Sunday, 13 April 2014


Most people confuse Colonial/Neo-Colonial 'Political Nationality' with indigenous 'Tribal Nationality'.....anyone born in any Political Nation USA, CANADA, ENGLAND, SOUTH AFRICA, GUYANA etc.) can become a member of that Political merely exists on paper. But within those Political Nations - there exist indigenous Tribal Nations - and to be a member of these it HAS to be in your DNA, you inherit this birthright in your blood ONLY.

You can be born and live all you life on an Arawak or Kalinago territory - but if you are not of Arawak or Kalinago descent genetically - you will NEVER be an Arawak or a Kalinago...even if you live longer than Methuselah, likewise - unless you are of Welsh/Cornish descent genetically - just because you were born in Cornwall or Wales does NOT and NEVER WILL make you a 'Cornish person or Welshman' are just someone who was born in the territory of the Cornish or Welsh people. Again, if you have no genetic links to ANY indigenous tribe in Africa - just because you were born there (even if your non-indigenous ancestors settled there 1,000 years ago - but never miscegenated with the natives and therefore even after all this time you STILL have no tribal DNA connection to the will NEVER be an 'African'...merely someone who was born in the Dutch colonial settlers who call themselves 'Afrikaaners'.

When I say NO Englishman born in India/Africa/Australasia etc. who is devoid of any Indian/African/Autralasian tribal DNA connection is an 'Indian', 'African' or 'Australasian' - merely a citizen by birth of the Political Nation of India etc....folks get it....but when I put the shoe on the other foot and say no-one that has NO genetic links to any of the indigenous tribal nations of England - is an 'Englishman' - merely a citizen by birth of the Political Nation of England (UK technically) most folks don't get it.
Most African Elephants (Loxodonta africana) in Zoos in North America and Europe today were born there - from parents/grandparents/great grandparents who came from Africa...yet they are STILL 'African Elephants'.....none has yet - nor ever will - magically transform into 'North American' or 'European' Elephants....same goes for the Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus) matter where they give birth - and no-matter how long they live outside of India....they will ALWAYS be 'Indian Elephants'.  

Sure, your excuse might be - but humans are not elephants, and all people are human beings...but all Elephants are Elephants too....and an Italian-American, Irish-American, Arab-American, African-American etc. - will NEVER become a 'Native-American'...same way that African Elephant will never become a European Elephant etc.

We can argue all day about the spiritual non-importance of such matters, but I remind you that we are not in pure spirit form at this time, we are in physical biological form...and the physical and biological REALITY - is that these differences & distinctions DO exist, and when we try to ignore/disrespect them by imposing heavenly spiritual dynamics to earthbound physical realities such as 'We are all the same and everyone has the 'right' to live anywhere....we only cause WAR and SUFFERING.... for you must always remember that the SAME people (Europeans) who left their own lands and spread over the world and murdered others who were still living in their own lands in order to steal and colonise those lands - ALSO had the 'spiritual philosophy' that 'they have just as much right to live in other peoples lands as the people they found living there' (especially if they were able to take them  by force as they felt that meant God had 'favored' them and made it possible)...and we ALL know how much evil resulted from that disrespect and arrogant misguided attitude.

So in your cum-bi-ya worldview, telling yourself that this 'world citizenship' idea is the moral high ground and everyone should be forced to live by will in effect only be continuing the ignominious work of the conquest and extermination of indigenous peoples....because by inserting your foreign presence into the territories and cultures of other peoples you will be in effect DESTROYING those other peoples and cultures in the long run...for NO indigenous people  have been subjected to assimilation without becoming negatively impacted (many went extinct) by it....not one.....absolutely NO single 100% comprehensively positive example of the after-effects of non-indigenous people inserting themselves in the territories of indigenous peoples and ignoring/usurping indigenous cultural differences by trying to replace priceless genetic 'Tribal Nationality' with worthless paper 'Political Nationality'.

Yes, we can live as neighbors, but to be my neighbor it does NOT mean you live INSIDE my own damn house! A neighbor lives a respectful distance AWAY, and when we WANT to, we can voluntarily visit each other in peace and mutual respect.

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