Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I blame organised religion for indoctrinating males globally with the false impression that 'God' gave them a right to 'rule' over females, for the 'great' three monotheistic faiths ALL have doctrines in them that give men de-facto authority OVER matter how hard the devotees of these faiths will argue with me about how 'women are equal' or 'women have more rights' than men (the most absurd defensive claim of all) - the FACT remains that they still adamantly maintain that the MAN is the HEAD of the home (why not preach the Mother & Father are the heads of the home and are life partners with responsibility for maintaining a harmonious home and natural environment around them?).

Some religions tell women what they are to wear, what kinds of authority they can hold, where they can & cannot physically go, who they can and cannot speak to, where they have to sit in places of worship, when they are 'spiritually unclean' from a natural biological function etc, can ANYONE think that this is 'divine ordained equality'?   Only a devoted 'control freak' could ignore such blatant INEQUALITY and still argue about the 'perfection' of their faith....perfect for men who want to control women (and men who want to control entire societies)   - yes indeed!
We see the devastation of the natural world - but we don't see how organised religion is culpable in it....does not your organised religion teach you that 'man is superior to animals' (therefore if I am superior to something - it tends to make me believe that my life is worth more than theirs - so too bad if my 'wants' result in the elimination of their 'needs' and leads to their extinction), and does your organised religion not ALSO teach you that 'God' (or some idiot pretending to be the voice of God I suspect) - told man to 'Go forth and conquer and subdue nature' ..therefore if man in his 'greatness' needs to destroy the natural world to sustain his 'great technological civilization' - then that is Ok according to your (idiot) 'God'.
It is MORE logical to see that any TRUE spirituality (and 'spirituality' is NOT synonymous with 'religion' - for we are born with spirituality - but we are indoctrinated into religion) - would teach us that we are PART of the natural world (not 'superior' to the rest of it OR each other for that matter...a real God would have NO 'favourite' or 'chosen' people...that is a very egocentric and UN-godly human false belief) with no more 'right' to exist than any other life form (and certainly with NO right to dispossess other humans who we find living somewhere already when we arrive in THEIR lands ....with a man-written book and the crap excuse that 'God' gave us your land' your Idiot God a liar and a thief too? No fool, you TOOK their land...a just and loving and fatherly creator/God would not and did not 'give' it to you - because it ALREADY belonged to his OTHER children).

Any TRUE spirituality teaches us that we should - since we are more capable than other life forms for this purpose - think and act as CUSTODIANS (not 'Conquerors') of the Earth....on behalf of the Great mystery than binds the entire Universe together....and for Gods sake - see EVERY other human being as our spiritual brothers and sisters, not any 'better' or any 'worse' than ourselves!

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