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The Crisis in Crimea is a perfect example of why the 'we are all humans and are free to live anywhere on the Earth that we want to' is DANGEROUS.....the indigenous peoples of Crimea USED to be the majority in Crimea, naturally - as they were the first people to live there, then Stalin came along and invaded with the army of the USSR during World War II, Stalin saw that it was a nice geographical area - and basically told a few million Russians - to "go and inhabit the Crimea (and he helped them to do so) - you have every right to live there - because we are all citizens of the USSR".....when the Russians were not displacing the TRUE indigenous Crimeans fast enough - he rounded up the indigenous Crimeans and deported them by the millions to other less desirable parts of the vast USSR.

However, Stalin could have waited and just kept settling the non-natives on native land (like in the USA) - the end result would have been the same, the people happily living in a land FIRST - get pushed out of the way (often killed) by people who came AFTER them and found them there.....sometimes you do not even have to shed a drop of blood, but if there are 1 million indigenous inhabiting their land - and 2 million non-indigenous come to live there telling themselves they 'have as much right to live in YOUR territory as you do' - their mere presence in overwhelming numbers reduces YOU to a 'minority' in your own homeland - and will destroy your indigenous culture and way of life - often completely (if they remain long enough and multiply fast enough).

This is why humans need to truly RESPECT other peoples (differences and PRE-EXISTING RIGHTS to the lands they inhabit), and as International Human Rights Laws clearly state - the people who inhabit a geographical area FIRST - if found there by peoples who arrived AFTER them...have MORE rights to that geographical area than ANY OTHER PEOPLES WHO ARRIVED SUBSEQUENTLY.

So as weird as it may sound to you, an Ethnic Indo-Aryan Hindu - Mr. X (for example) - born in Barbados (if he knows which tribal nation back in India he descends from) STILL has more 'rights' to his ancestors tribal lands in India than ANY non-indigenous person seeking to live on the tribal lands of Mr. X's people back in India - even if the non-Indigenous person was actually born in India (say a child of European ex-pats born in the New Delhi Hospital for example) even though Mr. X was born on the other side of the world in the Caribbean island of Barbados.

So basically, if you are not a Kalinago - you will NEVER have 'as much rights' to live in the island of Dominica as a Kalinago person do have a right to live there due to the circumstances beyond your control that caused you to be born there....but your rights are NOT equal to those of the indigenous people who were the landlords before your ancestors inherited the theft of the Kalinago lands from the Colonial invaders responsible for bringing your ancestors to Dominica.

A lot of West Indians have no problem understanding this FACT of International Law when I put it in the scenario of the Black Africans and the White Afrikaaner settlers...on the contrary - they see right away that 'no white man could ever have EQUAL rights/claim to land in sub-Saharan Africa as a black African....but when I point out the fact that the same scenario exists (just different ethnic players) in the entire Western Hemisphere - suddenly they cannot see it...and get highly offended and seek a million-and-one excuses as to why 'it is different in the Americas'.

To be fair to Europeans - in their own continent no non-Caucasoid person has any EQUAL claim to the tribal territories of Europe either (the few that remain as recognised indigenous peoples - Basques, Samii etc.). This - as I said - is an INTERNATIONAL Human Rights Law, it exists for every ethnic group of mankind - not just for some and not others.

Humans are officially (Biologically) classified as an Ape, a species of bi-pedal hominid animal, so it might be useful to examine other animal species...a 'German Shepherd' dog born in Trinidad does not become a 'Trinidadian Shepherd'...everyone knows where that 'breed' (though they are ALL dogs) originated from...and we humans are just different 'breeds' of Homo Sapiens (though we are all humans) basically, and likewise we know where certain 'breeds' of human (in macro-speak = Caucasoid, Negroid, Mongoloid etc., in micro-speak = Celts, Slavs, Bantu, San, Han, Hmong etc.) originate from.. AS that particular 'breed' we now Indian Elephant born in a London Zoo does not suddenly become (it will never become infact) an 'English Elephant' has merely become an 'Indian Elephant that was born in England'...if it gets loose in the countryside of England - just like any other 'non-native species' - it will NOT be accorded the same 'legal right to exist in England' as any 'native species' will be treated as a 'foreign and invasive species not part of the natural environment' may get as highly offended as you want, but I am just telling you how International Law basically rules on these matters in a stark of a manner as I can using similar (but controversially different) examples (such as 'lesser' animals).

A famous Reggae singer once wrote a song the chorus of which said "No matter where you come from - as long as you are a black man - you're an African" (also - if you are a white person - no matter where you are in the world you are a European, you might not see yourself that way, and very few still think with a 'European' mindset...but the fact remains ALL 'white' people left from Europe and spread out in the world, they did not originate in Australia, New zealand, South Africa or Canada or the USA (and I can't figure out why people have a problem accepting this inescapable truth)....the reggae singer was more accurate (generally speaking) echoing these sentiments according to current legal codes concerning human ethnic groupings than most want to believe, this is why all these centuries later people are still classified as 'Afro-Guyanese' and 'African-American' (also Irish-American, Italian-American etc.). The ONLY people with the word 'Native' in front of their name/designation in THIS Hemisphere are the 'Native Americans' (aka 'Amerindians' - which is just the abbreviation of two words = 'American Indians')....and if you are from any other ethnic group you will never be classified as 'Native' in THIS Hemisphere...and neither will you ever have the SAME legal rights to any lands in this hemisphere (under International Human Rights Laws) as a 'Native American does'.

Yes - we are spiritual beings INSIDE of these biological realities we are born/incarnated into, but as long as we exist in this dimension/physical plane of existence, our differences ARE a fact of our daily lives, whether we like/dislike/acknowledge/reject this or not, and this is why we cannot go around disrespecting other peoples differences and usurping their rights as uninvited (and ungrateful) guests in the geographical homes of others. If we understand and remain cognizant of this - these kinds of ethnic-cleansing human tragedies that we see unfolding in Crimea (and elsewhere) would stop happening.

Personally, I would LOVE to see EVERYONE embrace and celebrate their ancestral cultural origins, why do some Negroid peoples laugh at other Negroids who are proud of their African heritage - and refer to them if they see them dressed in African attire as 'silly looking' or 'foolish'? (meanwhile these same former category of persons are dressed/live/eat/think like PERFECT imitation Europeans themselves...which they don't find 'silly' or 'foolish' at all strangely).

Why do some New World Mongoloid peoples try to distance themselves from Old World Mongoloids as if they 'have nothing to do with us'? When in fact we have MORE to do with them biologically (and even culturally in many cases...go research Mongolian Shamanism or Siberian indigenous dwellings and customs) than ANYONE else!

Why do some Caucasoid peoples distance themselves from their European roots? It does not take long for them to find an ancestor that was born in Europe on their family tree - and in fact the MAJORITY of their ancestors WILL be European born....why fight the inescapable truth?
Look beyond Europe's dark period when it became a deadly virus-like infection in the world - to a time when Europe still had hundreds of flourishing indigenous tribal nations of it's own, defining and defending their own places in what was then their contemporary world - before the rise of Empires led them to their doom (and to cause the doom of hapless others worldwide). Your European Tribal Ancestors once lived in harmony with nature reason to turn your back on your own European heritage.
We can ALL be proud of our different and beautiful human ethnic diversities AND still live together in harmony - not by denying our differences, but by respecting them. 

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