Saturday, 19 April 2014


This is a greatly inspiring AND vindicating video (3 separate clips actually) about the Hadza tribe in Africa (one of the oldest tribes on Earth), it PROVES what pro-traditionalist people like me have been saying for years....that most indigenous people who are STILL living the way all early humans lived (as hunter/gatherers)...actually live more genuine 'Godly'' lives than any urban society on Earth, so they do NOT need any Missionaries with Bibles or Korans coming into their communities to 'save their souls'....we might save our OWN souls by learning about THEM instead!

They have NO leaders, they always have only ONE husband or wife, the sexes have different roles but are still EQUAL, they cut down NO trees, they truly live in the spirit of Jesus's (to put it into a context Christians should understand) teaching that said "Do not worry about what you will eat, the animals do not plant nor reap yet the Creator provides enough food for them to eat every day - how much more-so will he provide for YOU to eat", and the cassava-like root tubers that are the staple diet of the Hadza can be found in the hundreds of pounds in each acre of wild land....all they need to do is to dig for them 'by the sweat of their brow' and they find enough to eat. Your mind might be so 'tuned-out' from spiritual beauty - that you may think this is 'backward' and 'primitive'....but as the Hadza say - they prefer their humble & simple life where the ONLY daily concern is the 3 hours a day (every morning) to secure food; leaving the REST of your day to enjoy life, enjoy your spouses company, enjoy your elders wisdom, enjoy your children's childhood! etc....ALL the simple yet most IMPORTANT things our 'rat-race' urban life diminishes or denies us.

Think about ALL the other CRAP that gives YOU reason to worry and stress YOURSELF out each day in this 'Economic slavery - Technology addicted so-called life we lead in urban societies....why is this natural simplicity so abhorrent to you? Has 'education' made you detest spiritual simplicity and natural truth?
In EVERY 'Creation Myth' the Creator puts naked humans to live AMONG the rest of the natural world, in NO 'Creation Myth' did the Creator put the first humans to live in any artificial urban setting.....ever ask yourself if this was deliberate? To teach us something greater in spiritual importance than the creations of our own hands perhaps? It would appear to be a 'hard' life (because of how artificially SOFT we have become), and most of us could not bear to give up our materialistic and spiritually dead lifestyles.....I recall Jesus saying that the 'right way to live spiritually was 'hard' and 'few could bear  to live it'......are you reading between the lines yet? Why is giving up all the spiritually meaningless - but technologically 'essential' devices so impossible for us to even contemplate (much less do).....have we convinced ourselves that 'gaining the whole world but losing our own soul' is an acceptable trade-off? Is this what our 'superior education' has bequeathed us?  
You must ask yourself - why? Why do you look upon these Godly people with such revulsion and cling SO devotedly to the ungodly life you 'exist' in instead? Ever considered that your cradle to grave 'brainwashing' is  a more comprehensively successful 'spiritual eviscerating system' than you ever imagined it to be?

Damon Gerard Corrie


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