Sunday, 27 July 2014


Here are modern-day Scotsmen, proudly wearing their traditional tribal kilts on a ceremonially important occasion, because they also wear modern suit jackets and shoes - are they now 'fake' Scotsmen now in your limited mind? 

I am weary of hearing people wallowing in a negativity that borders on racism....the kinds of things they say and believe are variously (as it concerns me):

"Your people are extinct aren't they?" (I dunno, we are kind-of talking to each other right now in the present - but just to be sure let me ask everyone else in the tribe if they are ghosts or not you jackass) , "your culture is lost and irretrievable" (a culture is only 'lost' when every person who belongs to it - has let it go and let it die, I am not the only one who maintains and restores our culture; and I have 'retrieved' many things that now flourish again), "Your people are not traditional anymore so they aren't 'real' " (Do Japanese soldiers still ride into battle dressed like Samurais? Do English soldiers fight wars in chain mail & suits of Armour? NO! Yet they are STILL 'real' you jackass...

Cultures are subject to constant change, they ramify and grow, defining and defending places in a contemporary world - depending on the times and circumstances in which they exist).....when you see an indigenous person wearing a watch and you think 'oh they are not authentic anymore' - YOU are exhibiting a kind of racism, you assume (and when you 'ASSUME' - you only make an 'ASS' out of 'U' and 'ME') - that everyone else must remain frozen in time...except your own people - who have changed by leaps and bounds - from living in caves in Europe to exiting a spacecraft and walking on the Moon......yet you do not consider your own people to be 'fake'....just technologically changed and adapted to the world THEY are changing around themselves and everyone else (whether 'everyone else' likes it or not!).

My last status post - just for the record:

Most people only see what has been lost and give in to the gnawing hunger of hopelessness.....but I only see what has been kept - and what can still be found and restored - and it feeds my soul with a daily feast of hope in abundance.

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