.
So if you lived through a war (for example) - you knew as a pre-incarnate soul - that the body you were coming here to co-inhabit would live through this war - and you brought special skills to help that human being cope with it better.
An example of a 'micro significant' event would be anything mundane (you did NOT foresee that the Kardashians would be a popular TV show on Earth during your life here now), nor did you foresee that drinking milk would cause you to fart like a rotting corpse to the torment of others who smell your farts in this lifetime. Even an event that effects YOU greatly, but effects no-one else, can be deemed to be a 'micro significant' event....when many suffer (or when many rejoice) - such an event generates a huge 'spiritual signature' on the cosmic radar screen of the universe, and it stands out IN time AND for 'all time'.....those meant to understand these metaphors I give - will.

There is also the biological impulses of the physical body to contend with....the soul does not get sexually aroused at the sight of a naked human body...but the hormonal biological impulse of the body it is inhabiting usually will, if the soul is exerting a greater influence on the body & spirit it can 'control' these urges...if the body and spirit is exerting greater control on the soul it will give in to these biological urges & tendencies and the soul will experience the temporary sexual bliss that will ensue (which can become addictive).

We may look at a dog, it has no soul and therefore has no sexual restraint, it will gladly have sex with it's own children and make children anew with them....some humans (thankfully rarely) behave like these soul-less dogs, they seek sexual gratification any way they can obtain it....if a soul is in control of a human body it will realize that to do such things is immoral and wrong - and it will not do such things.   When you see people with no morals, it is not because they have no is merely a case of the animalistic physical body and it's carbon copy spirit (both governed by the physical/biological brain like any other animal) being in control of THAT person - and doing what any other animal would do, with no sense of shame or guilt.      

But wanton lust is not the ONLY sign that a person's soul is NOT in control of their body, a selfish, greedy, fearful, violent, substance addicted, etc. individual is ALSO not being controlled by their divine soul - but by their animal impulses/biological instincts (which sends out messages in your body that basically say 'if it feels good keep doing it' - with no moral consideration whatsoever) ..if the soul is in control you will become addicted to nothing, and you will lead a life of self-control in all matters....and your thoughts will trend to ever higher - not lower - considerations.  

Our spirit has it's own immortal consciousness and resembles the physical body it once inhabited in appearance (that is why you easily recognize it), but it does not leave this physical plane of existence if it does not want to, and often it remains in a state that it's physical body died in - if the death was traumatic and sudden, hence some see a mangled spirit appear to linger in the places (like the site of a gruesome & fatal accident) - or appear to the still living people that it frequented & knew in it's physical life. The soul leaves the body upon physical death and no force can hold it here, but the spirit can choose to remain here for a time (long centuries or short days). People see the spirits of the dead in the same places it lived in physical form - and they say that place is haunted by the not see it as 'haunted' , but see instead that the spirit which cannot be destroyed and has chosen to linger, merely remains. Several of my deceased loved ones spirits remain with me, but mostly they appear as they did at the happiest time of their physical lives, not because I am special, but because I welcome their presence for as long as they feel they have unfinished business to accomplish in the physical world that they ask me to assist them with; and I understand their predicament as dis-incarnate spirits (no-one sees them and they feel frustrated to be ignored or have their continuing existence denied by their still physically living loved ones), there is no need to fear them, they are still your loved ones, the soul is gone back to where all our souls come from...but you must understand that our consciousness is dual in nature, this is why you will see a holy man - let us take Jesus for example - saying things like 'Father why have you forsaken me' and 'My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; yet not as I will, but as YOU will"....unless you have no comprehension skills at all - you can clearly see that Jesus was NOT God - because he is TALKING TO GOD...only an insane person talks to himself....Jesus had a physical body with it's carbon copy spirit consciousness unique to him (as you and I have), but the soul that inhabited his body was the divine one, hence he could perform wonders (via the Divine one within him), yet still exhibit typical human emotions, fear, anger, grief - even self doubt. etc....which came from his mortal body & it's own natural spirit conscious self.

However, the spirit can ALSO merge with the divine light consciousness and re-unite with the spirits of it's physically deceased biological ancestors/friends/loved ones, likewise it can also linger here among the still living for as long as it wants (there are also other entities here with us - but very different from us & hostile to us - as well who do NOT come from the same source as we do, but more about them another time).
But the soul is an even higher consciousness...part of the divine supra-consciousness that tried to learn - and ultimately lead our mortal selves to a higher vibrational frequency, sometimes it succeeded (if it was able to control the body), sometimes it failed (if the body and it urges controlled the soul inside it)...and in the case of the latter, the process must be repeated in another time and place on the physical 'reality' until success IS achieved.

This is no 'one-shot deal', just as throughout our own individual physical lives, when we stumble and fall, we can get up and go again.....or we can surrender to despair and never try again for the rest of the current life we are experiencing, but by doing so we not only limit ourselves and our own conscious development, but we hinder our soul and our own supra-conscious progression BACK to the origin state of perfection - as well.

I will return to this as time permits and keep expanding on it, based on questions readers have and submit to me via the comment box below.

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