Wednesday, 24 December 2014


It is true that ALL human beings of ALL 'races' had ancestors that once belonged to an indigenous tribe somewhere on this planet, it is also true that many an 'educated fool' considers the fact that they no longer know (or care to know) what Tribal Nation/s they originate from (because they belong to a 'Political Nation' now instead) be a mark of 'progress' in their 'intellectually intoxicated' minds...

They realize not that a 'Political Nation' is in most cases (unless that of a genetically homogenous society such as Mongolia) just an imaginary construct - and is about as de-facto worthless as the paper money Fiat currency that these 'Political Nations' live and die by.......generally speaking - you are 1,000 times more likely to be killed by a 'fellow citizen of your political nation state' - than you are to be killed by a 'fellow citizen' of your own Tribal Nation - because unlike your paper 'political nationality' that is available to anyone to access if they process certain paperwork correctly and pay a monetary fee....a Tribal Nationality is in your DNA, it cannot be genuinely purchased at any price no matter how much paperwork is processed (you are either a blood member by birth and ancestry or not); and every member of your Tribal Nation is in fact your relative by blood.

A Tribal Nation is a huge family, even though the lost souls who only have a 'Political Nationality' to hold on to - are still doing their hardest to destroy the innate harmony and unity of Tribal peoples (usually by inserting their well-packaged but spiritually pathetic 'organised religions' - which are only tools to divide and conquer us in ways they were unable to accomplish with weapons)....when we fight among OURSELVES in defence of these foreign POISONS - instead of against the common enemy coming into our tribes from OUTSIDE of our cultures, we help them to defeat our own selves!  
When civil war anarchy erupts in your country - it is NOT people from your own Tribal Nation who will come to rape, rob and kill you and your family, it will be your 'fellow citizens' of your Political Nation that will do never forget that fact, and you will survive what is coming.

I remind my children every day to be PROUD that they know what tribe they belong to - and who their people are, the vast majority of mankind can no longer make such a pride-filled boast of self-identity.

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