Monday, 28 April 2014


When my bro Joseph Chin and I get together these are the kinds of things we can discuss together for hours on end, both the highly scientific genius of Einstein and the highly spiritual genius of Geronimo - tried to tell us a Universal truth.

Someone privately challenged me on my assertion that every statement is either TRUE or FALSE...they believe this is merely a matter of 'interpretation'....that is true up to a point and within a temporal space/time contextual frame of reference, but ultimately it will prove to be one OR the other as I have stated, what is true according to our present understanding/cognitive skills in this biological vessel we inhabit on this plane - may prove to be false upon our exit of this biological vehicle and re-emergence/return/restoration to our primary state of spiritual existence in sync with universal energy, knowledge, wisdom and higher consciousness.

Let us examine WATER, I say it is a living substance, my teacher in school challenged me with the criteria of 'consume, excrete, react' - and said "Animals & Plants do all 3 of these but water does not consume (food) or excrete (waste) or react (to stimuli) so it cannot be alive" in her mind, and according to her limited understanding at the time within her biological logically scientific frame of reference, what she said 'True'.....however, deeper subsequent scientific investigations have shown that on the microscopic level - water does INDEED respond to stimuli, water molecules change form & shape depending on something as seemingly incredible as 'word and intent' (see video below).....perhaps on an equally microscopic level water also consumes and excretes - and we just have not observed this process as yet in a lab setting.....we humans are too quick to forget the fact that EVERY 'holy book' (and every 'Holy Teacher') speaks of 'the living waters'...and they are not speaking of life forms that reside in water...they clearly refer to the water ITSELF 'having a voice to communicate with our souls in the spiritual realm of existence' (not in THIS physical one).    

Let me now take this debate into a realm that most would not want to follow, as it might seem too 'bizarre' or 'unseemly'.
Let us entertain for arguments sake, whether we truly KNOW for a FACT that the Sun is NOT alive.....on the surface how could a 'dead' thing be the key to virtually ALL life? After water the only other thing that most life depends on to exist is Sunlight.
The Sun consumes molecules that keep it blazing, it ejects solar flares (how do we know this is not it excreting particles it can no longer consume/utilize?) and it reacts to stimuli (cosmic actions cause Solar reactions)....surely we can only say with certainty that 'according to our current limited grasp of universal knowledge - we believe that the Sun is not alive, or the present fact - as we know and understand it, is that the Sun is NOT alive.....but it is possible that at a future time or in a future plane of existence, we may realize that what we presumed to be FALSE might actually prove to be TRUE....either way there is no 'middle'....a statement will ultimately prove to be TRUE or FALSE one way or another.

This short exercise was not meant to do anything except show you how limited the state and extent of 'knowledge' in human minds currently is, and how truly unfathomable in scope and potential Universal 'wisdom' truly can be.

Damon Gerard Corrie
28 April 2014

Interview with Dr. Masaru Emoto about the magic of Water

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