Tuesday, 17 June 2014


The first USA match was also not a showcase of 'American arrogance' as most 'America bashers' assumed, I noted far more unsportsmanlike incidents caused by Ghana players than by USA players, I think one would have to have a virulent anti-American bias to come to any different conclusion, not every team from a poor country plays like 'nice guys' and not every team from rich countries play 'nasty'.....

This is why I think my way of determining who to support is the most moral of the criteria I have heard....I support you based on your CONDUCT (if my own country is playing a game and plays nastier than the other side - my national team can kiss my support goodbye), I blame athletes not for their government's deeds, so I think the USA won fair and square and generally played with more sportsmanship at-least today in their first match (unlike some other matches by other teams so far).....

If you want to use the 'cold hard cash' criteria that students of capitalism understand - for what is in the 'best interest of the game' and financial rewards into consideration.....if the game becomes the #1 most popular game in Ghana (it probably is already) - we will still NEVER see American, European, Asian (or anywhere else) players flocking to Ghana to play professional football there (even the Ghanaian's flock to Europe and North America to get paid for their skill) ...BUT if 'Soccer' becomes the #1 game in the USA one day (and with Latinos going to become the majority in a few years it can easily happen) - players from all over Africa (and much of the 'developing world') can make high/higher paid livings using their football talents there (in the USA - as they are already doing in Europe and Asia). If you like to see things through financial lenses - look at it that way, and realize that it is in the monetary 'best interest' of 'Soccer' to become the most popular game in America....and nothing paves the way for that better than a National Team that does well in the World Cup - thereby creating an ever growing national public enthusiasm for the game. 

We can talk forever about why/how some countries got wealthy by parasitizing the resources of others (and exterminating the true landlords) - but do we honestly think we will see these GDP figures flip the current status quot in our lifetimes? With the 'developing world' wealthy and the 'developed' world poor and requesting aid/loans from them? Few people have the 'in the trenches front-line literally fighting the status quo' humanitarian credentials I have, but we must have a degree of reality as well with our hopes and intentions for a future of more equity for all mankind....and lets face it - MOST 'Soccer/football players' are from poor and lower-middle class homes, and they are the ones making salaries higher than they could ever have doing anything else legal in the entire world....so if 'Soccer' grows in America - it helps more poor players to become millionaires (and hopefully they will in turn help others where they came from).

Incidentally, as far as world 'Soccer' teams rankings go - the USA actually WAS the underdog in that match, most expected Ghana to beat them AGAIN for the 3rd time in the World Cup - as Ghana did in the last 2 World Cups.

Just the positive aspects of the match - focusing on the 3 goals scored

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