Friday, 10 October 2014


There is something that the average person does on FB that is indicative of a need for that person to grow more in their conscious spiritual development, ALL the sages/wise men & women of old told us to 'think before we speak or act'...everything we do has power, and we should be cognizant that our 'personal space' should not intrude on the personal space of others without being invited by said others to do so.
Take this scenario for example, person X wakes up full of joy today and posts 'the ocean is so blue and beautiful  ' ....and YOU see their comment and decide to comment under this persons expression of joy: "Actually the Ocean is NOT blue - it is only the reflection of the sky in the water" was that really necessary?
All you have done - despite thinking to yourself that you just 'educated' the person you commented under (and maybe 'impressed' others with your 'scientific intellect') as to the 'real facts' insert an unpleasant vibration into their initial expression in word of a visually inspired happy vibration of energy they decided to share (in the spirit of love and light) with everyone else!
Please people, if you have nothing to ADD to the happiness of others - then at least refrain from SUBTRACTING from it! You certainly DO have a right to disagree or believe whatever you desire to in your own personal space, but you do NOT have a right to insert you disagreement where your opinion was never solicited nor matter how well intentioned you may consider yourself to be.
Do as I do (for I used to be one of those 'argumentative-got-to-share-my-opposing-view-here, there and everywhere' types), but in the course of self development in matters of spiritual consciousness - I learned how I was having a NEGATIVE ripple effect on the emotions of others who do NOT enjoy it when people 'rain on their parade'....we each have our own PERSONAL spaces to say and do as we see fit, safely out of the realm of infringing on the emotionally positive vibrations of others.
All for your information and guidance 
Just because I clicked someone as a FB friend does NOT mean I am saying I welcome their public divergent views on MY FB wall, my FB wall is still a 'private' space accessible only to my 'friends' is my FB a 'public' is a private space that my 'friends' have the privilege to access - just as I consider that I too have been granted a 'privilege' to access theirs...I am old fashioned enough in the schooling of 'reciprocity' and 'etiquette' by my old parents (who sat me down and explained how it was likely to do more harm than good - leaving the recipient in a NOT so blissful state as when they said that positive thing that they did in the first place...hence the 'raining on their parade' analogy) to NOT post opposing or 'corrective' opinions on my 'friends' walls, I have my own FB space to do so to my hearts content, without risking the spreading negative emotional vibes in public disagreements with other people for others to see (if I feel so strongly about an opinion expressed - as a friend I will message that person PRIVATELY to let them know how I feel....but I certainly do not 'assume' that because I may personally like to volunteer MY opinion publicly to all and sundry (this is what a blog is good for - and why I have one) - that every recipient is going to delight in me contradicting what they are saying). 

Indeed no man is an island, this is why the feelings of others in their own comfort zones - must be a constant consideration (even if we never heard of the ages old advice of 'treat others as you would wish them to treat you...erego I do NOT do this to other people....even though this basic fact is overlooked by those who habitually do this to me) when tempted to respond semi-publicly (on a friends private FB accessible to 'friends' only) some people may view your public divergent views as more of an 'I want an audience to read this soft core drama' more-so than "Hey, so and so is just trying to offer me a different perspective for my own consideration" - as I only believe THAT to be the intent - when 'so and so' delivers their perspective to me in PRIVATE......for every argument begins at the conjunction of two divergent views. 

We can become petulant and 'wrong and strong' and simply say 'Ok then well I will never comment on that persons FB again" (as a minority do), or one could say, "I do not 'have' to post my unsolicited divergent views on others peoples spaces..I accept that it is just something I 'want' to do....and therefore - in this person's case (who obviously does NOT appreciate it) I will simply refrain from doing so...after all - he/she does not do it to me - so he/she does have a point about reciprocal etiquette". It never ceases to amaze me at how many human beings seem unable to comprehend such a simple and basic matter. 

I don't know very many people who 'can't wait to post something on their FB and have others disagree with it', it is like the fact that EVERY parent thinks their child is handsome/ you the child might be ugly as hell....but you would not normally post under that parents caption of their 'Handsome stud of a son' or 'Drop-dead Gorgeous daughter" - a comment like: "Not in my opinion!"... would you? Why not? It is your 'exercising your right of free speech' (which you should 'exercise' responsibly - not in wanton ignorance), ...and you MIGHT even find the rare parent who welcomes your divergent honest opinion of their child's features and achieves personal growth by having to face the reality that their child is actually NOT visually attractive looking to most other human beings at all...but I think more than likely - you will only insert a negative vibe into that person's happy comment by doing so...and in your heart of hearts - you know that to do so would NOT be a 'good' thing to do to someone's else. What is so 'vexing' about anything I have said above that it is so unconscionable for YOU to put into practice?

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