Thursday, 1 May 2014


Today is supposed to be May Day...'Workers Day'...but many workers in my own little country of Barbados (like much of the world) do not have much to celebrate today.

When I add up the lay-offs of government employees that have been reported to me (just from casual conversation - because I like to ask probing questions) by people in those same government departments, I realize that more have lost their jobs than we think, the majority of cases are NOT being publicized, so we get a false sense of how severe the situation for many families has become - if we depend on 'trusted media' to inform us.

This is a time that will PROVE the utter failure of the 'Nuclear Family' concept, that ill-conceived idea that fooled most in 'progressive-modernist society' that 'The ONLY thing that matters is the two parents and their children' (forget grandparents, uncles, aunts & cousins).....because that traditional extended social safety net that was NORMAL for human society for the last several TENS OF THOUSANDS OF YEARS - is the ONLY thing that will save us now and help us to collectively weather the global storms (of all kinds).
If you are a single parent and you lose your job, or if you AND your spouse lose your jobs...who will you run to for help & support? Friends (if you have true ones) may fill that extended support role, but you are just as likely to realize that your 'friends' are of the 'fair-weather' sort...when things are good in your life - they are happy to affix themselves to you like a leech....but when hard times hit you - they drop off to find another host to parasite.

MORE often than not, your own parents, your siblings, and your uncles, aunts & cousins - will be the ones that you can turn to for help - and obtain it WITH love and WITHOUT judgement..... but if even that last resort option is not there for you, you are in a very sorry state indeed....and you might want to re-examine your life outside of the context of your self-adopted 'woe is me - the world is against me' attitude (playing the tiniest Violin on Earth in your mind)...and see if YOU have not burned those family bridges behind you YOURSELF in your own life.

Damon Gerard Corrie
1 May 2014

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