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I like to keep a copy of the declassified publicly readable 'Operation Northwoods' that the Pentagon took to Kennedy but he refused to sign (then a few weeks later he was killed by unknown assailants) - which as you know - was a plan by them (All the Joint Chiefs of the Pentagon) to hijack and blow up a plane - and blame the Cuban government for it - so the US government would have a legitimate excuse to go to war with Cuba....I like to see their jaws drop when they say "Do you honestly think the USA government would create a fake terrorist attack and kill innocent people just to get an excuse to go to war!"...well, actually YES - here is the plan they had to do precisely that back in the 1960's (and I give it to them to 'read it and weep'...or just feel like a fool for underestimating the depths of depravity of men in those circles of power). 

"Here are the (non-hyped) core facts: Yes, General Lemnitzer did cook up a plan, Operation Northwoods, to cause mayhem and blame it on Cuba. Yes, a plane would be hijacked and blown up. But it would be empty, with a list of ersatz casualties being released. The information on bombings was also vague. There’s no evidence of a plan to cause civilian casualties, though Lemnitzer’s plan proposed, “we could blow up a [US] ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.” He explained, “Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.” He also suggested sinking boats of Cuban refugees (which would surely kill some of them as women & children are on these) and blaming that too, on Cuba.
If not for the initial buildup of fear and paranoia induced by the slightly exaggerated e-rumor, I’d have been shocked at learning that our government actually planned to murder Cuban émigrés on the high seas, kill US Navy personnel, and in effect, terrorize the entire country into submitting to a draconian political agenda and supporting an otherwise unthinkable war.
This wasn't the deranged plan of a lone lunatic. It was approved by all of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and presented it to the Kennedy administration on March 13th, 1962. Kennedy killed the plan, but was later killed himself. Lemnitzer resigned, but the Joint Chiefs continued their scheming, cooking up plans to instigate a war between Cuba and another country, thus justifying a Kuwait style war against Cuba. Operation Northwoods remained a secret for nearly 40 years until James Bamford, a former ABC News investigative reporter, unearthed it while researching his second book, “Body of Secrets,” about the secretive National Security Agency. Doubleday has since published Bamford’s book. ABC news briefly carried the story of Operation Northwoods back on May 1st of this year. Hardly a fly-by-night journalist, Bamford has been regularly published by The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Los Angeles Times. His 1983 book about the NSA, “The Puzzle Palace,” was a national bestseller. His expose of Operation Northwoods is bulletproof – and in light of the September 11th tragedy, quite alarming."

ESPECIALLY read the last 5 pages of the ACTUAL operation Northwoods de-classified document you will see in this link below

Now enjoy the short video:

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