Saturday, 3 May 2014


One should study an animal before identifying oneself with it, it is popular for a lot of men in the African diaspora identify themselves with the Majestic looking African Lion.....'Majestic looking' is key here...for in the real life actual habits of a Lion - one finds many ignoble things, such as these 3 key facts:

1. A Lion hates the children of other lions (and 'tolerates' his own children as long as they don't get in the way of anything HE wants), and in order to have sex with the mothers of other men's children a Lion will KILL those other men's many Kings and Emperors.

2. A Lion wants (and does by physical brute force) RULE his family, and he is never content with only one wife either, he likes to have several 'child mothers' many Kings and Emperors.

3. A Lion does the LEAST work in the family he rules like a King, his child mothers (the Lionesses) do ALL the work providing food for the family...yet the Lion expects to eat FIRST and eat the MOST, until his belly is full he will literally beat the shit out of his child mothers and his own children if they try to eat before he is done stuffing his guts...he sees nothing wrong with letting everyone else is HIS world - eat his leftovers...for in his mind - he is physically strongest so he matters the many Kings and Emperors.

Is the Lion really the BEST animal role model people of African descent should choose to self-identify with? I think it is time they begin to distance themselves from this (looks ARE deceiving) 'majestic-looking animal' and choose one of the MANY other significant - and more genuinely noble in character - animals from the Great Continent.....why not an African Elephant? Here are 6 good reasons why:

1 - An African Elephant is the largest most powerful land animal on Earth, no unarmed man (no matter how expert a fighter or strong a weightlifter) and NO other land animal PERIOD can defeat an African Elephant in a fight.

2 - An Elephant has the best memory (it NEVER forgets).

3 - An Elephant hears in ultrasound - so hears what most other living things cannot (gifted & wise).

4 - An Elephant is FAITHFUL to it's family and defends it's own with it's life.

5 - An Elephant remembers it's ancestors, and shows respect to it's dead every time it returns to their mortal remains.

6 - An Elephant only kills other animals in SELF DEFENSE, if you leave it alone in peace - it will leave you alone in peace.

When you become aware of the facts behind the 'image' - you should ask yourself about the mentality of the person who self identifies with an inferior example when a superior example exists....and why did the people who first glorified the affinity with such a poor choice do so...and why did they seek to deceive others with such a choice...was it deliberate? Who in their right mind believes anyone with deep spirituality would fail to recognize these obvious & observable traits and characteristics and seek to glorify the one that exhibits more of the negative? Just because a King or Emperor self-identifies with a Lion - why should you? The King or Emperor has good reason to do so....he shares much of these 'I rule over you because I am so great' character flaws of the Lion he adores.

Every indigenous holy man I know has told me to 'study the animals for they can teach you everything you need to know about the right way and the wrong way to live, learn from their strengths AND their weaknesses'. No animal - though they are all made by the Creator - is an example of 'perfection' can be 'a faithful friend like a dog'...but you can also be 'an ass smeller who rolls over for people more powerful than you like a dog' too!  Adopt their positives....and reject their negatives, and you will be on the right path in life.

Damon Gerard Corrie
3 May 2014

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