Thursday, 26 March 2015


Another confirmation (see article linked below) that independent thinkers everywhere have realized the 'theory of evolution' is precisely that - a THEORY and an as yet UN-PROVEN one at that, I maintain that we must take a critical SCIENTIFIC look again at the earliest teaching we have from our remote ancestors....for NO indigenous people I am aware of has ANY origin story that says 'humans evolved from anything'...they ALL say 'humans were CREATED' by one/several entities (some say 'God' others say 'Gods') that were superior to ourselves.....did you ever think that the SAME way a man with a lighter who visits a stone-age tribe that only knows to make fire by rubbing sticks together will appear to have superior knowledge/mastery of fire than them.....what about a scientist (or group thereof) from another more advanced civilization somewhere in the cosmos - visiting this planet and scientifically altering/combining the DNA of hominid life forms they found here already? This would explain how ONLY humans have 2 FUSED DNA chromosomes - which is the only thing genetically separating us from Chimpanzees but exists in NO other life form on Earth.

The average simpleton who prefers to believe in scientifically un-provable religious fairy tales and superstitions - instead of using LOGIC to try to obtain scientifically provable answers to these questions will laugh and say 'So what are you saying - that God is an extra terrestrial'?...well technically smart-ass, according to Jesus - he/she/it IS by technical definition of what constitutes an 'extra terrestrial'....for Jesus himself said that he was 'NOT OF THIS WORLD' = so obviously he came from an extra terrestrial origin...whether you logically conclude this is another planet, or illogically conclude it is a magical fairy-tale dimension - is up to you.

In my opinion, the Evolutionists AND religious Creationists BOTH have it WRONG, the former is still an un-proven theory after 150 years of trying to find proof, and the latter cling to an equally un-provable superstitious belief. There is room for a more logical 3rd explanation, that life forms did evolve on this planet, but that a benevolent being from elsewhere (as Jesus stated)  and NOT from THIS planet Earth, 'created' a new life form ('created in God's image' our ancestors wrote) by scientifically altering/manipulating the DNA of a hominid it/they found existing order to create a being (modern Human) that was capable of much more (speech - which is a gene that also suddenly appeared in humans out of nowhere) and critical thought, greater dexterity etc....rendering US (humans) the only life form on this planet with a capacity to return to the cosmos one day (as we are doing already) 'daddy' out there? Technically he/they could very well be.

Look at the 'created woman from the rib bone of man' sentence.....don't you know that is a very good description in layman terms of the very real (and already mastered by us) scientific process called CLONING, for a scientist can extract the DNA from a rib (and it is a bone that can be safely removed from a human and not effect the quality of life of the human it was removed from) in order to create a reproduction of the subject....advanced science can even alter the gender of the clone and create a female from a male...this is already within human scientific knowledge...a far more advanced being than us could conceivable eliminate the kinds of hiccups we currently still have in this process and produce perfectly self-replicating specimens...and since these specimens are in the Creators image - might they not be considered and viewed lovingly by the creator of such as his 'children'? Even your animal lover next door neighbor refers to his/her pets offspring as his/her 'children' why would a being/beings that we literally resemble not feel the same (greater in fact) love for US as their 'Earthly children'?

In my opinion any advanced being WOULD be benevolent NOT malevolent, because love is the highest vibrational frequency - and hate is the lowest vibrational frequency. Love creates life - hate destroys our ancestors were right to consider our creator/s to be 'divine beings' of love and light', our creators - since we only use 5% of our brainpower that they gave us (they must be using 100% themselves) yet we can do so much, imagine how much MORE they (our Creator/s can do)....might they not be able to overcome time and space, and astral project themselves into our lives and our perception of reality? Giving us the impression that they are from some 'spirit world' of love and light we call 'heaven/paradise/nirvana'?

Suppose as our ancestors said '1,000 years to man is but 1 say to God' be technically true, because dog years are different to human years (by a ratio of 7 - 1), and if we go down lower on the life form scale and 'perception of reality' - to a micro-organism 1,000 years IS akin to 1 human day...and to a micro-organism a petri dish would seem like their entire universe and a Human would be an 'impossible to fathom supreme being'......suppose WE are the equivalent to a lovingly created 'petri-dish experiment' by a similarly 'impossible to fathom (to us) supreme being' and all of our history in this 'dish' is a mere month to the Creator?

A Creator who periodically checks back on us to see our progress as we multiply and grow on this planet of ours (which is but his loving Petri dish experiment' of several in the Universe).....he need not be OUR idea/understanding of a human aloof/coldhearted scientist conducting an experiment...that is OUR flawed & limited thinking at work, why can't he/she/it (our Creator) want to see us progress in cosmic wisdom (no matter our size in the greater scheme of the Universe) of the inter-connectedness of ALL life, and in order to achieve this - our Creator has the ability to send enlightened consciousness into our reality to help lead us to his higher thought patterns? Has this been done at different 'times' as we perceive 'time' contained in different physical bodies like our own - so that we can relate to them and comprehend the teachings they try to impart to us - to help our conscious evolution?
Might our Creator - as it has the ability to astral project down into our reality - not also be able to astral 'retract' back out of our reality? Hence ancient peoples saw various moral teachers appear to 'come down from the sky' AND be 'taken up into the sky in a beam of light' (that is how it would look to a layman trying to describe it) once their mission to educate us had been completed.

NONE of us has any real concrete answers, but as intelligent life forms - we really owe it to ourselves to actually USE the brain we have to seek the most likely (not unlikely) - and provable explanations to our existence. Science does not have to be the adversary of spirituality, the two CAN exist as mutual friends.  


Evidence Suggests That Charles Darwin’s Theory Of Human Evolution Should Be Reconsidered

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