Saturday, 11 October 2014


NOTHING good comes WITHOUT some SACRIFICE (and I don't mean slitting a sheep or chicken's throat over an altar or any other such 'Karmic non-sense' don't reap good karma by murdering a terrified other living being at your mercy that just wants to live the same as you do, that was the belief of some of the 'Great Fools of old' that have nothing to do with YOU ...don't follow their ignorant example). Pay attention only to the Great wise ones of old, they only spoke to us of that which is from the love and light.
If you truly want to evolve to a higher state of personal spiritual consciousness (which means you are already facing the right direction by recognizing that you need something MORE than your current malaise of spiritual self-retardation) - you must examine EVERY SINGLE THING in your life, what do you like to eat? What do you like to drink? What do you like to read? What do you like to watch? What do you like to talk about? What do you like to think about? Where do you like to go? BE CAREFUL...What you 'enjoy' or 'like' to do - you might in fact be 'addicted' to (if you do not want to stop doing something - then you are addicted to it, better to be addicted to something positive than something negative my friend). Because - EVERYTHING HAS POWER - either for our good or ill.

I tell you solemnly - a person who LIKES/ENJOYS (to the degree of being 'addicted') to eat unhealthy food, consume unhealthy drinks, read scandals and dirt about other people, watch pornography and/or graphic scenes of death and destruction of other living beings, physically hurt other living things, gossip about - and slander other people, and fantasize/wish for/about misfortune happening to other people whom you are jealous of (but who never literally did anything to you), and to frequent brothels and strip clubs where human beings are reduced to commodities for our personal lust and physical pleasure.....WITH NO INTENTION OF STOPPING OR CURTAILING ANY OF THESE SELF-DESTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIES - cannot and will not EVER reach any higher state of personal spiritual consciousness....though you might fool yourself (all the way to your pre-mature grave) that you can/have/will attain it.
The Creator does not give a 'free-pass' to anyone, 'knock and the door will be opened to you (not FOR you)', 'seek and you shall find' (it will not be given to you without the effort being first made on your part to earn the right to have it), a sincere effort on our part is required ('God helps those who first help themselves')...neither I nor anyone else can 'heal' you...only YOU can heal yourself....all others can do is try to teach you the best practices they have successfully employed in their own lives, but it is completely up to YOU to put them into practice in your own life (you can take a horse to the river, but you cannot make it drink the water if it is determined NOT to).
When I embarked on the red road to help myself, I decided to be open and willing to help others achieve the same progression, whether those 'others' were inside my biological micro family - or inside my spiritual macro family (this includes every living being on every plane of existence).
Many obtain temporary relief (only by implementing the lessons shared and advice given can YOU make the relief you just experienced permanent), but then backslide into old self-destructive habits. This is true even in the limited realm of 'modern medicine'....if a Doctor puts you though drug addiction rehab and you emerge clean....then the minute you walk out of the rehab center you go around the corner and head straight back into the crack house and take a 'hit' ....who is to blame for you not remaining clean? The Doctor? Or You?
The Universe does not OWE you a free pass in this (or any other) life my friend, STOP blaming everyone else in your life for your current negative condition, and instead START re-examining your own self, take RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN ACTIONS....(even if you have been wronged by others all your life - by giving in to despair you only doom and consign your own self to a life of CONTINUED turmoil and torment) and make ALL the changes necessary for your own physical, mental & spiritual improvement and well-being....remember - every time you point an  accusing finger at someone else, 3 of your own fingers point right back at you.
"If you want to receive something positive - you must release something negative, the more positive you want to receive - the more negative you must release. You cannot put out negativity and expect positive to return to you (for we shall reap as we have sown, can you plant apple seeds and later harvest plums from those same trees?)

A great teacher once said "The good path is hard and narrow - and FEW can bear to walk it"... but those who do will receive rewards far greater than anything money can buy - or they ever thought was 'humanly possible'. I can't tell you what is possible for me to achieve today, that just one year ago I thought was 'beyond logical possibility'...but I can tell you - you will NEVER achieve any of this from ANY religion (you can only obtain crumbs of insight from the 'sleeping rooms of fear-driven mass control' you will find there, only by re-awakening your Creator given birthright of spirituality can you unleash your full conscious awareness and divine potential) ...but again, you can only find out for yourself, by committing to adhere to the advice given (and it NEVER genuinely comes from anyone who charges you money for it - you remember that!) - just as I did & still do myself, don't think that you could or will ever achieve 'perfection' whilst still in this physical life - for that is a total impossibility, we will all have flaws till the day we physically die.....physical bodies are by their very nature 'flawed constructs'.....but whether you continue to exist in pure conscious energy form after the changing of worlds WITH or WITHOUT these flaws - is entirely up to you - and the choices and actions YOU take in your life right NOW.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I am not saying I am enlightened, I am only saying I am a bit more enlightened now than I was 1 year ago (the process will continue - it never ends unless we want it to), and I am the kind of person that believes it is better to bring others along with me towards sharing in a good thing, than to leave them behind and try to keep it all to myself.

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