Saturday, 19 April 2014


Putin is a rather clever fellow, so far he has obtained all his heart desires so why stop now? He's obviously on a roll. Most PSYCHOPATHS are...and most of the 'successful' people in human society are psychopaths of one degree or another....including some of your idols.
I hear some saying - The armed protesters in Eastern Ukraine are 'obviously' NOT under his control - because they are ignoring the deal Putin agreed to and saying openly they do not recognise the authority of the folks from any side who negotiated that deal. Only a trusting person (unfortunately most of us are) would fall for that ruse.

Putin has cleverly ordered his functionaries to openly defy him in public (while continuing to do his bidding in private) - to give his 'these are NOT my functionaries' excuse that much more credibility in the eyes of the Court of Public Opinion.
The next move is to wait for (or orchestrate just as the west does to guarantee a certain result) harm being done to them (not all, sacrificing a few will suffice), for they are ethnic Russians and 'his people' after all....then come in like a heroic defender of innocent fellow countrymen who have a legitimate demand (for a peaceful Referendum) in the face of Ukrainian 'brutality' from a government that ITSELF came to power in a civil coup - in scenario A....or sit back and watch the Ukranians continue to fumble and stumble with empty gestures (if they fear their obviously weak hand) and the referendum goes ahead as desired....and you just take the land as easily as you took Crimea; and the world looks on impotently (again) - in scenario B.
Stalin (whom I think Putin admires greatly) was also a very deceptively clever fellow, when he realised his own son hated him - he found a way to increase his popularity in the eyes of the public AND get rid of his son at the same time....he addressed his country, with the same 'expression of sorrow' (like wiping away invisible tears President 'Decepticon' does) and said in a solemn manner...."My fellow countrymen, I know you are making great sacrifices in sending your sons and daughters to fight and die in defence of the fatherland, so on this day I stand in solidarity with you and I too send my beloved son to the western front to share in this honor, this great sacrifice at your side" was win-win for Stalin, he got rid of his idiot son (as he considered him) AND received the tusting love and admiration of MILLIONS of Russians who believed in the 'sincerity' of every word that came out of his lying mouth...just like President 'Decepticon' in the west..because 'their President' shared in their sacrifice & pain (in their gullible minds).
Nothing new under the Sun indeed.

Most Psychopaths are successful, and if you watch the clip, most corporate/politically successful people exhibit psychopathic be a 'Captain of Industry' you have to step on a lot of people and stroke your ego quite a lot....society does not consider a Holy man to be 'successful' - but the founder of a Banking Dynasty is a 'successful Captain of Industry' and 'Pillar of Society' hence the assertion...look at who predominates in the room when society's elite gather together, a few legal and medical professionals, but mainly other people with big egos and inflated sense of importance, and not much empathy with those 'lower' down on the Social Totem pole 'below' them.
Not all - or even most - Psychopaths are violent criminals - as the imagination conjures in our heads. 10% of humans have 'beginner level psychopathy' traits.



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