Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Are you noticing how another 'Universally TRIVIAL crap item' has been recorded and selectively made public (the Racist Basketball Team owner)....as if he is the only one - or as if racism will be solved by this 'revelation' and 30 days of spotlight (the missing plane is no longer doing the trick) before the next 'big thing' is thrown into our view....he might be the only one caught on audio that's all) at someone's 'opportune time'....

So we (you) will be whipped into a righteous state of indignation over this new 'cause celebre' , and you will become convinced (due to the sheer volume of public faces & places discussing this incessantly for the next few WEEKS) that 'this IS a VERY important matter' that MUST be exposed, we 'MUST" focus on this in order to change things for the better' (NOTHING is going to change except in the form of 'cosmetic solutions' to this millennia old problem) dissected, examined under a microscope, and re-told/re-hashed/re-packaged and discussed in every forum a MILLION times so as to CONSUME a great measure of our (your) attention span....

Meanwhile - World War 3 is getting put into motion in Europe (YET AGAIN), and the rape and destruction of this - the ONLY planet we have, and the native people left alive trying to defend it - continues at breakneck speed...how many of us have even heard of the Keystone pipeline? Not as many as know that Kim Kardashian's ASS got bigger I can assure you!

This one racist fools words is a bad and condemn-able (albeit covertly quite common) thing....but compared to the millions who will die in the coming 'great war' and environmental destruction...it is a 'chicken shit issue' that is STILL going to exist 30 days from now when some new minor league bullshit (in comparison to what ELSE of far GREATER IMPORTANCE is going on in the world) becomes our (your) next 'headline news' item.

Stop being so easily emotionally manipulated, this is how they keep us IGNORANT of the most important things they are doing AGAINST HUMANITY outside of THEIR MEDIA (remember that fact) spotlight.    

Damon Gerard Corrie
29 April 2014

Racist Basketball Team owner Donald Sterling, just one of many racists in the world.

Meanwhile - ONE major break of this iron snake with spill venom into the drinking water of MILLIONS

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