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In these hot summer months, there IS one very simple and free thing you can do to keep cooler...if you have hair on your arms, legs, chest & stomach (more than peach fuzz, but does not have to be a carpet) - just shave it off completely, you will actually lower your body heat by one degree if you do this. Been doing this for years in the hot seasons, MAJOR difference that one degree makes, while you are at it - shave all the hair off from under your will actually smell LESS stink if you have no armpit hair when you sweat....the Amerindian (Mongoloid) ancestors were on to a good thing when they removed bodily hair (though they did not have as much to contend with as a person with Caucasoid DNA in them does)....and if you have Arab, Persian, Berber, Kurd, Indian (from India - and any of the other Aryan peoples), Semitic, or any of the tribes from the peninsula of Europe in your ancestry - you have Caucasoid DNA in you (in case you did not know the ethnic classifications of the people's of the Earth and thought only Nordic, Celtic & Slavic were Caucasians...if you watch 'cop shows' you should have realized by now that all 'Caucasians' are not white...otherwise the description called in by Forensic Anthropology would not be 'One dead white Caucasian male' (for example), many Caucasoids are actually brown in skin color).

Here is what Forensic Anthropology says about the subject:
The physical traits of Caucasoid crania are still recognized as distinct (in contrast to Mongoloid and Negroid races) within modern forensic anthropology. A Caucasoid skull is identified, with an accuracy of up to 95%, by the following features:
Little or no prognathism exhibited—an orthognathic profile, with minimal protrusion of the lower face.
Retreating zygomatic bones (cheekbones), making the face look more "pointed".
Narrow nasal aperture, with a tear-shaped nasal cavity.
Other physical characteristics of Caucasoids include hair texture that varies from straight to curly,with wavy (cymotrichous) hair most typical on average according to Coon (1962), in contrast to the Negroid and Mongoloid races. Individual hairs are also rarely as sparsely distributed and coarse as found in Mongoloids.
Skin color among Caucasoids ranges greatly from pale, reddish-white, olive, through to dark brown tones.

This is why, even though the experts in Serology are adamant that 'there is just one race - the human race' based on analysis of blood (though recently Neanderthal DNA was found in Caucasoid and Mongoloid people - but not in Negroid people - so technically even our DNA does have differences). The experts in Forensic Anthropology are equally adamant that they can determine which of the 3 main racial categories a person belonged to - based on their skull shape...and they are 95% accurate with this, so they too have a valid point to make.

Personally I like to compare Homo Sapiens to DOGS, sure every dog is 'Canis canis' (and can successfully interbreed)  like every Human is 'Homo sapien' (and can successfully interbreed) - every dog and every human OBVIOUSLY does not look the we are all humans but of different 'breeds' (for lack of a better word) - just as an Alsatian is NOT a Chihuahua (A Mongoloid is clearly not a Caucasoid who is likewise clearly not a Negroid) - yet they are both dogs indeed....and all dogs (like all humans) can trace back to roughly the same remote ancestor far enough back in time...what is the problem seeing the issue this way?
My 'breed' is my ancestral tribe - or combination of tribes...and your 'breed' is your ancestral tribe - or combination of tribes. Same basic principle with Dogs - we just use fancier words to describe ourselves than we do not use on 'lower' animals.

                                           Handsome Caucasoid Berber People

                                         Handsome Caucasoid Arab boys

                                           Beautiful Caucasoid Kurdish women

                                          Beautiful Caucasoid Indian girl (from India)
Handsome Caucasoid Persian men (in modern day Iran - formerly known as Persia)

Beautiful Caucasoid Nordic girl

Beautiful Caucasoid Slavic girl

Beautiful Caucasoid Celtic girls
Handsome Bantu Negroid boys

Some Mongoloid kids from Mongolia itself, I see Amerindians in the Americas who look just like this (many in my own Lokono Tribe in Guyana South America), yet some of us want to pretend that 'we' and 'them' are two different peoples...I say we are only different TRIBES - but the same race aka Mongoloid....just because many of us are bi-racial or tri-racial and look different to our original Amerindian ancestors - does not mean we are still looking like our ancestors now (other people get confused seeing a half white or half black Amerindian and mistakenly believe that is how 'real' Amerindians always looked), who I assure you looked like any other pure Mongoloid  - like these beautiful kids above, or the beautiful full-blood Lokono-Arawak girl from my tribe below.

    Luciline Dundas, a beautiful full-blood Lokono-Arawak from Guyana, South America. 

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