Monday, 28 April 2014


Playing pranks on others as a juvenile actually teaches valuable life lessons, well it did for me anyway. 
I learned that human beings are predictable emotionally reactionary creatures that more often than not fail to apply rational logical solutions to a given emotional stimuli..

Take for example my (our) fondness as teenagers for placing fresh dog mess in brown paper bags, putting those bags on the stone tile or concrete doorsteps/front door patio area - of people (we) determined were 'deserving' (like neighborhood racists). ..and then lighting those brown paper bags on fire and ringing the doorbell (and quickly running to conceal ourselves and watch the result).....100% of the time the person that opened the door (if wearing shoes) IMMEDIATELY reacted emotionally and stomped the fire out with one of their shoe covered feet, and thereby smeared dog feces all over their shoes and their, if they had reacted with REASON and LOGIC they would have just watched the fire finish burning the bag or calmly got a cup of water and poured it on the tiny combustion ongoing and had far less to was on stone tile or concrete for logic's sake, there was NEVER anything in proximity that it could have possibly caught why panic and overreact to a non-threatening situation?
Why - because in human beings - emotion and reflex action triggered by said emotional stimuli - almost ALWAYS trumps reason and logic. That was the lesson I learned, and it served me well all my life in dealing with other human beings be cognizant on their 'predictability' to various stimuli. 

This is why I can see things from the perspective of the elites who manipulate humanity in general (via the media they OWN and the political puppets they EMPLOY), they are also cognizant of these same kinds of factual observations - and use them to their great advantage - and OUR great detriment. 
They can orchestrate any crisis and use the guaranteed emotional reaction of the gullible public to get massive public support for an illegal war (as they did in the invasion of Iraq...over a decade later and we still NEVER found those 'weapons of mass destruction' they CONVINCED us Iraq had), or merely to divert the attention (like this Malaysian airliner 'disappearance') of the masses from BIGGER and more IMPORTANT issues underway (like the build-up to World War 3 in the region of Ukraine).
One might even go so far as to say the elites have turned 'pranks' into a high (and highly dangerous) art form....because at the end of the day they are the ones laughing - and the joke IS on US!

Damon Gerard Corrie
28 April 2014

A random photo from the internet of the famous flaming bag of dog poop prank

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