Saturday, 8 November 2014


In PRINCIPLE I support Catalonians or ANY other INDIGENOUS ETHNIC GROUP that wants to exercise their god-given birthright to be INDEPENDENT of the RULE of OTHER ETHNIC GROUPS IN THEIR OWN LANDS.....for NO-ONE has the 'right' to  govern any other people IN that people's lands....if those other peoples voluntarily moved into neutral lands where other ethnic groups are also existing - then a multiethnic government is acceptable and logical in THAT specific context (because everyone's voice MUST be heard for equity to exist)......

However, just because an ILLEGAL and IMMORAL colonial or Imperial historical conquest FORCED separate peoples to fall under the rule of ONE dominant ethnic group as is the case in all these Kingdoms (Spain, UK, etc.) or in virtually ALL Political Nation States of the world.....does NOT mean the indigenous peoples who are still living in their ancestral lands and who saw their sovereignty illegally taken from them in the past - should 'accept' the illegal status quo and be contented to be ruled by foreigners in their own lands forever......these foreigners would NOT accept if these indigenous peoples went to their lands and RULED THEM - so why the ass should we accept that your RULE US? Go back and rule your own damned people (in your cities - we don't require you to cross back over the ocean - just to GET OUT of our remaining lands and territories that we have left - that you have not spoiled yet because we are still there to protect them from your insatiable avarice) - we will rule ourselves as we have always done!
I promote peace - but NOT 'peace' delivered via INJUSTICE, as we indigenous peoples of the Americas experience with this fictitious liberty you gave us of living in 'democratic' states where our vote means nothing because we will always be outnumbered and outvoted in YOUR system of government.... so if the ONLY way for an oppressed people to recover their FREEDOM is via struggle, then I accept my role as a warrior of the people and shall fight for that freedom to be restored by any means necessary, whether that be by the handshake or the clenched fist.

This is why ALL over the world we are seeing tribes rise up to reclaim their independence by FORCE, it is very sad to see the bloodshed...but when you are a member of a tribe that has been under the yoke and boot of other peoples in your own lands for years, often decades or centuries - you will seize the first chance to grab back your freedom that comes your way, and if that 'chance' comes by way of your people suddenly becoming powerful by getting your hands on weapons - after being disarmed and powerless for so long....such an occurrence becomes INEVITABLE....for even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that armed rebellion against tyranny is a legitimate last resort available to ALL human beings.
Before you get on your cum-bi-ya pacifist high horse and condemn these people for resorting to war, take the time to find out what their grievances were that put them in this state of mind in the first place, from the hypocritical safety of your comfortable living room - you have NO right to tell a man not to pick up a gun to fight the enemies of his people who have been raping, torturing, brutalising and murdering them for YEARS.....a human being can only take so much unjust provocation and victimization before they can take no more and decide to FIGHT BACK!


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