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Johan Huibers of the Netherlands isn't one to be dissuaded. 
After 20 years, the professional builder completed his goal of building a full-scale, fully-operational version of Noah's Ark, using Genesis, books 6-9, in The Bible as his guide. 
Huibers converted cubits to modern measurements to pull off the feat, reports the Associated Press, leading to an impressive wooden vessel that is 427 feet long, 95 feet wide and 75 feet high. 

The key here...for open-minded intelligent people, is not to convince themselves that the entire 'Noah' story is a lie...but to methodologically scrutinise the claims made in the story and try to find out what aspect of them could be scientifically true.
For is not 'just a Hebrew story'....there are in fact 277 different indigenous cultures that I am aware of around the world (in Asia, Africa, South America, North America and Australia) who knew NOTHING of the Bible - that say the same 4 general key facts....i.e ' one man and his family, animals gathered into a large vessel, earth flooded and most life extinguished, humanity re-populates the Earth again'.
In these 277 stories only in 1 (the Sumerian) does it say that 'others' survived by going up into the sky, only to descend back onto dry land....and these 'others' were the 'Gods of this world who's symbol was the Serpent'...the same ones that corrupted mankind in the first place...the 'watchers' who took up residence on the Earth (after being cast down from the heavens/universe (the word has the same meaning) and taught us everything that took our childlike innocence and harmonious relationship in the garden of Edom (not 'Eden') with the rest of Creation away (in the new Hollywood Noah movie the watchers are portrayed as the 'good guys')...the Sumerians also say these 'Serpent Gods of this world' seeded all the royal families of the Earth with their own blood to rule over mankind (might explain the obsession of human 'royal families' with keeping their 'bloodline pure'...also why the Serpent is prominent in many of their founding stories ..many origin myths of royal lineages around the world speak of either one or several 'flying serpent Gods' being their founder).
The current Hollywood version ALSO re-inserts the 'serpent connection (you think by coincidence?) - when it shows that the one tangible item of 'gods (or the Serpent Gods?) covenant with the human survivors is the shed skin of a 276 of the flood stories worldwide this does NOT feature...only in the Sumerian one which acknowledges the watchers to be demonic NOT angelic....makes you wonder what force controls Hollywood really and truly.

It might sound all rather bizarre and incredible to most, but Christians should note that their Bible also alludes to this 'flying Serpent' phenomenon, one place is Isaiah 14:29
"Do not rejoice, O Philistia, all of you, Because the rod that struck you is broken; For from the serpent's root a viper will come out, And its fruit will be a flying serpent."

But let us get back to the story, 40 days & nights of rainfall is scientifically possible due to the only NOW discovered 'sea under the Earth'....a major seismic eruption in the mantle could release trillions of tonnes of water vapour into our atmosphere from the huge ocean discovered under the Earth's mantle in the scientific article linked to this story below, which would then condense into clouds and fall to earth as rain, a rain that could fall for 40 days & nights if the seismic eruption was great enough.

Two of EVERY species of animal on Earth is impossible...if you are one of the people who counter by saying 'anything is possible for God'...I counter by saying "well if God magically put two of every species of animal on the WHOLE Earth into one huge boat, then also magically put them all back on all the different continents separated by water (making it impossible for land animals to return to their countries of origin)...why did he not just skip this whole waste of time and just magically restore the animal life globally after the flood? Or just magically smite all the wicked humans off the face of the Earth instead of killing the innocent with the guilty? He did it after all to punish wicked humans - not innocent animals right?....if we are going to give this thing some genuine credibility we have to be scientific and rational, a man and his family COULD have built a large vessel, COULD have survived a global flood, COULD have taken all the animal  species in their geographic area with them (not many species inhabit any middle Eastern country so take your pick...I could gather pairs of ALL known species in any middle eastern country you choose myself if given the resources and a year to focus on this pursuit...nothing incredible in this premise at all).....the movie portrays the animals as magically falling into some kind of coma/suspended animation/hibernation once on board the Ark.....but this trends to supernatural intervention leading back to my assertion that "why stop there? why didn't God do it all magically and avoid the wasted time", if we are to take the tale seriously on face value, we must understand how it could have ACTUALLY happened, even the story does not say any divine magic came into play, just human effort & ingenuity based on a revelation/vision/dream from God.....nothing unusual there, millions of people have premonitions in dreams/visions worldwide (including myself).
To have the food required to keep you and your small family - and TWO of all the species in your region alive is not hard to believe, you know these species, know what they eat because you grew up seeing them in your environment....but how would you know what a selective feeder foreign species (say a Bamboo eating Panda from China for example) would eat? More importantly - how could a slow moving Panda travel from the mountains of inner China to the central Middle East where the Noah story is based? Or a Galapagos Tortoise (which cannot swim) from the islands of Ecuador's Pacific coast for that matter? It would take a pair of Pandas (or tortoises) more years than their entire lifespan to cover the thousands of miles between these two regions of the world...and let us not delve back into any 'divine magic made it possible' story....let us deal purely with this issue from a COMMON SENSE scientific plausibility angle.

In THIS way, we can see that #1 - A global flood was not only scientifically possible - but scientifically accepted to have occurred sometime in our past.
#2 - The 40 days & nights of rain IS scientifically possible.
#3 - A tale of one man and his family receiving a premonition dream/vision and building a large boat over some years is credible and is the THE most widely known pan-Global myth in existence...which points to it having a solid foundation in truth - for 277 different cultures unknown to each other CANNOT all invent the same lie.
#4 - I have demonstrated how anyone COULD capture and house pairs of every species in any middle eastern (or their own) country (the Middle East is not very abundant in wildlife) whether 'Noah' was in Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Arabia, Turkey, Syria etc....and how scientifically - it is logically impossible to gather in one place a pair of EVERY animal species (Mammal, Bird, Reptile, Amphibian, Insect, Arachnid and every other of the tens of thousands of invertebrate species from EVERY geographic region of the Earth).
NB - And what about ALL the species of plants? He would have needed to save the seeds of EVERY plant species too (as we humans have done today in the Seed Ark in Norway).

Perhaps 277 different families in different parts of the world had the same premonition/vision and they all built the same kind of vessel - in each of the geographic regions of the world where they lived? THAT (277 different families of different ethnicities) IS a baseline human gene pool that COULD scientifically repopulate the Earth very logically! Such vessels would have been wood, and would have either rotted away long ago - or been recycled to built the first new human habitations who had the technological know-how to construct such large boats in the first place.

That is a more credible version that would explain how people in every region of Earth remember this tale just with different main hero names...because surely the Ark of Noah could not have preserved the entire human race...even if - as we read in the Hebrew version - of Noah's 3 was a Caucasoid, one a Mongoloid and one a Negroid.....who did they mate with to give rise to the 3 very distinct human 'races' alive today? Even if they had 3 sisters who each resembled each brother...the science of genetics (and Genes are God made not man-made) makes it impossible for such inbreeding to NOT result in severe genetic defects and extinction in a very short span of generations.

The only way this 'Ark' scenario can be intelligently rationalised using existing evidence, is for multiple Ark scenarios with multiple human gene pool scenarios - and this would explain the multiple DIFFERENT Ark builder names in 277 great flood stories that exist. Only this way can the tale be plausibly true at it's core and in it's essential 'facts' and STILL have our scientific bases all covered.

I have no problem accepting the great flood tale, but NOT with 'blind' faith...Jesus never said anything positive about being blind to anything...on the contrary he extolled the virtue of have 'eyes to see and ears to hear'....and I use the brain my Creator gave me to intelligently nullify/verify what I am told/expected to believe. My faith is not blind to anything.

Here are most of the 277 Flood stories in cultures worldwide that I refer to in my article:

See number 3 in video clip below: "In 70,000 BC (72,000 years ago) the worlds population of humans mysteriously dropped to only 2,000 persons"...that fact seems to somewhat support my hypothesis about several Arks and 277 (minimum based on 'flood stories - each with a male hero of a DIFFERENT name - I am aware of in cultures worldwide) surviving families ...that is just an average of 7.2...did not the Noah story we know say - Noah, his wife, his 3 sons and their 3 daughters survived in HIS Ark...that is 8 people, isn't it possible the other 276 families similarly surviving this global flood would have had similar (not exact numbers)...8, 7, 6, 5 etc?

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