Friday, 6 March 2015


Some people just don't get it, if you say that you 'hate white people' or 'hate black people' or 'hate brown people' or 'hate red people' or 'hate yellow people' etc. etc. (you get the point by now) - YOU ARE A RACIST!

Did you meet ALL the white, black, red, brown, yellow etc. people on Earth already - so that you can say for a fact that all of them are 'not good people'? NO! Of course you did not!
There are good and bad people in EVERY skin tone that exists, just because a MINORITY of people from one skin tone or the other did great evil to you or your ancestors, or are doing evil to your loved ones presently - does NOT mean 'all of the people with that skin tone are bad'.
When thousands of Spaniards, Portuguese, Frenchmen, Englishmen and Dutchmen were exterminating Amerindians in the Americas (and then subjecting Africans to the barbarism of slavery subsequently to the 'foundation of evil' they built) - MILLIONS of Spaniards, Portuguese, Frenchmen, Englishmen and Dutchmen were in Spain, Portugal, France, England and Holland - not doing any harm to anyone.

Why should I HATE ALL OF THEM because of what SOME OF THEM did?
Truth is I don't even hate the bad ones who subjected my ancestors to evil, I feel sorry that they were such soul-less creatures to commit such acts without a sense of right and wrong.....sure I would end the lives of such people (then & now) to end the harm they are inflicting on innocent others by killing them if I had to, but one can kill a dangerous human-looking creature without feeling hatred for it.....and certainly one does not have to heap the sins of a minority on to the ENTIRETY of the people biologically/culturally represented by such bad examples.

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