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              Crimean Tatar Nadir Bekir with Taino-Arawak Tai Pelli at the UN in NYC in 2013

Crimean Karaim Natalia Kropotova with Lokono-Arawak Damon Gerard Corrie at the UN building in NYC in 2013

Lakota Chase Iron Eyes of indigenous news site with Nadir Bekir in 2013

This article is to highlight one of the BIGGEST problems that plague indigenous society in the world today...not our usual suspect of our non-indigenous ENEMIES - but instead OURSELVES! MANY of us do not live by the words we love to talk a LOT about, namely: 'Solidarity', 'Loyalty', and 'Liberty' - ...but in fact, those 3 words are the motto proudly displayed on the Coat of Arms on the flag of the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization (IDDO).....and WE in the IDDO actually DO live by this motto......moreover, the IDDO was created precisely because of the first International Emergency that we the Alumni of the Tribal Link program of training at the United Nations faced; and we refer to it as the 'Nadir crisis of 2014'.....because the key person for us in this as yet ongoing drama is none other that our indigenous Crimean Tatar indigenous leader (and victim of persecution) and fellow United Nations alumni - Nadir Bekir (pictured above).

The Flag of the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization (IDDO) that was born out of this crisis


In late February 2014, Russia began to send troops and military equipment into Ukraine following the February 2014 Ukranian Revolution and Euromaidan movement. Starting with the 2014 Crimean crisis, soldiers of ambiguous affiliation began to take control of strategic positions and infrastructure within the Ukrainian territory of Crimea, which Russia then annexed. Putin initially denied Russian troops interfered but then admitted in April that Russian troops had been active in Crimea and said this had laid the ground for the Crimean status referendum" (from Wikipedia).

Tai and myself immediately contacted Nadir and Natalia on FaceBook to find out if they, their families, and their tribes were Ok, and we began to reach out to fellow Alumni that had met and befriended Nadir on the same United Nations training course that we had all successfully completed together.

With footage of the Russian war machine - one of the most powerful on Earth - rolling into Crimea, we did not say "there is nothing we (as two mere civilians) can do to help"...instead we brainstormed about HOW we could help our indigenous brothers and sisters in Crimea (for where there is a will - there is ALWAYS a way!), we maintained constant daily contact with them on FaceBook and drew up several different emergency contingency plans to put into motion in the event that our friends had to flee their beloved homeland to save their lives, we contacted friends in the Embassies in neighboring countries and personally begged that they recommend asylum to be granted to their respective Ambassadors & governments IF our friends ever had to make a journey to any of these foreign missions as a last act of desperation, and several of our diplomatic contacts agreed to help in any way they could if our friends needed to seek refuge at any of their embassies.

Another plan was to Western Union/MoneyGramm enough money to our friends (whether to be collected by our friends at the nearest cities/towns in neighboring countries or not) if they needed to cover travel expenses if they had to flee with their families and could not access their own bank accounts, and these funds were going to come out of our own is the LEAST we could do for them as true friends (if it was us in that position WE would want someone to help us in the same way!).
We even hatched a plan with a brother Alumni in Europe to smuggle a satellite phone INTO Crimea so our friends could maintain contact IF their internet access was terminated for any reason....again, the Satellite phone would be paid for out of our own pockets as friends coming to the rescue of other friends.

Thankfully, the situation did not deteriorate (yet) to the level that would necessitate any of our plans above having to be put into action....but they remain (with others) ever ready to be activated, for in OUR minds - we truly ARE 'our brother's keeper'.
However, we were all shocked and dismayed at the silence or late moves to act that we saw from our fellow indigenous colleagues...we ALL met Nadir together, we ALL had heartwarming moments where we spoke beautiful words about 'never forgetting each other' and promising to 'be there for each other no matter what'....and here we were, a fellow brother and sister were faced with crisis no-one in the world expected and the mightiest nations on Earth STILL cannot deal with - and after we shared the news alerts that we received from our mutual brother Nadir ...SILENCE? A few eventually moved (after being prodded 2 and 3 times by our sending our news articles to them) to share the alerts and send them to their own contacts higher up in the Human Rights chain of authority.

This was a great shock and HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT to Tai and myself, some of these are colleagues that we both wrote glowing news articles about (as we did for Nadir), and they were not even moved enough to share brother Nadir's and sister Natalia's plight on their FaceBook walls for Gods sake?
This convinced us that not only can we NOT depend on the powers that be to help us, we ALSO cannot depend on our own indigenous colleagues just because they say certain things in public (some people prefer the 'we are one' image only)....because WORDS not enforced by ACTIONS are us 'old fashioned' or even 'naive' in this 'slick' world of opportunists we live in, but in our hearts and minds - we are WARRIORS, and a warrior says what he/she means and means what he/she says...and we will live proudly by THAT code of traditional morals and conduct for as long as we live!

So we decided to create the IDDO, to have our own Indigenous entity led & staffed with genuine warriors who can help brothers and sisters in need in ways NO other NGO on Earth can or would ever do, here is a little bit of background info on the role of the all-volunteer Commissioners of the IDDO:

What exactly does a Commissioner on the IDDO do? You may ask...well a Commissioner on the IDDO is first and foremost a Reporter of any serious physical human rights abuses that occur to members of his/her own Tribal Nation (who would know better than you - what is going on in your own Tribe), and by 'serious' we mean illegal arrests/detentions/incarcerations, abductions/kidnappings/disappearances, rapes, beatings/tortures, murders etc.
ALL Commissioners (and indeed every member of the IDDO) works VOLUNTARILY, no-one is compelled to submit information, but every Commissioner is expected to submit cases & information as they occur or if/when they obtain the factual details about them, the IDDO then co-ordinates the release/alert on International News and social media sites, AND submits the cases to various International Human Rights bodies so that they become officially documented for the Global public record.
Some Commissioners with a Military or Paramilitary background/experience are also members of the Defence Committee (members not publicly listed except for the Chairman - Damon Gerard Corrie - who is the public face of the IDDO leadership), and the Defence Committee deals with extreme emergency high risk cases that need a rapid response that is not forthcoming from the usual slow-paced Human Rights bodies and mechanisms of the world we live in.
To put it in a nutshell, the IDDO was created to be the 'Global NATO for Natives'; because we cannot depend on others to rescue us at all times, we need to protect our own whenever and wherever possible, in whatever manner is justifiable according to International Law, and most needed according to the times and circumstances of the reality on the ground - on location in the crisis area.
Anyone can become a Commissioner for their People on the IDDO, but unless you are personally known by someone who is already a Commissioner who can vouch for your integrity, you will need to show some kind of track record of your positive words AND actions on behalf of your Tribal Nation, this can be as simple as sending us URL links to 3rd party (not yourself) published articles about you in any language, this is not reserved for English speakers, and any human being from any part of the world can join our history making movement, ages 20-29 is the age group of our Youth Commissioners, all other Commissioners are ages 30 and older. Message us on our FB site (Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization) if interested in joining.    


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