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I must admit, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Irene Bedard's acting skills, because in every role I watched her play, I believed her.....and it is that 'convincing ability' that determines a 'great actor/actress' in my opinion.
I was shocked - but pleasantly surprised to finally meet her in person at the first ever United Nations World Conference on Indigenous People's - held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City; from 22-23rd September 2014 (where I was representing my own Lokono-Arawak People)....and then meet her again at two subsequent occasions over the course of the following 2 days.

I must admit, I was half hesitant to even try to get to know her - even a little (hell I was even hesitant to publish this, but I feel I must bare my soul and not keep my thoughts bottled-up any longer)... yes - Irene IS a petite drop-dead gorgeous lady, and any man would be a fool not to thank the Creator for the fortune and blessing of being able to share a lifetime and create a happy family with her....and connect to her and with her - on all levels possible... and treat her with the dignity, respect, and love she deserves - as his Queen and soul mate.  
I say 'half-hesitant', because I had put her on a pedestal in my mind for so many years, over two decades to be exact, and we all hear the rumors of how celebrities can be so high up on their own high horse - that we would not be considered worthy to polish it's hooves for them....and the thought of this beautiful image I have cherished in my mind for so many years - of this beautiful lady - falling to pieces by a disappointing actual encounter...was something I felt a great deal of trepidation over.  
However, I was relieved to find out that Irene is NOT like that at all, she is in fact the exact opposite, truly down-to-earth, full of wisdom, full of understanding of spiritual matters, and most importantly - full of love.
I did not have a whirlwind romance with her or anything like that (not outside my imagination anyway), but being the type of person who wears my own heart on my sleeve, I picked up subtle impressions and 'vibes' from her, just by being near her, by letting her words caress my ears and her eyes penetrate my soul.
I sense that Irene has a good heart of a true human being, one that far outweighs her body in it's 'infinite love' size, and perhaps I sensed too, that like me,..she can be in a crowded room - and yet feel so very alone.
But more importantly, I sensed a soul that only wished to receive the kind of deep love that it gives to others, to be able to connect so completely and so beautifully....intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to the one......the one that we all seek, but is so hard to find in this world, but - once found... is more precious than anything else....and we must not let it slip through our fingers.

There are so many questions I would have liked to ask, so much I feel I could have learned from listening to her - just a bit more, to bathe in her aura of positivity for just a while longer....maybe the Creator will allow our paths to cross again once more in this life... perhaps not until the next one.... for a caged bird can only dream of it's freedom, but when it comes - that bird's spirit shall soar higher than an Eagle flying towards the Sun.

Until then,  I have these photos and memories to bring me everlasting happiness of precious times near and dear to my tortured soul.

Irene Bedard

Awards and nominations 

1995Golden GlobeBest Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TVLakota Woman: Siege at Wounded KneeNominated
Western Heritage AwardsBronze Wrangler - Television Feature FilmWon
1999Two for TexasWon
2004American Indian LA Film and TV AwardsBest Lead Actress in a Feature FilmGreasewood FlatWon
2006NAMIC Vision AwardsBest Dramatic PerformanceInto The WestWon
Western Heritage AwardsBronze Wrangler - Television Feature FilmWon


1994Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded KneeMary Crow DogTV movie
Squanto: A Warrior's TaleNakooma
1995The MarshalMelissa Carey1 episode: "Twoslip"
1996Grand AvenueReynaTV movies
Crazy HorseBlack Buffalo Woman
Adventures from the Book of VirtuesMorning Light and Sharp Eyes / Chief's Daughter(voice); 2 episodes: "Honesty" and "Perseverance"
The Real Adventures of Jonny QuestAlice Starseer2 episodes: "Return of the Anasazi"; "Trouble on the Colorado"
Navajo BluesAudrey Wyako
1997Song of HiawathaMinnehaha
ProfilerMaddy Duvall1 episode: "The Sorceror's Apprentice"
Det store flipOglalaAKA, Wild Flowers
True WomenTobeTV movie
19986/29Laura Cooper
Naturally NativeTanya Lewis
Smoke SignalsSuzy Song
Two for TexasSanaTV movie
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New WorldPocahontasDirect-to-video; (voice)
12 BucksBabe
1999Blood MoneyNaomi ListerTV movie
Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers ChroniclesGeneral Miriam Redwing(voice); 4 episodes (1999–2001)
The Lost ChildGraceTV movie
2001Your GuardianKatherine 'Kat' Damon
The Outer LimitsCallie Whitehorse Landau1 episode: "In the Blood"
The AgencyDiah Siagian1 episode: "The Year of Living Dangerously"
Greasewood FlatAbbey
Edge of AmericaAnnie ShortyTV movie
2004What's New, Scooby-Doo?Cody Long(voice); 1 episode: "New Mexico, Old Monster"
2005Planting MelvinBillie Lawrence
Higglytown HeroesForest Ranger Hero(voice); 1 episode: "Fran Takes a Hike/Mystery at Kip's House"
Into the WestMargaret Light Shines3 episodes: "Hell on Wheels"; "Casualties of War"; "Ghost Dance"
Miracle at Sage CreekSunny
Love's Long JourneyMiriam Red Hawk McClainTV movie
The New WorldPocahontas's Mother (Nonoma)
2007Cosmic RadioK.C.
Tortilla HeavenLiberata
The Red ChalkEve
2008Turok: Son of StoneCatori(voice); Direct-to-video
The Spectacular Spider-ManJean DeWolff(voice); 4 episodes (2008–2009)
2012Young Justice: InvasionShelly Longshadow(voice); 1 episode

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