Friday, 25 April 2014


The image above might offend you, or you might agree with it, I really am not concerned either way, I use it to visually illustrate what I expand on below in words, an important point - that is likely to lead us into World War III.

This is the image in most Russians minds when they visualise these two world leaders, Putin the 'macho' man....and Obama the 'wimp'.

I am certain in Putin's own mind this image is 'true' as well.....I know this, and every Russian knows this.

Putin is far more concerned with how RUSSIANS view him - and leaving a legacy that will allow him to be 'popular dictator for-life' in Russia...he does not give a rat's ass about what people in the rest of the western world think of him.

Cognizant of this, Putin will NEVER capitulate to the demands of his 'wimp' adversary, at best...he might play along - to give the impression he is 'caving' - only to engineer an incident that will allow him to slip back into 'top dog/Alpha male' position.....they don't call him the 'Russian Weasel' for nothing.

It could very well be a 'testosterone' thing...if you are a male, think back to your school days, now unless you were the 'wimp' - i'm pretty sure you would NOT have let the school wimp tell YOU what to do, or give you ultimatums...heaven forbid the school wimp should ever 'threaten' you.....if YOU were the one seen as the 'tough' guy in school - I guarantee that you would have given any wimp who threatened you a real ass-whipping...just so he learned to respect you and know his 'place' in the school microcosm.

As hard as it might be for you to believe, in Putin's mind (according to everyone close to him who has broken ranks) - this is EXACTLY his mentality to this day! If he considers you his manly 'inferior' he will NEVER let YOU 'push him around'.....he has a fanatical determination to remind you that HE is 'boss'...not you...and you better not forget it.

So if you (or anyone else) is confidently predicting that 'Russia will eventually back down in the face of US pressure' - you are ONLY fooling yourself, as long as Putin is alive and in charge....he will do exactly as HE wants to do....and you and me and everyone else can go screw ourselves. 

The USA is also obsessed with 'image'....but unlike Russia which is playing to the domestic audience image primarily, the USA is about as conscious of it's global image as it is it's domestic image - but with leaders who only need to appease the public for the first 5 years, the second 5 years they can pretty much downplay the relevance of public opinion - it's not like they can run again for the Presidency anyway) , and this is just as dangerous....because the USA wants the world to 'look up to it' as some preeminent moral and military power on Earth...the 'World's Policeman' (even though it is quite often the World's criminal too) the USA has (and will) adopt rhetoric and concrete courses of action that are intended to support/boost their global public image of 'power and prestige' (and 'righteousness' - don't forget that)....and this will ALSO herd us ever onward toward the bottleneck of 'rhetoric becoming reality'....only in this case, that means ANOTHER Global War, one that will begin with the USA and Russia....but soon spread to every geographical region of Earth - with each side echoing the infamous words "You are either with us or against us".

Never underestimate the power of the egos of men to take control of their thoughts and actions.

Perhaps Obama will try to shed his 'global wimp' image and re-cast himself as the 'Wyatt Earp' of the 'free world'.....who knows, but I know Putin will NEVER shed his 'macho' image and don the tunic of a 'sissy'.

Enjoy these last days, weeks, months - and MAYBE years, of normalcy you have left.....BUT keep your eye on the developments in Ukraine, it is the best candidate for the spark that will ignite WWIII....unless the USA invades Syria or Iran with their troops - in which case Russia AND China will jump into the fray against them - and we'll get our nightmare scenario THAT way instead.

Meanwhile...NO-ONE is talking about the lives of hundreds of thousands of Indigenous people in Crimea & Ukraine, who's whole world has changed in an instant......will they ever live normal lives in their own lands again? Or will they be consigned to present and untold future generations of 'survival mode' - trying to avoid being trampled underfoot as the 'Great powers' fight over what never belonged to them in the first place?

Damon Gerard Corrie
25 April 2014


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