Friday, 11 April 2014


One of the reasons I love to quote Jesus and Mohammed, Buddha etc. - is because the vast majority of the hypocrites in the world 'claim' to be the followers of one of these no point me quoting an indigenous holy man that they probably never heard of - and certainly will not have to 'beat' them at their own game with their own 'perfect example' has served me well, many a priest/pastor has been laid low when trying to use 'Biblical arguments' with me from  sources other than the 4 Gospels....I ask them 'Are you a follower of Jesus'? If you are - here is what HE had to your quotes from anyone else are inferior and insignificant to the sayings of your own master....if your claims to be his devoted follower are true.

A great example is 'No-one reaches the father except through me' - which Jesus said, they use this to say anyone who does not worship Jesus cannot enter heaven....I ask "where did Jesus say specifically that HE was GOD and that HE was to be worshipped?"...I recall very clearly the only quote that is used is the 'I and the father are one' (in many ways I and my firstborn son are 'one' too, even look alike, but is he me? Am I him?) ...which he said ONCE.....but he ALSO said "Do not call ME Holy for only the father who sent me is Holy"...and also "Neither I nor the Angels know of the hour of my return - only the father knows" (if Jesus WAS God he would know wouldn't he?) ....and again "Call no man your father - your father is in heaven" (therefore we are ALL sons & daughters of God...just obviously not as perfect as him)...and again "Father let this cup pass from me" (when he sweat blood before his cruel torture in the Garden of Gethsemane..would God ask himself to save himself from the torture?)...and yet again on the cross "Father why have YOU forsaken me?" and "Father forgive them for they know not what they do" (If Jesus is God is he a schizophrenic talking to himself in the 3rd person all the time?)...Jesus most clearly and most frequently told us very clearly that he is SON of God - never once did he say that he IS God.....only in organised religion in Europe did this idea get inserted into the minds of people who seem incapable of reading Jesus's own words themselves.

So hopefully, you are intelligent enough to realise BY HIS OWN WORDS that Jesus is NOT God, and never did Jesus tell anyone to worship HIM - only his/our Heavenly father God/Creator/Great Holy Spirit.
Likewise, any intelligent person can see that when he said "No-one gets to the father except through me" - he OBVIOUSLY did not mean it literally (or we would have to literally pass through him to get into heaven, do we walk through his spirit like a door/cobweb?).....logically we can deduce that no-one who does not LIVE the way he prescribed and follow his righteous example of loving others as you love yourself - can enter heaven......and this allows for ALL gods children to attain paradise for there are good people living the life Jesus prescribed in EVERY race/tribe/religion o Earth.....this 'Jesus worship' exclusive VIP club is very CONTRARY to what Jesus said and did.....and quite frankly - i'm offended that so-called 'Christians' seem still so unable to shed this Eurocentric biased and ignorant nonsense and see things from a TRULY Christlike love, compassion & mercy perspective......maybe they like to believe that ALL their ancestors from the dawn of time till relatively recently are 'excluded from heaven because they did not worship Jesus'...but I for one can't imagine my heavenly father - who made them as well as me - to be so cruel and wicked that he would deny so many souls their just reward for living good lives (unless you think all your own ancestors were 'evil' and 'deserve to suffer' as I know you are quite fond of Hell which case you SERIOUSLY need urgent mental help and counselling).

When Jesus - himself a fellow indigenous long-haired indigenous man of the Hebrew Tribal Nation - said "I am the way, the truth and the light", can you not see he was the EXAMPLE we should all follow in order to lead more spiritually conscious lives? He showed us the WAY to live, he spoke only the TRUTH to us, and he shone the Creators LIGHT in this world....if you can't understand that and prefer to engage in the literal worship of the divine messenger instead, there is not much anyone can do to expand your consciousness or aid in your own spiritual development...and you will have to wallow in your own limited understanding of far bigger concepts and precepts for the time being....hopefully not forever.

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