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Here are some Special Forces, my question is - can YOU tell who is really doing the killing? Maybe you have x-ray vision that can magically scan DNA too, as for me I don't, so a masked 'terrorist' can be anybody, and special Forces are trained to use ALL kinds of weapons, not only those made by their own country, and they NEVER use any logos or patches on their clothing or gear when on operations that would identify the country that they are working for either....we just CANNOT know for 100% CERTAINTY if the version of events we are told to believe is actually true or a deception.



“US Special Forces Are Operating in More Countries than You Can
Imagine”, is the head line of an article I just had with breakfast.
Ugly. (Not the breakfast!)
But thank God these special killing unities are not in
left-governed Brazil. Isn't it?

Well, check the following paragraph of the article

And don’t think that’s the end of it, either. As a result of McRaven’s
push to create “a Global SOF network of like-minded inter-agency allies
and partners,” Special Operations liaison officers, or SOLOs, are now
embedded in 14 key U.S. embassies to assist in advising the special
forces of various allied nations. Already operating in Australia,
Brazil, Canada, Colombia, El Salvador, France, Israel, Italy, Jordan,
Kenya, Poland, Peru, Turkey, and the United Kingdom, the SOLO program
is poised, according to Votel, to expand to 40 countries by 2019. The
command, and especially JSOC, has also forged close ties with the
Central Intelligence Agency, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and
the National Security Agency, among others.

We’re in the 14-piece elite league, surprise!

Surprise, may be, for you. For one who empirically knows that our
past/current Lula-Dilma governments have absolutely nothing to do with
“the left” or “left-wing” it’s just another sad and alarming

German riot counter specialists, US killing advisers… What’s the plan?

a) Street protests by people who can’t endure “hospitals” (rather
drive-thrus to the cemetery) with no medicine, no doctors, not even a
place to sit/agonize (apart from bloody floors – and I KNOW
EMPIRICALLY, believe me!), by people who can’t afford to go to work/to
university because of the highest bus fares of the world, by people
who can’t leave their homes due to all-over violence committed by
ordinary bandit gangs and their uniformed counterparts (trained by
whom..?) have to be squashed. By any means necessary.

b) Subsistence farmers, Indigenous Peoples and other groups in the way
of agro-fascist progress and dam-building throughout the Amazon region
may start to “cause trouble” when they finally realize that their
(land) rights aren't only trampled although guaranteed on
(constitutional) papers, but that the (new) Dilma government consist
of people who actively work for constitutional change to get their
literal final solution of the red nigger and hinterland
lumpenproletariat (minister K√°tia Abreu, for example). That “trouble”
too has to be squashed. By any means necessary.

And who’s more suited to do such cleansing state terror jobs? Than the
epidemic killing experts from the North…

As I write this I’m about to enter (later today) the Territory of the
Tupinamb√° First Nation, in the south of Bahia state. Yet, there it’s
not only the Indigenous people (like the Constitution says) waiting on
me. It’s also invading-expanding big landowners, politicians/local
warlords (often the very big landowners themselves), hired gunmen,
Brazilian (?) special forces abducting and brutalizing Indigenous
leaders and intimidating entire villages… Just another chronic war
zone in oh-so-happy Brazil.

Really “good” to know that Dilma, our “left” president, is adding to
our homebrew Brazilian murderer mob world’s star players/killers too…

Democracy? National sovereignty? Rule of law?

One World - under a concrete globalized fascist threat to secure
destructive corporate rule!

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