Thursday, 10 April 2014


If Scotland 'overwhelmingly votes NO' for Independence again ....we will be saying to ourselves:  "See, the Scottish people don't want Independence"...we truly underestimate the power of BIASED media to influence public opinion.....I truly believe MOST people would prefer to be Independent, especially if they would have a higher standard of the Scots would with the natural resources they have - if they had only to share it among their small population and shed the millions of English parasites that have been leeching their resources for hundreds of years. 

My father's ancestor (Walter Corrie) did not fight under the inspiration ignited by the great William Wallace for Scottish freedom - to see his countrymen become content to be lap-dogs of the English forever. It is time for Scotsmen to reclaim their God-given birthright to live in TRUE and ABSOLUTE FREEDOM.

They need only look to the Welsh and Cornish...for those two peoples will NEVER be on equal footing to their English masters EVER again, they will know nothing but political servility that a future REAL Scotsmen and women want?

NB - 1341 - Edinburgh Castle is brilliantly captured from the English occupational forces in an operation led by Sir William Douglas - who disguised himself as a merchant & succeeded in positioning a cart containing 12 Scottish patriots in front of the Portico whereupon the band sprang from their hiding place - quickly dispatching the startled English sentries and rushed in to seize the castle. The bodies of English soldiers they surprised inside were thrown over the walls. Among this group of 12 Scots was Walter de Corrie - who unlike his father Sir Walter de Corrie, was fiercely loyal to the cause of Scottish nationalism. He was rewarded for his heroism in the following year by King David II of Scotland - for the capture (among other military victories) had paved the way for the King's return from Exile.

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