Sunday, 4 January 2015


I must admit, when I see native girls marrying non-native guys I get depressed as hell, because in my mind I say - if you TRULY love your people with all your heart and soul - your heart would seek out and find the heart of one of your own to love.
Traditionally in most cultural beliefs - native identity is passed through the mother, so dad's DNA is not what is most relevant, it was not he who grew you in his belly for 9 months, only 3 women (mum, granny and great granny) stand between me and our last Hereditary Chief.....and that means the WORLD to me.....I spend my time talking to young women AND men in our tribe - encouraging them to marry a member of our own tribe as a first choice, and if not - a member of any other Amerindian tribe - as a second choice......because there are so few of us left on Earth - that every time we have children with less of our Amerindian DNA...we help to promote the genetic extinction of our own people.
I am friends of all races, and I had girlfriends of all races, but I knew that if I looked for my true love among my own people - I would find her, you might not be as lucky as me and find her in just 7 days, but if you genuinely seek - you SHALL find!
I for one, will die a happy man to see my daughters take native husbands and give me native grandchildren, because it is NOT only our language, our spirituality, and our traditions that must survive as intact as possible - it is our very DNA - with all the inherited secrets that are contained in it - as well .
Too often the excuse people under the spell of 'romantic intoxication' use is 'love is blind'......but is it the 'love' that is truly blind.....or is it just you? Many return to their people with the children of such unions - and no husband who they created them with in sight, these children may or may not self-identify with their native side when they grow-up, I know many who don't......and it is not their fault for being of mixed descent and being pulled by a conflicting sense of ethnic identity (they have non-native DNA and the pull of that working on them internally) is your fault for helping to create this problem.....and believe me - if/when they betray their native side in favor of their their non-native side - that WILL become a problem for our people! So think 'long term' before you act 'short term'...that is all I ask of you.
If you followed TRADITIONAL advice you would remember to : "Always put the people before yourself" - and you would never make this mistake.
It is only when you follow ASSIMILATION advice (of the dominant society that seeks to eliminate your native identity) which says "Do whatever YOU want to do - it's YOUR life so do what YOU want to" - that you make these errors in judgement.
We native men must ALSO do OUR part, I have never hit my wife, or told her that I am the 'head' of the household, nor have I been a drunkard or drug addict, I do not try to control or micro-manage her life, or 'rule' over her, a REAL marriage is a PARTNERSHIP and a REAL family is a TEAM, you can't claim to love your people or be a warrior - and then abuse your wife or children, a REAL warrior only PROTECTS women and children, and a real man does not physically dominate or abuse a woman!
Get YOURSELF in order before you go looking for your native Queen to share your life with....our women should be precious to you as a native man, if you ALSO use them for sex and abuse them like your slave as our non-native enemies do, then you are NOTHING and your life is worth NOTHING!

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