Monday, 16 June 2014


NB - Researchers found increased connectivity in males from front to back within one hemisphere (upper) and left to right in females (lower).
Credit: Ragini Verma, PhD, Proceedings of National Academy of Sciences
"Detailed connectome maps of the brain will not only help us better understand the differences between how men and women think, but it will also give us more insight into the roots of neuropsychiatric disorders, which are often sex related."

Yesterday was 'Father's Day' in the Western World, where western creation myths say Man was made first (which I think explains the dominance of Patriarchal societies in the west who's mindset is that 'men' are superior to women), but in most Indigenous societies their creation myths say 'women' were created first (hence most indigenous societies are matriarchal) ...and it was man who was created last......this is why in traditional societies like my own Lokono-Arawak - the men are the ones who do the 'dirty work'.....hunting and killing other animals, burying the dead, killing other human beings in war, cleaning up waste etc, women do more spiritually important work, bringing life into the world, planting crops to feed the people, outing the fire of hatred and violence that flares-up in men's hearts - by watering it down with showers of love and peace from women's hearts....I do not ask my daughters or wife to go beneath their dignity and do such things that my sons and I do, so when we hear urban feminist ranting and raving about wanting to be 'equal' to men ...we traditionalist laugh, if these feminists were spiritually aware they would know that just by being born a woman they are already spiritually SUPERIOR to any man.
Equal pay for equal work for both men & women yes, but in every other way a woman only lowers her status to want to be equal to her spiritually inferior male fellow humans.

There is a reason why MOST violent crime in the world has always been - and will always be - committed by MEN, and science has proven that male & female brains DO actually operate differently, certainly we need each other, but men need to try to adopt more positive qualities of women - and women need to STOP trying to adopt the more negative qualities of men....but that won't happen until womankind realizes their inherent spiritual worth and begins to live accordingly - with head held high....not cheapen their worth by appealing to the animalistic non-committal and lustful lower intelligence of the average man - just to be a 'popular slut' (among many common and serious spiritual mistakes being made by womankind these days)...why would you want to impress fools? Don't join men in their gutter - help them up and out of it!

The video below leans towards 'nurture' rather than 'nature' being the cause, I see truth in the posits of both sides, because the spiritual decline of urban females to the levels (depths) of urban males - is obviously LEARNED via the 'mis-education' of western educational system, which ever since the Industrial Revolution has done more to advance technology IN TANDEM with a spiritual disconnect - than anything previous in the entire recorded history of humanity except Patriarchal Religion (with it's MAN is the head of the woman - and MAN must 'conquer and subdue nature' and all the other crap teachings it promotes) - in my humble opinion.

Men's and Women's Brains Are Wired Differently clip

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