Tuesday, 1 April 2014


 The man who 'discovered' it admitted before he died it was not a real 'disorder' some kids just have short attention spans (usually the ones who dislike reading) , some kids have long attention spans and love to read (devouring a book in one day if left alone), others are more visual, but a lot of post 1950's inventions have given rise to side-effects not hitherto existing in human societies, before humans typed (or manipulated video-game joysticks for hours every day) so much 'carpel-tunnel syndrome' did not exist, before humans never spent 8 hours a day sitting on their asses indoors, now these humans tend to suffer vitamin D3 deficiency (from lack of sunlight) and spinal problems (from being in a seated position too long and too frequently), for the last few millions of years our ancestors spend 8 hours a day on two feet outdoors receiving sunlight, women for ALL of previous human history gave birth in a body vertical squatting position and breast fed their babies, never had any back muscle pain - they used to give birth and get back on their feet and resume daily chores within an hour (Gravity pulls down, not sideways - so giving birth on your back puts pressure on your back muscles all through delivery whereas before it never did), before kids were being fed an overdose of sugars and junk food like they have been the last few decades in the 'civilised' world they were not so hyperactive, before tv flickering thousands of images into the human retina every minute - kids did not suffer from short attention spans as much as they do now..tv addicted kids find reading a book too slow and tortuously boring to deal with....not true 'disorders'....just side-effects from the unnatural technological age we live in....and then we still have a plethora of bullshit drugs that CREATE more negative symptoms & side-effects that only make these new problems even worse.


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