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             SHE IS ALSO A FIFA CERTIFIED FOOTBALL (Soccer to Americans) REFEREE


On 13th November 2014 - I had the immense pleasure of meeting a real life 18 year-old (she's 21 now & still blazing a path forward in life) petite and beautiful modern day Kalinago woman warrior, her name is Arkeyshar Valmond, she was a Corporal in the Dominica Cadet Corps
at this time (now promoted to the rank of Sargeant) a bona-fide CHAMPION in all respects!

In September 2013, when she was just 17 years old, the Dominica Cadet Corps did a hike from one side of the 750 square kilometres /290 sq mile island to the other (Capital City Roseau on the West - to the town of Castle Bruce on the East) over the mountains. It was not a competition, just a training exercise - yet she did it faster than the Barbados Cadet Corps contingent that was with her, and faster even than the Dominica Police Force had ever done it.

On the following day Arkeyshar was given an M16 Assault Rifle with 25 rounds of ammunition, and a target to shoot at; ALL 25 of her rounds hit the target  - and 23 of those were Bullseye, the other 2 were the closest possible next to the Bullseye, she made the highest score with 97 points....and she was the ONLY female competing against 4 other men - including the Staff Sergeant himself!
The supervisors for this event were Dominica Police Force rank and file.

Later - in Barbados, Arkeyshar was made to compete against cadets from 7 countries (mostly men), and once again she places FIRST with the highest score, among other things she did the obstacle course in a record 3 minutes 17 seconds, the Dominica Police Force officers in the competition could not do it faster than over 4 minutes!She also competed exceptionally well in Orientating, Navigation, Public Speaking, Marching, Military Knowledge, Shooting, and Section Battle Drills.

Do not let her small size and incredible beauty make you think she is weak - for THIS young Queen has the heart and soul of a Jaguar....when you see a proud and highly skilled young Kalinago woman like Arkeyshar today - you can EASILY see that Columbus was telling the truth when he described how Kalinago women warriors over 500 years ago attacked him and his men and chased they off their island - the great prowess in combat never left the mighty Kalinago people, it is still in their DNA! It is why they are the ONLY native people in the history of the Caribbean to have fought EVERY European colonial power (Spanish, French, Dutch & English) in their region for 400 years - and NEVER been conquered by ANY of them!

I am pleased to announce that the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization (CADO)  decided to sponsor Corporal Arkeyshar Valmond of the Kalinago Tribal Nation (Dominica), to attend the Amerindian Inter-Tribal Games which was held on Pakuri Territory in Guyana in March 2015.....for we saw in her a GREAT Athlete capable of representing the unconquered Kalinago People with distinction and honor.
We were so confident in her abilities, that even though she was the ONLY Kalinago athlete at these games - we KNEW that she would be a force to be reckoned with by EVERYONE else....and she won one gold (Archery), one silver, and one Bronze medal (Distance running) - doing great credit to her Kalinago Tribal Nation.   

Currently, Arkeyshar is studying architecture at University in Dominica and is still in the armed forces....and she has a keen interest in attending the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) as part of the world famous Tribal Link Foundation - Project Access Training Program, which only a very fortunate 20 (or less) indigenous students worldwide qualify for each year. 

                                   More photos of Corporal Arkeyshar Valmond in action

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Guaicaipuro (circa 1530–1568) was a native (indigenous) Venezuelan chief of both the Teques and Caracas tribes. Though known today as Guaicaipuro, in documents of the time his name was written Guacaipuro.

Guaicaipuro formed a powerful coalition of different tribes which he led during part of the 16th century against the Spanish conquest of Venezuelan territory in the central region of the country, specially in the Caracas valley. He commanded, among others, Cacique(Spanish: Indian chiefNaiguatáGuaicamacutoChacaoAramaipuroParamaconi and his own son Baruta. Guaicaipuro is one of the most famous and celebrated Venezuelan Caciques. The area occupied by the Teques was populated by several native groups each with its own cacique. Guaicaipuro's tribe, which was located in what is now San José de los Altos, was the largest one. He had a son named Baruta, himself a Cacique. The name of two is his sisters is also known: Tioraand Caycape.
The Spaniards discovered gold in the area of the land of the Teques, and as they started to exploit the mines, Guaicaipuro attacked, forcing the Spanish to leave. Following the attack, the governor of the province of Venezuela sent Juan Rodríguez Suárez to pacify the area, which apparently he did after defeating Guaicaipuro in several engagements. Believing he had achieved his task, the Spanish commander and his soldiers left the area leaving behind miners and three of his sons. Once the Spanish soldiers had left, Guiacaipuro assaulted the mines killing all the workers as well as the sons of Rodríguez Suárez. Immediately thereafter, Rodríguez Suárez who was on his way to the city of Valencia, with a small contingent of only six soldiers, with the purpose of meeting Lope de Aguirre, another Spanish conquistador, was ambushed by Guaicaipuo and killed.
After these successes Guaicaipuro became the main and central figure in the uprising of all the native tribes in the vicinity of the Caracas valley, and managed to unite all the tribes under his command. In 1562 they defeated an expeditionary force led by Luis Narváez. Due to the fierce attacks, the Spanish retreated away from the area for several years.
In 1567 the city of Santiago de Leon de Caracas was founded in the Caracas valley. The Spanish worried about the nearby presence of Guaicaipuro and his men, and given the past history of attacks, they decided not to wait for an attack from him, and as a preventive move Diego de Losada, (founder of Caracas) ordered the mayor of the city, Francisco Infante to undertake Guacaipuro's capture. In 1568 Infante and his men were led by native guides to the hut where Guaicaipuro lived and they set it on fire to force the native cacique out. Guaicaipuro stormed out and found death at the hands of the Spanish soldiers.
The county of Guaicaipuro in the state of Miranda, Venezuela was named in his honor. Later the county reformed to the Guaicaipuro Municipality.
Amidst the new policy started by former president Hugo Chávez of re-assessing and valuing the role of Venezuela's Caciques and indigenous peoples in a historical narrative which has traditionally given greater prominence to the Spanish conquistadores, Guaicaipuro's remains were symbolically moved (his remains have never been found) under ceremonial pomp to the national pantheon on December 8, 2001.
Under the same new policy president Chávez (who was himself a mixed race Amerindian) often mentioned Guaicaipuro and other native chiefs in his speeches with the purpose of inspiring Venezuelans to resist what he called the policies of American imperialists and interventionists directed towards Venezuela. Most notably, he did it every year during the October 12 holiday, which after being renamed several years ago Dia de la Raza (previously America's Discovery Day), was recently renamed as Día de la Resistencia Indígena (Day of Indigenous Resistance)
The Venezuelan government named as Mission Guaicaipuro one of its ongoing Bolivarian Missions; this specific program seeks to restore communal land titles and human rights to Venezuela's, still remaining, 33 indigenous tribes.

                                                   Urquia - wife of Chief Guaicaipuro 

Here are some documentaries President Chavez ordered to be made to educate modern-day Venezuelans about Chief Guaicaipuro - the greatest of all native heroes of Venezuela:
Story of Chief Guaicaipuro part 1
Story of Chief Guaicaipuro part 2
Story of Chief Guaicaipuro part 3
Story of Chief Guaicaipuro part 4
Story of Chief Guaicaipuro part 5

                              Front (above) of Venezuela's $10 bill honoring Chief Guaicaipuro
Back (above) of Venezuela's $10 bill honoring the Harpy Eagle - sacred Bird and messenger of the Great Holy Spirit to the Amerindian Peoples of Central and South America, all decisions taken by President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela..as previous governments of Venezuela thought nothing - and taught nothing about the heroes of their native peoples.. and they certainly never publicly reminded Venezuelan people of the fact that 'this country belongs to the Amerindians' - as Chavez often did.  

The late President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela  

President Chavez (left) in happier days with President Fidel Castro of Cuba (centre) and Amerindian President Evo Morales of Bolivia (right)

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                                           Mt. Roraima

If you pride yourself on being a 'good law abiding citizen' in the sense that you are referring to the laws of mortal men - you render your own self IMPOTENT in being able to help those in desperate need in ANY situation. Let me give you one of my favorite examples from my own life almost 20 years ago that I told my children about:

My now deceased brother-in-law Rami and I were passing by the Amerindian Hostel in Guyana one day, we saw a pregnant young Amerindian lady sitting on a bench in the garden crying, so I told Rami "hey let's go and see what is wrong with her"...so we went and sat next to her.....to make a long story shorter she explained to us that she was an Akawaio from near to Mt. Roraima (Phillipai Village), and that a non-Amerindian Guyanese man had visited her village, seemed like a really nice person, had fooled her and her parents that he wanted to marry her - and took her back to the city with him - where he told them he was going to marry her.
Instead he beat her and forced her to be his concubine, and if his other male friends wanted to have sex with her - she had to allow them to - or he would beat her again...and this girl was a Virgin when she met him and just 16 years old.
She became pregnant and up to this very morning this man had kicked her in her stomach because he did not like the breakfast she made for him this day.
I felt sad and enraged, I began to think about how we could rescue this girl, luckily I had enough cash in my wallet to achieve a plan I hatched in my head after a few minutes, so I asked for her address and told her to have her bags packed and ready to go at 12noon the next day and just go along with whatever I say....and we left her to put my plan together.

I first bought 2 complete Army uniforms on the black market (officially this is a criminal offense), then I typed up a fake Police Search Warrant from a famous International entity complete with a letterhead taken off their website (another criminal offense) and made it in the name of the Akawaio girl 'who was wanted for questioning'. Next day we were ready (as we both were clean shaven with military haircuts at that time), so we dressed up in our uniforms and did two excellent impersonations of military Police (not hard for Rami as he was an ex-Soldier anyway)..I had deliberately chosen 'Military Police' because I know in Guyana that the normal Police have NO authority to arrest any member of the Military, only Military can arrest military, so we would not dare be stopped and checked by the regular Police. We got a taxi and went to her address in a crime ridden area of Georgetown ('a wretched hive of scum and villainy' - as Obi Wan famously said), I told the taxi driver to keep the engine running and wait for us.

I asked for the girl in a commanding voice and her 'man' stepped forward..I held the 'search warrant' in is face to read, he read it and I told him she has to come with us NOW or he would be arrested for 'the obstruction of justice and hampering our investigation' - and his premises would then be searched...he did not want any trouble with the 'law' so he let her leave with us, she had her bag packed and got in our taxi with us quickly, we drove straight to the airport and I had enough money left to buy her a 1 way domestic air ticket back to her village as a flight was leaving later that day. She hugged us and thanked us (and one of her aunts who happened to be on the same flight and had not seen the girl since she left hugged us and thanked us also) - and we left.

We had done what any 'good citizen' who obeys the laws of GOD would do, but things which NO 'good citizen who obeys the laws of men' would have done...so I ask you, what is more important? To obey man or God? A warrior must be ever willing to help those in need no matter what the risks may entail...a coward on the other hand, can avoid any such responsibility and 'play it safe' all the mediocrity-filled days of his life.    

And when I tell people I live an almost James Bond life - they think I am joking.

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8 reasons the New World Order hates Syria, read all 8 of these factual points very carefully, then decide for yourself what the REAL reasons for the 'regime change' agenda in Syria are...

  • 1) Syria’s Central Bank is state-owned & controlled – In other words, it manages its national currency so that it serves the Syrian people and not the Rothschild-controlled global bankers operating from their New York, London, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Basel and Paris hideouts.
    This means that the volume of currency it issues is in proper sync with the true needs of real economy of work, labor, production and all that is useful to Syria’s people, instead of being in sync with parasitic, usurious, speculative foreign financiers. The latter seek to control local central banks so they can artificially limit the volume of currency available for genuine economic needs, especially the no-interest credit needed to finance useful things in the real economy: power plants, roads, gas works, housing, private enterprise and initiatives. This forces productive players – public and private – to have to resort to deadly interest and usury-based private banking loans whereupon the eternal debt chain starts to grow and grow as the so-called ‘sovereign debt crises’ that hit country after country throughout decades of time eloquently show.
    By artificially distorting the volume of ‘public currency’ issued by sovereign central banks that generates no interest, countries are thus forced to resort to high interest bearing ‘private currency’ (loans) handled by the monopolistic private bankster cabal in the hands of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Warburg, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, CitiCorp, JP Morgan Chase interests.
    Clearly, a very good reason for these parasitic banksters to want to take out Syria.
  • 2) Syria has no IMF (International Monetary Fund) debt. This means that Syria’s leadership understands that the IMF – a public multilateral agency of member governments – is controlled by the global mega-bankers, and acts as their auditor and debt collection police whenever one of its weaker member states runs into sovereign debt trouble, which is another way of saying when those countries reach a point where they cannot siphon enough money out of their real economies – the work, toil and labor of its people – to hand it over to the parasitic private global bankers.
    In a sense, the IMF’s real job is to act as the global power elite’s tax office – its ‘IRS’ so to speak – only that it does not tax people directly, but rather through proxy government and nation-states’ tax offices. Are we starting to understand the real roots of the ‘debt crises’ hitting Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Argentina, Spain, Italy, UK, US, Portugal, France?
    Global slavery couldn’t have been better thought out and planned!
    Actually, true Islamic nations rightly reject banking fractional lending and interest practices as being immoral.  That’s what Libya’s Gaddafi did, and what Syria and Iran presently do.
    Clearly, a very good reason for parasitic banksters to want to take out Syria, just as they took out Libya and now target Iran.
  • 3) Syria has banned genetically modified (GMO) seeds – Bashar Assad banned GMO’s in order “to preserve human health,” knowing full well that the Monsantos of this world are out to control the world’s entire food supply, because coming global crises will not only be about oil, but about how much food countries will be able to put on their people’s tables.
    That’s why after invading Iraq, the US ordered that only Monsanto seeds should to be used.  That’s why submissive client states like Argentina are poisoning their own soil and people by bowing down really low to Monsanto’s demands.
    Clearly, a very good reason for Monsanto to want to take out Syria.
  • 4) Syria’s population is well informed about the New World Order – Its media and universities openly debate the global power elite’s influence in things. This means that they fully grasp the fact that real power in the West lies not in the White House, 10 Downing Street, Congress or Parliament, but rather with the complex and powerful grid of elite think-tanks led by New York’s Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Conference, Trilateral Commission, Americas Society, World Economic forum and London’sRoyal Institute of International Affairs, which interact with mega-bankers, media, universities, the military, multinationals and the corporate over-world.
  • 5) Syria has massive oil and gas reserves – here we go again!  Every time the West goes to war to protect “freedom, human rights and democracy,” there’s always the nauseous stench of oil; whether in Iraq, Libya, Kuwait, the Falklands, Afghanistan… Syria has offshore and onshore oil and gas reserves, and is helping to build a massive pipeline together with Iran, but without Western oil giants’ control. Clearly, the full militarization of all oil production and reserve zones, and the militarization of transportation routes to ‘bring oil home’ from everywhere in the world, is a key on-going joint US/UK strategy. Clearly, a very good reason for BP, Exxon, Royal Dutch Shell, Texaco, Total, Repsol and Chevron to want to take out Syria.
  • 6) Syria clearly and unequivocally opposes Zionism and Israel – Israel practices criminal racist apartheid against the occupied Palestinians. Syria’s leadership has no qualms in accusing Israel of being what it is: a racist, imperialist, genocidal entity, as the Wall of Hate Israel erected around Palestine clearly shows. Israel manages what can only be described as an Auschwitz-like mega-concentration camp in Palestine with millions of ill-treated, often-assassinated and humiliated prisoners.
    Such geopolitical clarity of mind was shared by Gadhafi’s Libya and Saddam’s Iraq, and today also by Iran, China, Russia and India.
    Clearly a very good reason for political juggernauts like AIPAC (American-Israeli Public Affairs Committee), the World Jewish Congress, the ADL (Anti-Defamation League), Likud, Kadima and Netanyahu/Lieberman to want to take out Syria.
  •  7) Syria is one of the last secular Muslim states in the Middle East, whilst Zionist Jewish supremacists – in line with born-again-Israel-First-Bushite ‘Christian’ kooks in the West – need for everybody to align to the will of their dark demiurge god which has its own ‘chosen people’.
    The Global Power Elite’s implicit order is clear: everybody must believe in Israeli superiority, whilst Syria, like Saddam’s Iraq, Gaddafi’s Libya and Iran just could not be convinced of that.
  • 8) Syria proudly maintains and protects its political and cultural national identity – she stresses how Syria “holds on to its uniqueness,” whilst respecting the uniqueness of others. The standardized coming world government simply abhors anybody standing up to its imposed standardization of thought, behavior and ‘values’, where the West’s global megabrands, shopping malls, and fashion & style dictatorships“makes every place look pretty much the same, which leads to a very boring world.”

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The plot thickens, Russia has released satellite photos showing the Malaysian airliner being shot down by a fighter jet...these pics don't show if it was a Russian or NATO/Ukrainian fighter jet...but it certainly was NOT a surface to air missile fired by the 'evil Russian rebels' as we were convinced to believe (like how we were convinced that Saddam had 'weapons of Mass destruction')....someone unseen has a higher agenda at play in all of this....we shall see later on - who benefits from it all in the end of the game of charades.

Read entire story on Russian news media here:

Food for thought here:

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WHEN YOU CONSUME POISON IN SMALL REGULAR DOSES - YOU WILL GROW EVER SICKER UNTIL YOU DIE PREMATURELY...but not until after you help to make the Pharmaceutical Industry richer!

"When reading this article remember these additional facts (not covered in the article) - If you look up this drug at http://www.drugs.com/pro/3-nitro.html - this drug has a very scary warning label. It says withdraw 5 days before slaughter ( and who knows if they do or not ), keep out of reach of children, when mixing avoid inhaling dust, avoid contact with skin eyes and clothing, wash hands thoroughly after handling, and now this is the scary part... if swallowed call a physician, poison control center or hospital immediately & Induce vomiting by giving ipecac syrup." (Linda Blais)

Seems this should not be in our Chicken in detectably higher levels in the feathers if it was 'safely removed'... I would imagine by this warning label it has to be BAD for human consumption......and we still are 'perplexed' why cancer rates have risen so sharply over the years and continue to rise....This story runs even deeper; Roxarsone, the chicken feed manufacturer, rapidly pulled its products from the shelves after this study was released. But what is Roxarsone? Roxarsone is a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma LLC. So Pfizer, the big pharmaceutical, has been putting cancer-causing arsenic in chicken feed and into our bodies for DECADES....

Gee I wonder what motive big Pharma - that exists solely to profit on drug sales - would have to make society more sickly? Damn....it's a real mystery to me! No wonder my friend who USED to work in the Poultry Industry in my country told me that he only raises his own chickens at home now - because he 'saw all the crap they put into the factory farm raised chickens'.


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In PRINCIPLE I support Catalonians or ANY other INDIGENOUS ETHNIC GROUP that wants to exercise their god-given birthright to be INDEPENDENT of the RULE of OTHER ETHNIC GROUPS IN THEIR OWN LANDS.....for NO-ONE has the 'right' to  govern any other people IN that people's lands....if those other peoples voluntarily moved into neutral lands where other ethnic groups are also existing - then a multiethnic government is acceptable and logical in THAT specific context (because everyone's voice MUST be heard for equity to exist)......

However, just because an ILLEGAL and IMMORAL colonial or Imperial historical conquest FORCED separate peoples to fall under the rule of ONE dominant ethnic group as is the case in all these Kingdoms (Spain, UK, etc.) or in virtually ALL Political Nation States of the world.....does NOT mean the indigenous peoples who are still living in their ancestral lands and who saw their sovereignty illegally taken from them in the past - should 'accept' the illegal status quo and be contented to be ruled by foreigners in their own lands forever......these foreigners would NOT accept if these indigenous peoples went to their lands and RULED THEM - so why the ass should we accept that your RULE US? Go back and rule your own damned people (in your cities - we don't require you to cross back over the ocean - just to GET OUT of our remaining lands and territories that we have left - that you have not spoiled yet because we are still there to protect them from your insatiable avarice) - we will rule ourselves as we have always done!
I promote peace - but NOT 'peace' delivered via INJUSTICE, as we indigenous peoples of the Americas experience with this fictitious liberty you gave us of living in 'democratic' states where our vote means nothing because we will always be outnumbered and outvoted in YOUR system of government.... so if the ONLY way for an oppressed people to recover their FREEDOM is via struggle, then I accept my role as a warrior of the people and shall fight for that freedom to be restored by any means necessary, whether that be by the handshake or the clenched fist.

This is why ALL over the world we are seeing tribes rise up to reclaim their independence by FORCE, it is very sad to see the bloodshed...but when you are a member of a tribe that has been under the yoke and boot of other peoples in your own lands for years, often decades or centuries - you will seize the first chance to grab back your freedom that comes your way, and if that 'chance' comes by way of your people suddenly becoming powerful by getting your hands on weapons - after being disarmed and powerless for so long....such an occurrence becomes INEVITABLE....for even the Universal Declaration of Human Rights says that armed rebellion against tyranny is a legitimate last resort available to ALL human beings.
Before you get on your cum-bi-ya pacifist high horse and condemn these people for resorting to war, take the time to find out what their grievances were that put them in this state of mind in the first place, from the hypocritical safety of your comfortable living room - you have NO right to tell a man not to pick up a gun to fight the enemies of his people who have been raping, torturing, brutalising and murdering them for YEARS.....a human being can only take so much unjust provocation and victimization before they can take no more and decide to FIGHT BACK!


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By George Dvorsky
An international group of prominent scientists has signed The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in which they are proclaiming their support for the idea that animals are conscious and aware to the degree that humans are — a list of animals that includes all mammals, birds, and even the octopus. But will this make us stop treating these animals in totally inhumane ways?
Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like usEXPAND
While it might not sound like much for scientists to declare that many nonhuman animals possess conscious states, it's the open acknowledgement that's the big news here. The body of scientific evidence is increasingly showing that most animals are conscious in the same way that we are, and it's no longer something we can ignore.
What's also very interesting about the declaration is the group's acknowledgement that consciousness can emerge in those animals that are very much unlike humans, including those that evolved along different evolutionary tracks, namely birds and some cephalopods.
"The absence of a neocortex does not appear to preclude an organism from experiencing affective states," they write, "Convergent evidence indicates that non-human animals have the neuroanatomical, neurochemical, and neurophysiological substrates of conscious states along with the capacity to exhibit intentional behaviors."
Consequently, say the signatories, the scientific evidence is increasingly indicating that humans are not unique in possessing the neurological substrates that generate consciousness.
Prominent scientists sign declaration that animals have conscious awareness, just like usEXPAND
The group consists of cognitive scientists, neuropharmacologists, neurophysiologists, neuroanatomists, and computational neuroscientists — all of whom were attending the Francis Crick Memorial Conference on Consciousness in Human and Non-Human Animals. The declaration was signed in the presence of Stephen Hawking, and included such signatories as Christof Koch, David Edelman, Edward Boyden, Philip Low, Irene Pepperberg, and many more.
The declaration made the following observations:
  • The field of Consciousness research is rapidly evolving. Abundant new techniques and strategies for human and non-human animal research have been developed. Consequently, more data is becoming readily available, and this calls for a periodic reevaluation of previously held preconceptions in this field. Studies of non-human animals have shown that homologous brain circuits correlated with conscious experience and perception can be selectively facilitated and disrupted to assess whether they are in fact necessary for those experiences. Moreover, in humans, new non-invasive techniques are readily available to survey the correlates of consciousness.
  • The neural substrates of emotions do not appear to be confined to cortical structures. In fact, subcortical neural networks aroused during affective states in humans are also critically important for generating emotional behaviors in animals. Artificial arousal of the same brain regions generates corresponding behavior and feeling states in both humans and non-human animals. Wherever in the brain one evokes instinctual emotional behaviors in non-human animals, many of the ensuing behaviors are consistent with experienced feeling states, including those internal states that are rewarding and punishing. Deep brain stimulation of these systems in humans can also generate similar affective states. Systems associated with affect are concentrated in subcortical regions where neural homologies abound. Young human and nonhuman animals without neocortices retain these brain-mind functions. Furthermore, neural circuits supporting behavioral/electrophysiological states of attentiveness, sleep and decision making appear to have arisen in evolution as early as the invertebrate radiation, being evident in insects and cephalopod mollusks (e.g., octopus).
  • Birds appear to offer, in their behavior, neurophysiology, and neuroanatomy a striking case of parallel evolution of consciousness. Evidence of near human-like levels of consciousness has been most dramatically observed in African grey parrots. Mammalian and avian emotional networks and cognitive microcircuitries appear to be far more homologous than previously thought. Moreover, certain species of birds have been found to exhibit neural sleep patterns similar to those of mammals, including REM sleep and, as was demonstrated in zebra finches, neurophysiological patterns, previously thought to require a mammalian neocortex. Magpies in articular have been shown to exhibit striking similarities to humans, great apes, dolphins, and elephants in studies of mirror self-recognition.
  • In humans, the effect of certain hallucinogens appears to be associated with a disruption in cortical feedforward and feedback processing. Pharmacological interventions in non-human animals with compounds known to affect conscious behavior in humans can lead to similar perturbations in behavior in non-human animals. In humans, there is evidence to suggest that awareness is correlated with cortical activity, which does not exclude possible contributions by subcortical or early cortical processing, as in visual awareness. Evidence that human and nonhuman animal emotional feelings arise from homologous subcortical brain networks provide compelling evidence for evolutionarily shared primal affective qualia.

"Once again, what was considered 'superstitious nonsense by 'primitive' indigenous peoples - has only NOW been found to be the actual truth by the 'great' scientific minds of western so-called civilization."

Damon Gerard Corrie



Rebel 'General' Kony of the 'Christian' - 'Lord's Resistance Army' of Northern Uganda (which murders indigenous parents, and abducts their boys to make into his soldiers, and their girls to become his sex slaves). He's about as 'Christian' as ISIS members are 'Muslim'....just ignorant hypocritical savages hiding behind the cover of religion - in both cases!

If the documentary movie below does not hurt your soul - it is because you do not have one, our indigenous brothers & sisters in Africa suffer from the lingering effects of 'imitation European Colonialists' among their own race as well, and Africans in the diaspora need to re-examine how little of their positive indigenous ancestral ways they have left in their hearts and minds - and how much of the former slave master's ways has infected their hearts and minds (like a cancer)....because in the countries of the Americas where the children of Africa rule political nation states - they treat the indigenous landlords of the Americas who's stolen lands they rule (by consent of European Colonialist powers) with a Neo-Colonialist attitude not far removed from the European Colonialist one....and they must realize that this is WRONG....and is a result of their near complete BRAINWASHING by the 'masters' who brought them to the Americas - and who left them to continue the work of 'the physical, mental and spiritual domination of others' that European Colonialists are so expert at achieving. Think I am wrong? How many Diaspora Africans today dress in African attire? 1%? Yet 99% dress like imitation Europeans and laugh at those 1% who in their now brainwashed minds - 'dress like idiots'.
But these same 99% will tell you how 'proud' they are to be 'Africans' (might even be willing to get violent to 'prove' it).....they can't see how far apart what they claim - and what they think & act - truly are.....European colonialists did an EXCELLENT job creating imitations of themselves in ALL races worldwide.   

Damon Gerard Corrie


Dear Sisters and Brothers spread all over Gaia:

I first heard of the Acholi people (and not “tribe”!) in 1991, after I
had bought a CD called “Exile” without knowing (then) the artist
Geoffrey Oryema. Who turned out to be an Acholi, as I read the CD’s
information folder at home, plus an excellent sound wizard (splendidly
supported by another sound wizard on that CD, Brian Eno,

Yesterday I surprisingly got in touch with Acholi culture again.
Through a film which starred some of Geoffrey’s “Exile” music.

The film is called “War Dance”. A 2007 production, directed by Sean
Fine & Andrea Nix Fine. Duration 1h45min.

It is basically a documentary on the contemporary (21st century)
situation of the Acholi people. It is on a war inflicted upon the
Acholi people by cruel criminals (and not “rebels”! and neither
“islamist”!). It is on the miraculous healing power of culture/arts,
song, dance and rhythm in particular.
It is… a film you must not miss!

I have pretty much lost the ability to cry out of emotion somewhere on
the many and diverse paths of my Earth journey. And thus only cutting
onions can cure me for a minute from that insufficiency. Yet, that
very film with real people “playing” themselves got me to the point of
wetting eyes.
It also got me into a state of great happiness.
And it got me to feel a wild desire to kill.
In the first moment to kill the butchering criminals. But with time
and more rational thoughts coming through the thick curtain of wrath
it changed into the wish to take out those who manufacture and/or deal
with arms. (Or hold shares in such business.) And to burn all what’s
theirs. With the cool-headed certainty that by doing so one would be
doing something right and necessary. Just like Georg Elser did in
Munich’s Bürgerbräu in 1939. (And yes: I’m aware that NSA and other
tax-paid assholes are reading what’s not theirs, but I don’t give a
damn and still say what I feel and think!)

If you’re still with me now, reading what I let pour out of me into
the keyboard immediately after the film, let me give you one sentence
spoken by one of the protagonist Acholi children in War Dance:

“I’m so excited to see what peace looks like!”

Damn, a sentence so simple, pure, honest and at the same time deep
like the deepest ocean and so strong like the hardest hitting hammer!
And what must a child have been gone through to pronounce such a

When, already towards the end of the film, this Acholi child and all
his fellow boys and girls were dancing the Bwola (a traditional Acholi
dance) in front of city folk who partly despised them for the pain and
sufferings and slaughtered childhood they had gone through(!!!) I
almost accidentally kicked down the table with the film-showing laptop
on it. Out of exaltation and also due to absolute physical incapacity
to just sit quietly in the face of such a humane positive vibration
and explosion.


Ardaga Widor


Thursday, 6 November 2014


What exactly is this thing we call 'Capitalism', by definition it is:   "an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state."
Sounds reasonable, as I myself am a self-employed entrepreneur that has taken the 'freedom to do business worldwide' to literal levels most others don't, not in the sense that I have become wealthy and built up some corporate 'empire'.....but in the sense that I do not recognise any limitations on me doing business, I work wherever I go - if I feel like it - without any work permit, but my 'work' is a mere matter of getting online (I just need to find an internet cafe or wi-fi signal and my 'office' is open) and matching a buyer for something I have found in some country I am on holiday in, buyer sends me express payment wherever I happen to be at the time, I ship the item/s to the buyer, and I leave and go somewhere else....and repeat the process.

BUT - the problem with just about EVERY other 'capitalist' I have EVER met - is this - they are NEVER satisfied, I never heard one say 'I am making enough money', when I say this they look at ME as though I am crazy? 'Make enough'? What is wrong with you Damon - there is always more you can buy if you make more money! (they say)....and THIS is the CRUX of the matter folks...in 99% of the cases - the FUEL that drives the ENGINE called CAPITALISM is GREED!
Don't get me wrong, I will NEVER support ANY system of government that forbids an individual from conducting a legal and MORAL private business (as just because something is 'legal' does not make it moral.....in some countries a brothel is 'legal' and sex with a girl from age 12 is also 'legal' (In Angola, Niger, Burkina Faso, Japan, South Korea, Argentina)...but I don't think you will oppose me telling you that to have 12 year old prostitutes working for you in your legal brothel is NOT moral at all!).
I am convinced that human beings are greedy creatures if left to their own devices, and so some kind of moral 'policing' is necessary in societies that allow free private enterprise...or we will see all kinds of moral decay ranging from the extreme of 'Animal brothels' as now exist in Denmark (see here http://www.examiner.com/article/popularity-of-animal-brothels-increasing-germany-petitions ) - to a handful of ALREADY filthy rich families (like the owners of Wal-Mart) who will shut down EVERY middle class mum & pop small family business in every town ( http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/brooklyn/study-proves-walmart-super-stores-kill-local-small-businesses-article-1.140129 )- and open their mega-stores with minimum wage jobs creating a virtual 2 class global society of a minority of rich owners - with a majority of minimum wage earning debt slaves 'survival consuming' themselves for their entire 'existence' - while the rich are the only ones enjoying 'life' with the freedom from the daily work grind that the 'workers' they parasitize have to submit to....whether they like it or not.

Such a system could NEVER be the 'will of God' for mankind to live by....what happened to CONTENTMENT, CHARITY, EQUITY, and EMPATHY? How can you spend unnecessary millions on yourself catering to your greedy WANTS - when so many BILLIONS of your fellow human beings (your spiritual brothers and sisters in the eyes of God) are enduring grinding poverty and lack of basic needs?
The OTHER extreme of forcing EVERYONE to be destitute cannot be God's will either! We are supposed to be intelligent beings, why can't we invent a better way after 2 thousand years of 'education' and so-called 'civilization'? Seems obvious to me that I can find MORE examples of FREE and EQUITABLE societies devoid of poverty' (no-one rummages through garbage looking for food in any intact and non-westernised traditionalist indigenous society) and blessed with abundant moral wealth - in the indigenous societies that ALL our ancestors lived by from the previous 200 thousand years! And in ALL indigenous societies individual free enterprise was allowed, the difference is - it was kept at levels of morally acceptable contentment (no big-business 'multi-tribal corporations' owned by one man) that did not negatively impact on any other tribal members.

In every 'successful' capitalist 'Tiger' economy in the developing world - there are now millions MORE 'impoverished' people (who were just 'poor' before)...the socio-economic middle gets smaller with more people being shoved DOWNWARDS - not upwards, with a few new Billionaires vacuuming up the wealth for themselves....is that a successful model in your mind?
                        Not that far from the truth I see in the world today unfortunately