Friday, 18 April 2014


This idea came to me as I departed Union island in the southern Grenadines today, a government worker told me about the drought they had on Union island a few years ago, it was so severe and lasted so long - the government on the big island (aka 'mainland') had to ferry tons of potable water by sea from Saint Vincent to Union Island at the southern end of this island chain nation; and the worker ended by telling me: "So if you want to invest in a small desalination plant here that would be really great, the people really need it, and they would pay a monthly water bill to get it".

At first I saw this from a comical perspective, asking myself in my mind: "Do I look like I have so much money that I can invest in a desalination plant?" (I have been self-employed since I was 17, and I have been able to take care of the needs of my family of 6, but I certainly do not have millions or even thousands to spare that I could 'invest' in such a project...noble and desperately needed though it is).

There are NO springs, streams or rivers on Union island, except for the ones that exist VERY briefly - to channel rain run-off into the sea - when the rainy season comes around once a year (May/June/July).
The 2,000+ Union Islanders depend on collecting infrequent rainfall on their galvanise rooftops and storing it in large water storage tanks.....this does not always suffice.

If there was a kindhearted humanitarian that could donate, or if the mainland government would allocate the funds necessary in their budget.....for only US$121,000.00 (one hundred and twenty-one thousand United States dollars) - Union Island could have a permanent & guaranteed water supply.  
Union Island is nonetheless a magical island of unspoilt natural beauty - surrounded by dozens of OTHER islands of stunning and equally unspoilt natural beauty.
Union Island has a seaport, and a small airport (unable to take any aircraft larger than a twin-otter), electricity, phone, internet, cheap healthy natural food, and some of the best beaches & eco-tourism hidden gems anywhere in the Caribbean.  
The islanders are respectful and friendly, glowing in that 'old school charm' and 'little to no crime' that is fast disappearing all over the developing world.

A desalination plant would make an ALREADY attractive island (Union) to invest in even MORE attractive, because the removal of being at the mercy of the rains - would spur economic INCLUDING AGRICULTURAL development and lead to improved standards of living for these humble good-natured and welcoming people.

Damon Gerard Corrie

Please see the links below for a Desalination Plant manufacturer, and info about Solar Power being increasingly used to power such plants, thereby ensuring energy sustainability to further compliment the potable water sustainability that a desalination plant would provide.  

DESALINATION PLANTS 60,000 US Gallons daily output for only US$121,000.00


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