Sunday, 18 January 2015


Our eldest daughter sabantho made us proud last night, she stayed up till midnight and then sat in ceremony (on a blanket gifted to us by a Lakota Holy Man) for the first hour of her 16th year of life to receive blessings she deserves. During her ceremony she faced the 4 directions as I blessed her with Tobacco smoke and a Harpy Eagle wing feather, first the East - where the light of wisdom comes anew each day, to always look to the light and away from the dark in all her decisions....then to the south, to always remember the ancestors and live a life that will allow her to face them with pride when she returns to join them.....then the West, to think always of the Creator and the unseen forces of the light that will guide her throughout her life as she faces the darkness.....then lastly to the north, to always remember that she will be a wife, a mother, and a grandmother and elder of the people one day - and she should live a life that will engender the respect and love for her of the people and future generations to come - forever!
From little girl to young woman in the blink of an eye. Where did the time go?
To our daughter on her 16th birthday…
Dear Sabantho,
Firstly, we want you to know how proud we are of you.
You’re brave, bright, brilliant and beautiful.
You impress and amaze us every day - and hopefully it has been clear that you are loved beyond measure. It is our deepest wish that you have a life filled with wonder, joy, magic and possibility.
We have a few things we want to share with you. Things we hope will help you make good decisions and make a happy life. It doesn't matter to us what you choose as a career or where that takes you, it doesn't matter to us if you make millions or live simply, what matters most is that you build a life that feeds your soul.
When making big decisions, ask yourself, “Will I be able to face my ancestors with honor if I do this?” If the answer is no, make a different choice.
You are beautiful. Don’t doubt that for a second. Don’t let anyone make you feel differently. Surround yourself with people who lift you up and celebrate you....anyone else is irrelevant and only going to insert negative vibrations into your being.
You deserve to be cherished, you are exceptional. Don’t underestimate your worth. Don’t give yourself away or sell yourself short. You are worthy of love. You are worthy of respect. You are WORTHY of all that is from the light.
Don’t be in a hurry to grow up, life isn't a race, and you don’t have to settle for Mr. 'Right-now', because Mr. Right is out there and when he finds you (as he surely will), he is going to thank the universe that you exist. Trust me, real love is worth waiting for, you are worth waiting for and anything else will pale in comparison.
You will fall in love. You will be blissfully happy. You may have your heart broken. It will feel as if you can’t breathe. You will wonder if you’ll every smile again. You us... And if you need a shoulder or an ear or a helping hand - we'll be there for you.
You are not are never alone - and never will be. No matter where you are, no matter how lonely you might feel, you are loved by the seen and unseen.
Just because it feels good, doesn't mean it’s right. A cheap thrill is not worth losing your dignity, self respect or long term happiness. Don’t let anyone make you feel guilty for not making bad choices. You’re smarter than that....make good choices.
Don’t take it all so seriously, it’s just write your own write a good one, you deserve it.
Risk.... Dare...Dream.....Live out loud....Take the side roads and choose the adventures.....You’ll be glad you did.
It’s none of your business what other people think about you. You don’t have to own their insecurities or accept their cage for your soul. Anyone who doesn't see the light in you - isn't worth your time.
Never be afraid to speak your truth.
Never be afraid to quit, walk away, make a different choice. You are never stuck because at every moment you are free to choose something different. If life gets too hard, if things feel impossible, if you need shelter from the storm…you always have a home and an open invitation. We love you - and you never have to be afraid to ask for our help.
Don’t be afraid to make mistakes....don’t be afraid to fail. A life worth living will include a few regrets. Even the worst crap can be the fertilizer that helps you grow and bloom.
True happiness begins with loving yourself. Do whatever it takes to let go of that voice that tells you you’re not good enough or smart enough or beautiful enough because, you are. Everything you need to be happy is within you. You are exceptional.
You get that upon which you focus, focus on the good things you wish to receive to take you forward - by letting go of the bad things that are holding you back. Know that you can’t control anyone else, but you CAN control YOURSELF.
Life is a series of choices, consequences and reactions to the consequences of your choices. You are defined by the way you react to them. Make good choices and when you don’t, try not to beat yourself up. We all make bad choices sometimes. Just keep moving forward and avoid repeating mistakes.
It’s okay to be sad, try to let it wash over you and then let it go. Don’t hold on to sadness or anger, release your attachment to anything that doesn't serve your higher good....let divine order prevail in your life.
May the Creator bless you always our beautiful Princess XOXO,
Mom & Dad

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