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CONGRATULATIONS TO AMERINDIAN PRESIDENT EVO MORALES AYMA - WHO WON FREE AND FAIR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN BOLIVIA FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW! I salute the ONLY LEGITIMATE President of the Western Hemisphere in MY opinion (for he is the only indigenous person of the Americas to rule a politically independent and sovereign geographical territory of INDIGENOUS lands ONCE AGAIN....everywhere else is still ruled by Colonists, Neo-colonist and the non-indigenous beneficiaries of the Old World invasion and on-going attempted conquest of the New World that began in 1492. The biggest EVER Economic boom in Bolivia has occurred under this 'just a lowly Indian nobody' as his Spaniard descendant political opponents described him when he first ran for the Presidency (and defeated them soundly....3 times in a row now too lol).

It is ALSO important to note that the first act President Morales did when he won the Presidency of Bolivia - was to CUT his own salary - and the salaries of ALL government Ministers in half! Saying "We cannot afford to waste such sums of money on ourselves - when we have so many poor people in our country" will NEVER see a western leader do that! Money is too important to the calibre of slick talking political non-indigenous yard fowls we vote for...they will take and keep (or try to INCREASE) every dollar they can get out of the taxpayers!  A true native had to show them how to govern a country better.    

Me at top left with famous Canadian Cree leader Ron Lameman next to me (in between us is Minister Jaime Zalles) - in a souvenir shot of the 9 Ministers, Senators and other officials of the Bolivian Government; a special moment for me as never before had so many members of a Government anywhere ever been so interested in meeting us and hearing what we had to say - and this was the first of TWO private meetings they invited us to.

Me at far left shaking hands with Bolivia's OAS Ambassador Reynaldo Cuadros as we hand over gifts for President Evo Morales Ayma; the woodcarving at centre was done by my Lokono-Arawak brother-in-law & master woodcarver Foster Simon (my wife's second eldest brother), next to Ambassador Cuadros is Stuart Jamieson - a Chief of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy of North America and Ron Lameman - a leader of the Cree Nation of Canada and veteran of over 20 years fighting for Amerindian rights in the United Nations.

View outside our car window as we were driven around La Paz, Bolivia. April 2007. It felt wonderful to see Amerindian security forces escort Amerindian ambassadors and activists around a country run by an Amerindian President....we dream of democratically liberating more of our occupied lands so that this is replicated as far and wide as possible in OUR Hemisphere.

An Amerindian traffic cop in Bolivia, it felt great to see a Police Force, Army and Air Force of pure Amerindians - for once in this Hemisphere in my lifetime. Normally the 'Security Forces' of the countries of the Americas are comprised predominantly of others who wear the uniforms and tote the guns - and treat us like shit in our OWN lands (where they remain as uninvited usurpers and 'overlords', here in Bolivia - the civil and military power is ALL in our hands for a change....or should I say ONCE AGAIN. 

           Me (centre) at the Presidential Palace in La Paz Bolivia to witness the Nationalization of the Gas Industry

My 2007 visit to Bolivia described below in a news article I sent that night:

"On Monday April 23rd 2007 at 10pm - at the Presidential Palace in La Paz Bolivia, President
Evo Morales Ayma signed into law the Nationalization of the Oil and Gas Industry of Bolivia;
one of the largest reserves in the world. On hand as invited guests to witness the historic
event were the Ministers of the Bolivian Government, the top brass of the Bolivian Armed
Forces, members of the Indigenous Caucus of the Organization of American States, and
several hundred citizens of Bolivia.

President Morales is the first Indigenous Amerindian Head of State in the Americas in almost
five centuries of European colonization and domination of the Western Hemisphere, and he
gave a spontaneous & moving speech in Spanish - interrupted regularly by wild applause -
explaining the reasons for his move and the truly criminal discrepancy that previously existed
between what the powerful multinational leeches were extracting out of the country as
compared to the pittance they were paying the Bolivian people - 85% of whom still live in
poverty due to such unbridled capitalism¨.

Afterwards the President personally greeted all the members of the Caucus and we were
availed the opportunity to have our photos taken with him. Every country in Latin America was
represented in the audience and the Indigenous Caucus, I was the only Caribbean person
present at this historic event - and as a Barbados born person of Guyanese Arawak descent it
was a great honour to be in the ancient ancestral birthplace of my people, to stand in
solidarity with my Bolivian bothers and sisters, and witness our President in action.
40 years after the great revolutionary fighter Ernesto Che Guevara was murdered by the
American Central Intelligence Agency in Bolivia trying to liberate the oppressed Indian
masses, the Indian Peoples of Bolivia finally have a government of their own that is delivering
equality, justice and true freedom under Indigenous Socialism - without the misguided
Marxist-Leninist Atheism that was Che's downfall - to the long suffering Indian majority of this
beautiful country."

President Morales mingling with us invited indigenous leaders and activists from around the Hemisphere.
Aucan Wilkoman (a Mapuche) from Chile to the right of President Morales, a Quechua lady elder from Peru at left - at far left is my co-worker Armand McKenzie (Cree) from Canada, Armand is an Indigenous Rights Lawyer with many years experience under his belt (14 to be exact).

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