Monday, 12 January 2015


If FRANCE was TRULY all about the protection of FREE SPEECH and FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION...why is it that you can be jailed for simply displaying a Swastika or for denying the official version of the Holocaust in France (and several other European countries)?

Why is the world free to say or do anything to anyone of any religion except that of our Jewish brothers and sisters? Should the law not be the SAME for one and ALL? Either we cannot offend ANYONE - or we CAN offend EVERYONE! Fair must be fair!
A black man should be free to say AND peacefully march down any street that he has black pride, just as a white man should be free to say AND peacefully march down any street that he has white pride, and a red man should be free to say AND peacefully march down any street saying he has red pride (etc.).....I have no problem with any of this, to say that other peoples unlike yourself should be 'exterminated' because they are 'racially inferior' is another thing entirely, only ignorant fools carry racial pride to such depths of depravity as to cause or excuse harm to others....and the Swastika was NOT invented by Hitler - it is an ancient symbol of Hinduism, Budhism and Jainism - why should it be 'illegal' because '6 million' Jews died under it? If you support THAT - then you should support the cross/crucifix to become 'illegal' as a publicly displayed symbol as well - because HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS were enslaved AND killed around the world under the symbol of the cross by Conquistadores, the Inquisition, the Crusades, 'Christian' colonists etc......
By this rationale - even the French Flag itself should be 'illegal' to display - because under Napoleon (another tyrant like Hitler) MILLIONS of Europeans died under the use of it!

This post is just to hold a mirror up to humanity so that most people can see themselves for the HIPPOCRITES they are!


The Law stating that denying the Holocaust is an offense was passed in 1990. This is an amendment to a law from 1881 that related to freedom of the press. This law prohibits both antisemitism (Law 90-615) and denying the Holocaust (Article 24b, la loi Gayssot). Another law adopted in 2003 sets stiffer punishments for offenses against an antisemitic or racist background. (Law no. 2003-88 of February 2003).
In addition, in 2003, the French Government established a permanent inter-ministerial commission to coordinate the activities of the Government in combating antisemitism and racism which discusses, inter-alia, possible legislative measures on the subject.

According to the French Penal Code, the display of Nazi symbols (including the Swastika) is a criminal offense.

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