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The OLMEC CARVED THIS HEAD - ever saw a human with eyes this large and spaced so far apart? But lets go with the flow and accept that this is a representation of a sub-saharan African Negroid seafarer who reached Central America as we CAN prove they were in the region 700 years ago...but NOT 3200 - 2,400 years ago when the Olmec civilization existed. ....but who says only the ancient Olmecs could have carved these? You cannot carbon-date stone - only GUESS to it's could have just as easily been carved 700 years ago when we do know for a FACT that Negroid seafarers DID reach the Caribbean Sea....even though below I can show you photos of modern day Olmec descendants who have the SAME thick lips and broad noses you see on the stone heads....see below:

THE OLMEC CARVED THIS WRESTLER - does he look African Negroid to you? Or Mongoloid?

THE OLMEC CARVED THIS JADE MASK - does this face look African Negroid to you? Or Mongoloid?
What about THIS very European-looking colossal Stone head found in Guatemala in the 1950's on the property of the Biener family (and land that was former Olmec Civilization territory) ...should we jump to the similarly irrational conclusion that the 'Olmec civilization was a European one' as Afro-centrists have done with the Negroid looking colossal stone heads to claim 'the Olmec civilization was an African one'.

Further supporting the isolation of the Olmecs from other people groups was a comparative study in “Tissue Antigens” 2000: 56:” of Mazatecans (Descendents of the Olmecs/Mayans), other Indians and other world populations. Titled “HLA genes in Mexican Mazatecans, the peopling of the Americas and the uniqueness of Amerindians,” and written by several authors including A. Arnaiz-Villena , the study conluded:
“Significant genetic input from outside is not noticed in Meso and South American Amerindians according to the phylogenetic analyses; while all world populations (including Africans, Europeans, Asians, Australians, Polynesians, North American Na-Dene Indians and Eskimos) are genetically related. Meso and South American Amerindians tend to remain isolated in the Neighbor-Joining.”
“Amerindians do not show relationships with Polynesians, Australians (almost discounting a massive Pacific colonization…),  Caucasoids or African blacks.” (Arnaiz-Villena; pg 413)

A lot of Afrocentrists have a cherished THEORY that the entire Olmec civilization was an African one - just because of Colossal heads that resemble African warriors -  so let me give the benefit of the doubt that they WERE representations of Africans who reached the Americas - but I can more prove 700 years ago - whereas you can only offer conjecture for 3200 years ago to cover your fairy tale idea that the 'Olmec Civilization was a Negroid one'....This is a simple fact overlooked when one WANTS to believe in something but CANNOT prove it, but they cannot explain either why 99% of ALL the OTHER Olmec artifacts (as you can see in the 3 videos below) DO NOT have anything that remotely hints at anything African Negroid - only the usual Amerindian culture of Meso-America, neither have DNA tests of Olmec descendants today revealed ANY genetic connection to Africa, only to Asia and the Mongoloid race.
Furthermore - you cannot carbon-date stone carvings so to say they show 'proof' that Africans reached Central America thousands of years ago at the time of the Olmec Civilization 3,200 years ago till 2,400 years ago - is just wishful thinking, for all we know these heads were carved 700 years ago when the Malian fleet reached the Caribbean Sea (a fact we CAN prove!)...humans still carve stone today, they did not stop thousands of years ago....and one would think that since no human remains of Olmec graves have even shown any DNA OTHER than Mongoloid - that these silly claims would stop by Afrocentrists. Logic should tell you that if the ENTIRE Olmec Civilization was Negroid - the scientifically tested human remains of the Olmecs would have to be of Negroid DNA....BUT THEY ARE NOT!

What bothers me, is that Afro-centrists feel greatly offended when Euro-centrists claim that ANY African achievement as their own ....yet they cannot see that they are doing the SAME thing (laying wholesale claim to Amerindian achievements) as their own as well...what you do not like done to yourself - do NOT do to others!    

Why is it not good enough to celebrate the fact that African sailors reached the Americas 181 years before Columbus did which we can PROVE by documentation and genetic affinities between Malians and Garifuna from Saint Vincent Island (Originally, then shipped by the British to Central America)...Why do you need to infer some sense of racial superiority and theorize (because you have no CONCRETE proof) that 'Africans arrived in the Americas thousands of years ago, and conquered and educated the Amerindian natives - and built ALL the great civilizations in the Americas' (Andean, Meso-American and Mid-West and South East America) honestly believe this and do NOT consider yourselves to be just as racist as the Europeans who claimed 'Egypt was so great it could only have been created by white people'...because that is EXACTLY what you are saying to every Amerindian person when you espouse these extremist Afro-centric views of the history of the Western Hemisphere...that 'Amerindians were too stupid to achieve all these wonders themselves - so we Africans had to teach them'.

I am convinced (because there exists PROOF) that Africans from Mali reached the Lesser Antilles (in 1311 - 181 years BEFORE Columbus), traded and battled as far north as the Greater Antilles (as Spanish accounts told to them by Taino recorded), with some leaving to return to Mali (only 1 boat is recorded as ever having returned to Mali) with most presumably dying en-route back to Africa - but some remaining behind in the Caribbean who had taken Amerindian wives of the Igneri-Arawaks (because in 1311 the Kalina had not entered the Caribbean from South America yet so the new people called 'Kalinago' did not yet exist) and created a happier new life in these paradise islands - which were far more beautiful places to live than Mali - staying in the Lesser Antilles and becoming a new people..the Garifuna, for anyone to think that literally MILLIONS of Amerindians (estimated to be 100 Million - or 20% of the entire population of the world in 1492) could have been 'conquered' from South America to North America (yes, Van Sertima would want you to believe that 'Black Africans moved up from the Amazon conquering and civilizing from the Inca Empire to Eastern USA's Cahokhia mound builders...and many black people actually believe this nonsense)  by hundreds or at highest possibly a few thousand Africans - is to truly live in a magical fairy tale realm, even the Malian Africans had the same weapons as Amerindians (bows, arrows, spears etc.), and Europeans with superior guns and cannons who came 181 years after had a near impossible time to defeat them, only the diseases of Europe did the job for them by killing 90% of Amerindians before war was required to 'subdue' the rest.

The Olmec culture existed from roughly 1200 BCE to 400 BCE. The idea that the Olmecs are related to Africans was suggested by José Melgar, who discovered the first colossal head at Hueyapan (now Tres Zapotes) in 1862. More recently, Ivan van Sertima (of Guyana) has argued that these statues depict settlers or explorers from Africa, but his views have been the target of severe scholarly criticism.
North African sources describe what some consider to be visits to the New World by a Mali fleet in 1311. According to these sources, 400 ships from the Mali Empire discovered a land across the ocean to the West after being swept off course by ocean currents in the first accidental voyage of discovery - but only one ship returned, and the captain reported the discovery of a western current to Prince Abubakari II; the off-course Mali fleet of 400 ships is said to have conducted both trade and warfare with the peoples of the western lands. It is claimed that Abubakari II abdicated his throne and set off to explore these western lands in a second expedition with 1,000 ships this time - but NONE ever returned to Africa. In 1324, the Mali king Mansa Musa is said to have told the Arabic historian, Al-Umari that "his predecessors had launched two expeditions from West Africa to discover the limits of the Atlantic Ocean."
According to the abstract of Columbus' log made by Bartolomé de las Casas, the purpose of Columbus’ third voyage was to test both the claims of King John II of Portugal that “canoes had been found which set out from the coast of Guinea [the generalized Spanish name for All of West Africa] and sailed to the west with merchandise” as well as the claims of the native inhabitants of Hispaniola that “from the south and the southeast had come black people whose spears were made of a metal called guanín...from which it was found that of 32 parts: 18 were gold, 6 were silver, and 8 copper.”
I believe further proof of the Malian origins of the Garifuna can still be found in the Garifuina surname 'Quallie' (a British transcription of how the word 'Ouali' sounded to them...just like how the English wrote 'Sour-sop' for the Arawakan original name 'Sorosapa' for the same fruit  - because one of the Emperors (Mansa's) of the Malian Empire was Emperor/Mansa 'Ouali' is quite possible - since the Malians were a literate people upon arrival in St. Vincent (whether by shipwreck or otherwise) that they would have preserved the names of the people of importance in the fleet that crossed the Atlantic by marking the descendants with the names of the persons they were blood descendants of...the Garifuna 'Quallie' family is quite likely descendants of the Great Malian Emperor Mansa Ouali! This should not seem incredulous because the last Kolonkan ruler, Bata Manding Bory, was crowned Mansa Abubakari II in 1310. He continued the non-militant style of rule that characterized Gao and Mohammed ibn Gao, but was interested in the empire's western sea. According to an account given by Mansa Musa I, who during the reign of Abubakari II served as the mansa's kankoro-sigui, Mali sent two expeditions into the Atlantic. Mansa Abubakari II left Musa as regent of the empire, demonstrating the stability of this period in Mali, and departed with the second expedition commanding some 4,000 small ships equipped with both oars and sails in 1311. Neither the emperor nor any of the ships returned to Mali. Modern historians and scientists are skeptical about the success of either voyage, but the account of these happenings is preserved in both written North African records and the oral records of Mali's djelis. Thus proving that the royal bloodline of Mansa Ouali DID indeed cross the Atlantic...and we have ONLY St. Vincent and the Garifuna people left to show us multiple evidences of this! 
We also see strangely that in the Caribbean islands where the Muslim Malians reached, traded and sometimes battled, the Amerindians suddenly stopped eating pork (as the Muslims do), yet in South America where Arawakan and Cariban ancestors of the Igneri and Kalinago exist - pork (wild pigs called Pecarries by Europeans) is one of their FAVORITE meats to eat. I see this as MORE proof of the Malian (Muslim) presence in the Lesser Antilles to ADD to the documented literary and genetic evidence I cite above.  Some will say 'But the Kalinago never saw pigs as Peccaries only exist as far as Trinidad (though Tobago was a Kalinago island and it is next to Trinidad so they would have known about the Peccaries there) - so if they deemed the domestic pigs they first saw come with Europeans to be a strange animal unfit to eat that would explain it.....yes that COULD explain it, but the Kalinago were of Kalina (South American 'Carib') fathers and Igneri-Arawak mothers (from the Lesser Antilles) - and COULD just as easily have learned not to eat pork from the pre-Kalinago Malian influence over Igneri society (of which they co-emerged).   
We also know for a FACT that the Igneri were an Arawakan language speaking people, AND we know for a FACT that the Garifuna language is predominantly an Arawakan one, any way you want to examine these two topics - I can show MORE PROOF of the African (Arab & Negroid) Malian-Igneri origin of the Garifuna - than YOU can show me credible evidence of the 'Olmecs were sub-Saharan Negroid Africans' theory.
Most genetically pure negroids do NOT have bearded faces, but Arabs and Negroids with Arab DNA in them did, hence even the old myth of my own country of Barbados that says 'Portuguese explorers in the 1500's saw bearded men on this island and named it 'Los Barbados' (meaning the Bearded ones) just only FURTHER adds to my presentation of the Malian evidence....St. Vincent is just 100 miles West of Barbados - and the two islands can be seen from each other's highest points on a clear day....I say the Malian fleet landed here as well and the Portuguese saw their bearded mixed race African/Arab/Amerindian descendants here in the 1500's and thus named our island as they did!
Undoubtedly subsequent escaped/runaway Negroid African slaves DID add to the Garifuna people, but I maintain the origins of Garifuna were NOT some 16th century wrecked European slave ship, but the documented 1311 Malian fleets arrival in the Lesser Antilles (from whence the Tainos said they traded with them FROM).
Forget the Olmec fairy tale comprehensively DEBUNKED by FACTS in all 3 videos below, let us celebrate the Malian-Igneri creation of the Garifuna people - which as I demonstrated CAN be proven on MANY levels!  

There is even evidence now that Phonecians ALSO reached the Americas before Columbus - and that could ALSO explain why the Olmec ALSO carved a Caucasoid looking head....I have reached the far more logical and less racially insulting conclusion - that the Olmec and other Amerindian first nations of the Americas - received both Negroid AND Caucasoid seafarers in their time and recorded these 'different-looking' people they encountered in stone....but the FACT remains - the Mongoloids were the first peoples in the Americas, not sub-Saharan Africans or Europeans...they surely arrived in the Americas BEFORE Columbus, but NOT before the Mongoloids.

Besides African - there is ALSO undeniable evidence of Vikings, Polynesians and Romans - reaching the Americas before Columbus, but none of these voyages led to a lasting contact between the old world and the new, they survived here for some time - then were killed-off by the Mongoloid even though we all loathe Columbus, we have to admit that this villain is the only one that had a lasting impact on the history of the world in terms of the western hemisphere.  
It is of VITAL IMPORTANCE that if you WANT to believe in the unproven theories of Afrocentrism concerning the Olmecs - that you watch ALL 3 of these videos and take note of all the scientific FACTS presented, then one by one try to PROVE that these facts are wrong - and your Afrocentric speculations are RIGHT.....any intelligent non-emotionally and non racially biased LOGICAL person would do this.....but a fool will hold on to anything that boosts his ego and sense of racial 'grandiosity' (i.e 'my people were the first and best to go everywhere and do everything' which is what I hear between the lines when Afro-centrists - just like the Euro-centrists they condemn - begin to make their unproven claims) even though they are technically just theories.   






  1. Thank you VERY much for posting this. My father's family is from the state of Veracruz of Olmec descent; they still speak a Native American language and no one mistakes them or me for Africans or mixed race. A lot of people who make these claims have never been to the former Olmec nation or seen the descendants of the Olmecs in person. It takes seeing the Olmec people in person to understand why their ancestral statues can be mistaken for African.

  2. There were no "Mongoloids" in thr Americas before 1492, The Arnaiz study specifically states that Native Americans, except the Na Dine Athabaskans of Northern North America, are NOT related to East Asians, Africans, Europeans, Polynesians/Oceanians, Australian Aborigines, they are not Mongololoids, and all their ancient ancestors had no Mongoloid Skull shapes, or DNA because they are genetically closer to their modern NA descendants, than their supposedly mongoloid East Asian Ancestors! Why?! If thats who they descend from!? The Native Americans are their own racial group and the sooner people realize it the better!

  3. Yeah, ALL native American groups go back to Asia. They started in Asia, went up to North Eurasia, got mixed. Overtime of being their own group their DNA began turning into their own. They crossed, some stayed, some went, but all have remains of East Asian DNA. It has been found in the new and the old remains, and in all the tested Natives.
    No new info has been found that would crush the theory and facts.