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Look carefully, a European spirit is moving from East to West across the Americas, European settlers with guns and tools follow in her wake, indigenous peoples and wild animals flee before her, in her hand she carries a book - it is called 'School Book', and on her forehead she wears a star - long a symbol of EMPIRE....can you put the pieces of the puzzle together now? Did you WAKE UP as yet?

If YOU were as truly 'intelligent and highly educated' as you THINK you are, you would be able to see that EVERYTHING in 'this documentary is the whole truth and nothing but the truth - so help us God'. 
It is very RARE for someone to come out the Tertiary end of this 'educational system' and NOT feel that their ancient spirituality and traditional way of life is 'inferior' to the one the Europeans promote, that was the whole purpose - to KILL your indigenous spirituality - and replace it with your brainwashed devotion to THEIR will even turn AGAINST your OWN people - in the name of your blasted religion....all the knowledge and skills you have spent years acquiring - has made you more of a TRAITOR to your own indigenous identity than anything else.....very few can keep the ancient flame of the ancestors proudly burning brightly in their hearts and minds throughout this process of assimilation you call 'formal education'.  

 If you wanted to change an ancient culture in a generation, how would you do it? You would change the way it educates its children.

Yes - we gained a lot of information, but is it really worth it - to 'gain the whole world of knowledge, but lose our own soul and spirituality as indigenous peoples?'

Europeans LOST their indigenous individual spirituality first - and replaced it with ORGANISED RELIGION (now increasingly Aetheism), do we really want to follow such an example as a 'role model' to raise our children by? 

An Indigenous child raised ONLY with a western education LITERALLY CANNOT EXIST in a traditional society, that child can ONLY function in an urban non traditional society, so he/she becomes USELESS to their own people - but a USEFUL TOOL for non-indigenous people to USE to enrich remember that! 

The U.S. Government knew this in the 19th century when it forced Native American children into government boarding schools. Today, volunteers build schools in traditional societies around the world, convinced that school is the only way to a 'better' life for indigenous children. But is this true? What really happens when we replace a traditional culture's way of learning and understanding the world with our own? SCHOOLING THE WORLD takes a challenging, sometimes funny, ultimately deeply disturbing look at the effects of modern education on the world's last sustainable indigenous cultures.
I shall let this short clip - and the movie you can access here:

It may be the MOST important documentary you EVER watch, teach YOUR children the TRUTH you learn here!


In a few days Brazil’s voters are going to elect the president for the next four years. But nothing substantial will change, independent of the outcome. Especially concerning the trampled human and special rights of our First Nations. They are considered by the strongest lobbies as “in the way of progress” and an “anachronistic leftover”. And therefore constantly disrespected, brutalized and massacred by all those who hold economic a/o political power in our country. This report is about a First Nation in the state of Ceará that still struggles for official recognition from Brazil’s federal Ministry of Justice. While invaders and other criminals take advantage of the chronic inertia in that ministry when it comes to (trampled) Indigenous Rights.


You live upon the land where you were born, where your parents, your grandparents and great-grandparents were born before you and then buried and now continue to live on as light and guiding spirits who are invoked and honored in special ceremonies. 
It is the land that is like a Great Mother to you and your sisters and brothers and has been the same to all ancestors too. Because it is where your roots are and it is your daily source of physical and spiritual life. 
It is the land where you hunt in the various woods and pick the wild fruits and natural herbs. It is the land where you plant manioc and corn and beans and squash. It is the land of which you take the clay to build your home and craft your utensils. It is the land where you take the natural materials to make your tools and jewelry. Since all memorable time. 
And through this Motherland flows a river. The aorta of it all. Where water is clear and good for drinking. Where you and your brethren go fishing and bathing. Where you fetch the water you need for your cultivations and herbs next to your house. And it is also where children go to play mostly and where Good Spirits love to hang out and watch over the entire community and the Land. 

One day unknown people begin to arrive and build houses and erect fences and start to clear all the forests by using heavy machinery on this Motherland of yours and the generations before you. 
First you are confused, shocked and paralyzed, can’t understand why this is going on. 
Then you approach these invaders and ask them what they are doing. And they tell you that they are the rightful owners of your Motherland. That they have the land title on official paper and that you have to leave. 

But you do not have any other place to go. Because the same kind of people who are now annexing and modifying your land in the Ibiapaba Mountains in Western Ceará, which in this region is the highest, over 1,000m above sea level, and thus the most difficult to access, have already occupied all other, lower lands that you either know or have heard of. 
So you tell them. And you tell them too that this land is your Motherland. Since uncounted generations. But the invaders only laugh or, if you dare to insist a little too strong, give you a smack or send gunmen into your house and have you either run or die. 

You and your brethren start to become hungry and thirsty. Since you are not allowed to plant anything anymore. You are fenced out of your own land, and the game has all gone after the invaders have killed it off and illegally but profitably cleared all the woods. You are not allowed to go to the river or the lake anymore. You are not allowed to walk the paths your great-grandfathers have opened. Since the invaders say it all belongs to them. And they are guarding access with armed sentinels. 

Then the invaders make you offers. Offers “of employment”, as they put it. If you wish to plant you can do so on parcels of (your stolen and now occupied) land. But you have to sign a contract. That you have to plant the kind of crops and the way the invaders want it and with 50% of all you achieve going straight into the hands of the new “owners” for “land rent”. That or, instead, work for a day’s wage of three dollars. (In a country where a pound of rice costs a dollar and the cheapest pair of flip-flops three dollars fifty.) 

So there you are. Working hard from sun-up to sun-down. On your stolen Motherland planting for the people who robbed you and in the middle of pesticides in order to fulfill your contract. But however hard you work it seems you never get something out of it. That the half of the invaders is always a lot bigger than yours. Or that the three dollars don’t make it for food on every child’s plate of your family. Since you have “to pay” for the pesticides and “rent” the tools. Yet headaches and other ills you do get plenty. So do your elder children who you took out of school so they can contribute on the fields to the (slave-) family income. And whenever you dare to question something they’ll pay you with plenty of brutality. 

And this is where you are now. Shortly after the turn of the century. From 20th to 21st. 

Your Motherland almost completely occupied and devastated by the invaders’ sugar cane monoculture mainly for fuel production and poison-rich sweet potatoes and tomatoes a few feet from your backyard, if not invading it at all. You doing slave-work and not getting out of it enough to survive on the little junk food you’re forced to buy now from the very same people who took everything from you and exploit you and your children. 

You and your people are down on the ground. Having lost everything in a time span of less than a decade, after the invaders had started their well-organized invasion-occupation. 

But one man doesn’t give up. He continues to resist in his thought world, keeping alive the dream of liberating the land and the people and get back to the kind of simple and harmonious community life bound into the territory’s nature you and your people have lived for countless generations before. The man is the Chief Chico Paizé. 

Chief Chico Paizé knows that the way how things are now isn’t right. And he believes that somewhere and somehow justice can and must be found. And he does what he can. To convince his people to not give in. To not accept the new situation as fatal and unchangeable. To keep up the spirit of resistance instead. To hold together. And who, although illiterate and inexperienced in such environments, starts to look for help with other more emancipated First Nation chiefs in unknown far away areas and people and organizations friendly to the Indigenous Cause and who, last not least, dares to go to the next towns, São Benedito and Carnaubal mainly, in order to inform the authorities of what has been going on upon his people´s traditional land. 

The authorities, yet, are not very helpful. Rather the contrary. Allied with the invaders, often from the very same towns (and families). But then, and after many threats against his life an official document from the year 1888 is found in the city archives of Viçosa do Ceará, some 100 kms north of the Tapuya Kariri’s Motherland. 
A document that proves the historical existence and the land right of the Tapuya Kariri People and that thus proves reciprocally the “land titles” of the invaders a fake. 

So this is the happy end of the nightmare and everything is solved and dealt with like it is done in countries which are constitutionally ornamented with the additions “democratic” and “rule of law”. Right? 

Wrong! At least in Brazil. And most definitely wrong when the rightful owners are Native First Nation. 

Because this story is not a fairy tale. It is a real story. And it neither is a tale of remote historical times. It is a contemporary, 21st century story. Taking place in post-dictatorial Brazil for the last two decades or so. 

And today, in 2014, after Chief Chico Paizé has passed away, it are other leaders who have taken the front stand of the brave struggle of the Tapuya Kariri people for the recovery of their Motherland and the integrity of their basic human and special indigenous rights. (The respective international charters were all signed by Brazil’s leaders, yet not even the so-called Ministry of Justice nor the Federal Police, obey the laws when it comes to First Nations rights.) 

A country that has managed to become the sixth economy of the world continues to be one of the worst countries (not alone) for Native First Nations. With its oligarchies’ historical dislike and distrust of forests (the home of the Natives-turned-slaves), its structural inequality and violence, its thought-slaughtering schools, its institutionalized racism and all-penetrating corruption and last not least its leaders predilection for agribusiness. Brazil, apart from its constitutional nicknames “democratic” and “rule of law” (“Estado Democrático de Direito”) is an electorate feudal system of to-the-bone rotten and all-controlling oligarchies which have made their fortunes with big-scale land robbery and slave labor and/or environmental destruction. That is the one and only core line from the first anchor of Portuguese seafarer Cabral in 1500 to today, more than fourteen years into the 21st century. 

And nobody knows that better than the First Nations still, and against all odds and “development plans”, around. After 514 years of continuous genocidal efforts by the historical invaders and their contemporary offspring turned “elites”. 

Ever since the Tapuya Kariri’s land title of 1888 was found they have been claiming official recognition as an Indigenous People of this northeastern region of Brazil and an up-dated official land title of their ancestral territory as an unsellable Indigenous Territory in the possession of the Federation. (In Brazil so-called Indigenous Territories are constitutionally not in the possession of the First Nations but owned by the Federation and supervised by the federal Ministry of Justice and its respective organs. In theory that is!) 

If Brazilian authorities and governments (and lobby shadow governments) would function and work by the law everything would indeed be settled already for many years. Yet the appearance of the land title from 1888 and the obvious invasion of third parties on the “basis” of fake land titles (so-called “grileiros”, a thing so common in Brazil that we even have a proper name for such chronic and endemic proceeding) haven’t changed anything until now, September 2014, when I arrived and learned about the real situation in loco. 

Quite the contrary. The invasions continue. And the long-time invaders continue to modify evermore the occupied Indigenous land. And the new invasions are not “only” carried out by private criminals anymore. Now it is even municipalities invading and constructing on Indigenous Land. One dares to affirm that General Custer would love to be reborn in 21st century Brazil where anything illegal against First Nations and the miserable in general goes! 

And since the Tapuya Kariri are becoming more “rebellious” the “punishments” are on the rise too. 

Only a few weeks before I arrived one of the invader landlords [whose real name none of the Tapuya Kariri could specify], a notoriously violent one who among other niceties either orders elderly women to be beaten up or does it himself whenever the women dare to look for firewood on “his” lands (which reach almost into the houses of the Tapuya Kariri people), had his bulldozers destroy the small ritual caves that have been serving the Native People for their religious ceremonies throughout time. As a “warning measure”. It is just like burning down synagogues of unworthy Jewish life. 

Also they have managed to dry out the river that has crossed the Motherland of the Tapuya Kariri. While I was there I saw their well-succeeded efforts. They drill into the riverbed (which is just one more among so many ecological crimes the invaders commit without any trouble with the Brazilian “legal system”) a few hundred yards from the river’s source with heavy machinery in order to make sure the water solely serves their toxic agribusiness enterprises and have the entire First Nation condemned to depend on captured rain water for immediate survival. 

Also it is a “normal” night by night occurrence that those Kapuya Kariri families who lead the struggle for the recovery of their land and insist in their Indigenous Nationhood are deprived of their sleep throughout all night by paid sound terrorists. Who either park their car turned into a sound system next to the houses of these families or endlessly drive up and down through the village as a form of community punishment. (I witnessed the Tapuya Kariri call the police in São Benedito. I heard a policeman say that they were going to send in police. Nothing ever happened.) One can easily imagine the impact on the health of especially the elders. And what’s most disturbing and sad: some of the acculturated “assimilated” (bribed) Tapuka Kariri have started to do likewise. 

The objective is clear: Either you “give up” being Native First Nation and integrate (= subordinate) as ordinary Brazilian (slave) laborer or you will have to leave. One or another way. (Already today almost half of all Indigenous People in Brazil dwell in shanty towns of the big cities.) 

“Rule of Law”? 
Media (outcries)? 

Forget it! 

IF there is any chance for the Tapuya Kariri to finally get justice and their rights and land (back), than only and exclusively through strong OUTSIDE pressure supporting their uphill struggle. 

And that is exactly what is needed! What ALL Native First Nations (caught) in Brazil in fact need urgently: YOUR help. YOUR pressure. BEFORE there is no one left to tell you these REAL stories anymore. 

Please: IDLE NO MORE – On a One World Scale! 

by Ardaga - Huu-té Dschaam Dscheu


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I must admit, I have ALWAYS been a fan of Irene Bedard's acting skills, because in every role I watched her play, I believed her.....and it is that 'convincing ability' that determines a 'great actor/actress' in my opinion.
I was shocked - but pleasantly surprised to finally meet her in person at the first ever United Nations World Conference on Indigenous People's - held at the United Nations headquarters in New York City; from 22-23rd September 2014 (where I was representing my own Lokono-Arawak People)....and then meet her again at two subsequent occasions over the course of the following 2 days.

I must admit, I was half hesitant to even try to get to know her - even a little (hell I was even hesitant to publish this, but I feel I must bare my soul and not keep my thoughts bottled-up any longer)... yes - Irene IS a petite drop-dead gorgeous lady, and any man would be a fool not to thank the Creator for the fortune and blessing of being able to share a lifetime and create a happy family with her....and connect to her and with her - on all levels possible... and treat her with the dignity, respect, and love she deserves - as his Queen and soul mate.  
I say 'half-hesitant', because I had put her on a pedestal in my mind for so many years, over two decades to be exact, and we all hear the rumors of how celebrities can be so high up on their own high horse - that we would not be considered worthy to polish it's hooves for them....and the thought of this beautiful image I have cherished in my mind for so many years - of this beautiful lady - falling to pieces by a disappointing actual encounter...was something I felt a great deal of trepidation over.  
However, I was relieved to find out that Irene is NOT like that at all, she is in fact the exact opposite, truly down-to-earth, full of wisdom, full of understanding of spiritual matters, and most importantly - full of love.
I did not have a whirlwind romance with her or anything like that (not outside my imagination anyway), but being the type of person who wears my own heart on my sleeve, I picked up subtle impressions and 'vibes' from her, just by being near her, by letting her words caress my ears and her eyes penetrate my soul.
I sense that Irene has a good heart of a true human being, one that far outweighs her body in it's 'infinite love' size, and perhaps I sensed too, that like me,..she can be in a crowded room - and yet feel so very alone.
But more importantly, I sensed a soul that only wished to receive the kind of deep love that it gives to others, to be able to connect so completely and so beautifully....intellectually, emotionally and spiritually to the one......the one that we all seek, but is so hard to find in this world, but - once found... is more precious than anything else....and we must not let it slip through our fingers.

There are so many questions I would have liked to ask, so much I feel I could have learned from listening to her - just a bit more, to bathe in her aura of positivity for just a while longer....maybe the Creator will allow our paths to cross again once more in this life... perhaps not until the next one.... for a caged bird can only dream of it's freedom, but when it comes - that bird's spirit shall soar higher than an Eagle flying towards the Sun.

Until then,  I have these photos and memories to bring me everlasting happiness of precious times near and dear to my tortured soul.

Irene Bedard

Awards and nominations 

1995Golden GlobeBest Performance by an Actress in a Mini-Series or Motion Picture Made for TVLakota Woman: Siege at Wounded KneeNominated
Western Heritage AwardsBronze Wrangler - Television Feature FilmWon
1999Two for TexasWon
2004American Indian LA Film and TV AwardsBest Lead Actress in a Feature FilmGreasewood FlatWon
2006NAMIC Vision AwardsBest Dramatic PerformanceInto The WestWon
Western Heritage AwardsBronze Wrangler - Television Feature FilmWon


1994Lakota Woman: Siege at Wounded KneeMary Crow DogTV movie
Squanto: A Warrior's TaleNakooma
1995The MarshalMelissa Carey1 episode: "Twoslip"
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Crazy HorseBlack Buffalo Woman
Adventures from the Book of VirtuesMorning Light and Sharp Eyes / Chief's Daughter(voice); 2 episodes: "Honesty" and "Perseverance"
The Real Adventures of Jonny QuestAlice Starseer2 episodes: "Return of the Anasazi"; "Trouble on the Colorado"
Navajo BluesAudrey Wyako
1997Song of HiawathaMinnehaha
ProfilerMaddy Duvall1 episode: "The Sorceror's Apprentice"
Det store flipOglalaAKA, Wild Flowers
True WomenTobeTV movie
19986/29Laura Cooper
Naturally NativeTanya Lewis
Smoke SignalsSuzy Song
Two for TexasSanaTV movie
Pocahontas II: Journey to a New WorldPocahontasDirect-to-video; (voice)
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1999Blood MoneyNaomi ListerTV movie
Roughnecks: The Starship Troopers ChroniclesGeneral Miriam Redwing(voice); 4 episodes (1999–2001)
The Lost ChildGraceTV movie
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2012Young Justice: InvasionShelly Longshadow(voice); 1 episode

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The Spanish who came to save the “heathens” from their idolatry, were not very Christ-like in their behavior. Apart from Columbus himself writing about how 9 and 10 year old native LITTLE GIRLS fetched a high price and great profit being sold to Spanish men for sex - which is Pedophilia Child-sex trafficking (In his book The Devastation of the Indies. Bartolome de las Casas, the Catholic priest who accompanied COLUMBUS on his conquest of Cuba, detailed the abuse and murder of the native population Columbus and his men unleashed:

"Endless testimonies . .. prove the mild and pacific temperament of the natives…. But our work was to exasperate, ravage, kill, mangle and destroy them…

And the Christians, with their horses and swords and pikes began to carry out massacres and strange cruelties against them. They attacked the towns and spared neither the children nor the aged nor pregnant women nor women in childbirth, not only stabbing them and dismembering them but cutting them to pieces as if dealing with sheep in the slaughter house. They laid bets as to who, with one stroke of the sword, could split a man in two or could cut off his head or spill out his entrails with a single stroke of the pike. They took infants from their mothers’ breasts, snatching them by the legs and pitching them head first against the crags or snatched them by the arms and threw them into the rivers, roaring with laughter and saying as the babies fell into the water, “Boil there, you offspring of the devil!” Other infants they put to the sword along with their mothers and anyone else who happened to be nearby. They made some low wide gallows on which the hanged victim’s feet almost touched the ground, stringing up their victims in lots of thirteen, in memory of Our Redeemer and His twelve Apostles, then set burning wood at their feet and thus burned them alive. To others they attached straw or wrapped their whole bodies in straw and set them afire. With still others, all those they wanted to capture alive, they cut off their hands and hung them round the victim’s neck, saying, “Go now, carry the message,” meaning, Take the news to the Indians who have fled to the mountains. They usually dealt with the chieftains and nobles in the following way: they made a grid of rods which they placed on forked sticks, then lashed the victims to the grid and lighted a smoldering fire underneath, so that little by little, as those captives screamed in despair and torment, their souls would leave them…."

So, yes for once in your life READ about what Columbus SAID in his own words (his OWN journals admitting this barbarity can be read on-line) and DID - before you continue to fool yourself that he was a 'great historical hero' (he was a great historical VILLAIN) yeah 'Happy Columbus Day to those who want to hold on to a false image of this soulless man.

Or we could instead -  follow the enlightened cities and states who have STOPPED celebrating Columbus Day and celebrate, instead, “Indigenous People’s Day.”

We salute the EDUCATED non-racist Italians who ALSO do NOT support 'Columbus Day'....Italians have many other genuine heroes that they could/should honor - NOT this psychopath from Genoa!

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CONGRATULATIONS TO AMERINDIAN PRESIDENT EVO MORALES AYMA - WHO WON FREE AND FAIR DEMOCRATIC ELECTIONS IN BOLIVIA FOR THE THIRD TIME IN A ROW! I salute the ONLY LEGITIMATE President of the Western Hemisphere in MY opinion (for he is the only indigenous person of the Americas to rule a politically independent and sovereign geographical territory of INDIGENOUS lands ONCE AGAIN....everywhere else is still ruled by Colonists, Neo-colonist and the non-indigenous beneficiaries of the Old World invasion and on-going attempted conquest of the New World that began in 1492. The biggest EVER Economic boom in Bolivia has occurred under this 'just a lowly Indian nobody' as his Spaniard descendant political opponents described him when he first ran for the Presidency (and defeated them soundly....3 times in a row now too lol).

It is ALSO important to note that the first act President Morales did when he won the Presidency of Bolivia - was to CUT his own salary - and the salaries of ALL government Ministers in half! Saying "We cannot afford to waste such sums of money on ourselves - when we have so many poor people in our country" will NEVER see a western leader do that! Money is too important to the calibre of slick talking political non-indigenous yard fowls we vote for...they will take and keep (or try to INCREASE) every dollar they can get out of the taxpayers!  A true native had to show them how to govern a country better.    

Me at top left with famous Canadian Cree leader Ron Lameman next to me (in between us is Minister Jaime Zalles) - in a souvenir shot of the 9 Ministers, Senators and other officials of the Bolivian Government; a special moment for me as never before had so many members of a Government anywhere ever been so interested in meeting us and hearing what we had to say - and this was the first of TWO private meetings they invited us to.

Me at far left shaking hands with Bolivia's OAS Ambassador Reynaldo Cuadros as we hand over gifts for President Evo Morales Ayma; the woodcarving at centre was done by my Lokono-Arawak brother-in-law & master woodcarver Foster Simon (my wife's second eldest brother), next to Ambassador Cuadros is Stuart Jamieson - a Chief of the Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy of North America and Ron Lameman - a leader of the Cree Nation of Canada and veteran of over 20 years fighting for Amerindian rights in the United Nations.

View outside our car window as we were driven around La Paz, Bolivia. April 2007. It felt wonderful to see Amerindian security forces escort Amerindian ambassadors and activists around a country run by an Amerindian President....we dream of democratically liberating more of our occupied lands so that this is replicated as far and wide as possible in OUR Hemisphere.

An Amerindian traffic cop in Bolivia, it felt great to see a Police Force, Army and Air Force of pure Amerindians - for once in this Hemisphere in my lifetime. Normally the 'Security Forces' of the countries of the Americas are comprised predominantly of others who wear the uniforms and tote the guns - and treat us like shit in our OWN lands (where they remain as uninvited usurpers and 'overlords', here in Bolivia - the civil and military power is ALL in our hands for a change....or should I say ONCE AGAIN. 

           Me (centre) at the Presidential Palace in La Paz Bolivia to witness the Nationalization of the Gas Industry

My 2007 visit to Bolivia described below in a news article I sent that night:

"On Monday April 23rd 2007 at 10pm - at the Presidential Palace in La Paz Bolivia, President
Evo Morales Ayma signed into law the Nationalization of the Oil and Gas Industry of Bolivia;
one of the largest reserves in the world. On hand as invited guests to witness the historic
event were the Ministers of the Bolivian Government, the top brass of the Bolivian Armed
Forces, members of the Indigenous Caucus of the Organization of American States, and
several hundred citizens of Bolivia.

President Morales is the first Indigenous Amerindian Head of State in the Americas in almost
five centuries of European colonization and domination of the Western Hemisphere, and he
gave a spontaneous & moving speech in Spanish - interrupted regularly by wild applause -
explaining the reasons for his move and the truly criminal discrepancy that previously existed
between what the powerful multinational leeches were extracting out of the country as
compared to the pittance they were paying the Bolivian people - 85% of whom still live in
poverty due to such unbridled capitalism¨.

Afterwards the President personally greeted all the members of the Caucus and we were
availed the opportunity to have our photos taken with him. Every country in Latin America was
represented in the audience and the Indigenous Caucus, I was the only Caribbean person
present at this historic event - and as a Barbados born person of Guyanese Arawak descent it
was a great honour to be in the ancient ancestral birthplace of my people, to stand in
solidarity with my Bolivian bothers and sisters, and witness our President in action.
40 years after the great revolutionary fighter Ernesto Che Guevara was murdered by the
American Central Intelligence Agency in Bolivia trying to liberate the oppressed Indian
masses, the Indian Peoples of Bolivia finally have a government of their own that is delivering
equality, justice and true freedom under Indigenous Socialism - without the misguided
Marxist-Leninist Atheism that was Che's downfall - to the long suffering Indian majority of this
beautiful country."

President Morales mingling with us invited indigenous leaders and activists from around the Hemisphere.
Aucan Wilkoman (a Mapuche) from Chile to the right of President Morales, a Quechua lady elder from Peru at left - at far left is my co-worker Armand McKenzie (Cree) from Canada, Armand is an Indigenous Rights Lawyer with many years experience under his belt (14 to be exact).

Saturday, 11 October 2014


NOTHING good comes WITHOUT some SACRIFICE (and I don't mean slitting a sheep or chicken's throat over an altar or any other such 'Karmic non-sense' don't reap good karma by murdering a terrified other living being at your mercy that just wants to live the same as you do, that was the belief of some of the 'Great Fools of old' that have nothing to do with YOU ...don't follow their ignorant example). Pay attention only to the Great wise ones of old, they only spoke to us of that which is from the love and light.
If you truly want to evolve to a higher state of personal spiritual consciousness (which means you are already facing the right direction by recognizing that you need something MORE than your current malaise of spiritual self-retardation) - you must examine EVERY SINGLE THING in your life, what do you like to eat? What do you like to drink? What do you like to read? What do you like to watch? What do you like to talk about? What do you like to think about? Where do you like to go? BE CAREFUL...What you 'enjoy' or 'like' to do - you might in fact be 'addicted' to (if you do not want to stop doing something - then you are addicted to it, better to be addicted to something positive than something negative my friend). Because - EVERYTHING HAS POWER - either for our good or ill.

I tell you solemnly - a person who LIKES/ENJOYS (to the degree of being 'addicted') to eat unhealthy food, consume unhealthy drinks, read scandals and dirt about other people, watch pornography and/or graphic scenes of death and destruction of other living beings, physically hurt other living things, gossip about - and slander other people, and fantasize/wish for/about misfortune happening to other people whom you are jealous of (but who never literally did anything to you), and to frequent brothels and strip clubs where human beings are reduced to commodities for our personal lust and physical pleasure.....WITH NO INTENTION OF STOPPING OR CURTAILING ANY OF THESE SELF-DESTRUCTIVE ACTIVITIES - cannot and will not EVER reach any higher state of personal spiritual consciousness....though you might fool yourself (all the way to your pre-mature grave) that you can/have/will attain it.
The Creator does not give a 'free-pass' to anyone, 'knock and the door will be opened to you (not FOR you)', 'seek and you shall find' (it will not be given to you without the effort being first made on your part to earn the right to have it), a sincere effort on our part is required ('God helps those who first help themselves')...neither I nor anyone else can 'heal' you...only YOU can heal yourself....all others can do is try to teach you the best practices they have successfully employed in their own lives, but it is completely up to YOU to put them into practice in your own life (you can take a horse to the river, but you cannot make it drink the water if it is determined NOT to).
When I embarked on the red road to help myself, I decided to be open and willing to help others achieve the same progression, whether those 'others' were inside my biological micro family - or inside my spiritual macro family (this includes every living being on every plane of existence).
Many obtain temporary relief (only by implementing the lessons shared and advice given can YOU make the relief you just experienced permanent), but then backslide into old self-destructive habits. This is true even in the limited realm of 'modern medicine'....if a Doctor puts you though drug addiction rehab and you emerge clean....then the minute you walk out of the rehab center you go around the corner and head straight back into the crack house and take a 'hit' ....who is to blame for you not remaining clean? The Doctor? Or You?
The Universe does not OWE you a free pass in this (or any other) life my friend, STOP blaming everyone else in your life for your current negative condition, and instead START re-examining your own self, take RESPONSIBILITY for your OWN ACTIONS....(even if you have been wronged by others all your life - by giving in to despair you only doom and consign your own self to a life of CONTINUED turmoil and torment) and make ALL the changes necessary for your own physical, mental & spiritual improvement and well-being....remember - every time you point an  accusing finger at someone else, 3 of your own fingers point right back at you.
"If you want to receive something positive - you must release something negative, the more positive you want to receive - the more negative you must release. You cannot put out negativity and expect positive to return to you (for we shall reap as we have sown, can you plant apple seeds and later harvest plums from those same trees?)

A great teacher once said "The good path is hard and narrow - and FEW can bear to walk it"... but those who do will receive rewards far greater than anything money can buy - or they ever thought was 'humanly possible'. I can't tell you what is possible for me to achieve today, that just one year ago I thought was 'beyond logical possibility'...but I can tell you - you will NEVER achieve any of this from ANY religion (you can only obtain crumbs of insight from the 'sleeping rooms of fear-driven mass control' you will find there, only by re-awakening your Creator given birthright of spirituality can you unleash your full conscious awareness and divine potential) ...but again, you can only find out for yourself, by committing to adhere to the advice given (and it NEVER genuinely comes from anyone who charges you money for it - you remember that!) - just as I did & still do myself, don't think that you could or will ever achieve 'perfection' whilst still in this physical life - for that is a total impossibility, we will all have flaws till the day we physically die.....physical bodies are by their very nature 'flawed constructs'.....but whether you continue to exist in pure conscious energy form after the changing of worlds WITH or WITHOUT these flaws - is entirely up to you - and the choices and actions YOU take in your life right NOW.

DO NOT GET ME WRONG, I am not saying I am enlightened, I am only saying I am a bit more enlightened now than I was 1 year ago (the process will continue - it never ends unless we want it to), and I am the kind of person that believes it is better to bring others along with me towards sharing in a good thing, than to leave them behind and try to keep it all to myself.

Friday, 10 October 2014


There is something that the average person does on FB that is indicative of a need for that person to grow more in their conscious spiritual development, ALL the sages/wise men & women of old told us to 'think before we speak or act'...everything we do has power, and we should be cognizant that our 'personal space' should not intrude on the personal space of others without being invited by said others to do so.
Take this scenario for example, person X wakes up full of joy today and posts 'the ocean is so blue and beautiful  ' ....and YOU see their comment and decide to comment under this persons expression of joy: "Actually the Ocean is NOT blue - it is only the reflection of the sky in the water" was that really necessary?
All you have done - despite thinking to yourself that you just 'educated' the person you commented under (and maybe 'impressed' others with your 'scientific intellect') as to the 'real facts' insert an unpleasant vibration into their initial expression in word of a visually inspired happy vibration of energy they decided to share (in the spirit of love and light) with everyone else!
Please people, if you have nothing to ADD to the happiness of others - then at least refrain from SUBTRACTING from it! You certainly DO have a right to disagree or believe whatever you desire to in your own personal space, but you do NOT have a right to insert you disagreement where your opinion was never solicited nor matter how well intentioned you may consider yourself to be.
Do as I do (for I used to be one of those 'argumentative-got-to-share-my-opposing-view-here, there and everywhere' types), but in the course of self development in matters of spiritual consciousness - I learned how I was having a NEGATIVE ripple effect on the emotions of others who do NOT enjoy it when people 'rain on their parade'....we each have our own PERSONAL spaces to say and do as we see fit, safely out of the realm of infringing on the emotionally positive vibrations of others.
All for your information and guidance 
Just because I clicked someone as a FB friend does NOT mean I am saying I welcome their public divergent views on MY FB wall, my FB wall is still a 'private' space accessible only to my 'friends' is my FB a 'public' is a private space that my 'friends' have the privilege to access - just as I consider that I too have been granted a 'privilege' to access theirs...I am old fashioned enough in the schooling of 'reciprocity' and 'etiquette' by my old parents (who sat me down and explained how it was likely to do more harm than good - leaving the recipient in a NOT so blissful state as when they said that positive thing that they did in the first place...hence the 'raining on their parade' analogy) to NOT post opposing or 'corrective' opinions on my 'friends' walls, I have my own FB space to do so to my hearts content, without risking the spreading negative emotional vibes in public disagreements with other people for others to see (if I feel so strongly about an opinion expressed - as a friend I will message that person PRIVATELY to let them know how I feel....but I certainly do not 'assume' that because I may personally like to volunteer MY opinion publicly to all and sundry (this is what a blog is good for - and why I have one) - that every recipient is going to delight in me contradicting what they are saying). 

Indeed no man is an island, this is why the feelings of others in their own comfort zones - must be a constant consideration (even if we never heard of the ages old advice of 'treat others as you would wish them to treat you...erego I do NOT do this to other people....even though this basic fact is overlooked by those who habitually do this to me) when tempted to respond semi-publicly (on a friends private FB accessible to 'friends' only) some people may view your public divergent views as more of an 'I want an audience to read this soft core drama' more-so than "Hey, so and so is just trying to offer me a different perspective for my own consideration" - as I only believe THAT to be the intent - when 'so and so' delivers their perspective to me in PRIVATE......for every argument begins at the conjunction of two divergent views. 

We can become petulant and 'wrong and strong' and simply say 'Ok then well I will never comment on that persons FB again" (as a minority do), or one could say, "I do not 'have' to post my unsolicited divergent views on others peoples spaces..I accept that it is just something I 'want' to do....and therefore - in this person's case (who obviously does NOT appreciate it) I will simply refrain from doing so...after all - he/she does not do it to me - so he/she does have a point about reciprocal etiquette". It never ceases to amaze me at how many human beings seem unable to comprehend such a simple and basic matter. 

I don't know very many people who 'can't wait to post something on their FB and have others disagree with it', it is like the fact that EVERY parent thinks their child is handsome/ you the child might be ugly as hell....but you would not normally post under that parents caption of their 'Handsome stud of a son' or 'Drop-dead Gorgeous daughter" - a comment like: "Not in my opinion!"... would you? Why not? It is your 'exercising your right of free speech' (which you should 'exercise' responsibly - not in wanton ignorance), ...and you MIGHT even find the rare parent who welcomes your divergent honest opinion of their child's features and achieves personal growth by having to face the reality that their child is actually NOT visually attractive looking to most other human beings at all...but I think more than likely - you will only insert a negative vibe into that person's happy comment by doing so...and in your heart of hearts - you know that to do so would NOT be a 'good' thing to do to someone's else. What is so 'vexing' about anything I have said above that it is so unconscionable for YOU to put into practice?