Tuesday, 10 June 2014


You might be forgiven for thinking that his 'heart attack' while jogging was a 'co-incidence'...because you do not know that Chemicals came into primacy in WW I, and were heavily used on the battlefield. Subsequently, the use of poison and asphyxiating gas as well as bacteriological warfare was outlawed in the Geneva Protocol of 1925. Chemical assassination techniques remain favored by a number of state actors and can take many forms and utilize a number of different delivery systems. A favored technique would be to place the killer chemical, MEANT TO INDUCE A HEART ATTACK, onto areas that the target would use: doorknobs, bedding, faucet handles, etc. These techniques have been used by intelligence agencies with some success for decades....how hard would it be for such agents to put this chemical on his socks or jogging shoes? A few minutes into his jog and BAM - a heart attack (you induced) gets rid of the high profile 'loud-mouth' who is exposing your lies too successfully....case closed and you 'get away' with silencing serious opposition once again.

I have NO doubt a large group of armed men took over the city of Mosul today, this we can be SURE of...but can YOU or I honestly swear that these men were REALLY 'Islamic extremists linked to Al-Qaeda' or were they mercenaries linked to one or several countries intelligence services with a vested interest in APPEARING to be 'Islamic Extremists'? The latter scenario is equally as plausible as the first.

I think everyone with a stake in profiting from chaos is having a field day using this 'war on terror' / 'war on Islamic extremism' / 'war on Al-Qaeda'....Israel can field some operatives disguised as such in order to destabilize their enemies, the Iranians can do the same, the Saudis can do the same, the Pakistanis can do the same, the Americans can do the same, the French, the British, the Russians, the Chinese...need I continue? If you are not naive about how DIRTY international politics truly is - you would see how useful this cover-story of a 'new global boogeyman' is to so many 'state players' who are only 'doing what is in their best national interest'.

Let me just give few well-known examples:

We all know that Israel wants ALL it's Arab Muslim enemies (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran etc) to be weaker than itself by any covert means possible, we all know that Iran wants to extend it's sphere of influence to include ALL Shiite Muslim areas (this includes Eastern Saudi Arabia, East Central Iraq, as well as weaken it's enemies in the region as well, the Saudis want to weaken Iran and its non-Sunni or opposing Muslim neighbors as well (Libya, Syria, Iran etc.) Pakistan wants to keep it's sphere of influence over Afghanistan and retake Kashmir by controlling militias it arms & equips in those places, the Americans covertly do Israel's bidding due to the Zionists  and pro-Zionist control of the USA & Israeli governments) want rare mineral resources such as the Soviets discovered in Afghanistan in the 1980's not to mention control of the Opium trade - which funds the 'off the books black operations' of the CIA which Congress can never interfere with because it is all unofficial revenue.....ask yourself why Opium production was down to 1% under the Taliban - but back up to 100% after the invasion by American forces) and a guaranteed cheap oil supply and don't care who has to die (Irag, Libya, Syria - or which regimes must be toppled so obedient puppet governments can be installed  - to make it possible), the French and English tend to do America's bidding - because they depend on America to protect them - though they too have their own vested economic interests in a cheap guaranteed oil supply no matter what suffering the locals who live over the oil must suffer to make that possible, and the Russians and Chinese both have a vested interest in expanding their own spheres of influence as well - and don't hesitate to blame 'Islamic extremists' for the excuse to invade or brutally crack down in regions with Muslim majorities as the Russians did in Chechnya - and the Chinese still do in Xinjiang, Gansu and Ningxia. 

And why has Al Qaeda never attacked Israel? The people they allegedly hate the most...that does not seem odd to you?

Even if these 'players' do not install a regime that is servile to them directly - by becoming another 'enemy state' or hostile failed war-torn state they cause to come to existence (as we see in Libya) HELPS them by being another 'justification' for ever increasing military expenditure in a never-ending war that keeps trillions of dollars in annual profits flowing into the global military industrial complex. So either way - this 'Al-Qaeda' con-game is a win-win situation for the people who created it and convinced it is is 'as real as they want us to believe it is'.    

In this video - Al-Qaeda Created by USA AND ISRAEL ::says Ex-CIA Agent - who also predicted over a year ago that NIGERIA (with its Boko Haram 'Islamic Terrorists' that the USA government blocked from being barred from receiving their financial aid) would become wracked by havoc.....which is now occurring.    

The Iraqi city of Mosul 'falls to Al-Qaeda forces' today (10 June 2014)...gee I wonder who stands to benefit from Iraq becoming a failed state like Libya or breaks up into independent pieces? (easier to dominate or swallow whole) SEVERAL countries actually, carve that turkey up and divide it among the 'banquet holders' - like they did after WW I and WWII. 

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