Saturday, 15 March 2014


I shall be taking my brood to watch the new 'Jesus' movie (Son of God) tonight, together as a family; should I be ashamed to say that publicly?

I disdain 'Bible thumpers' (I am not a follower of the entire 'Bible' for that would make me a 'Biblican')....and I never attend Church - only rarely (like once a year) for the sake of someone else I love (no need to name her) for whom it actually means something, but I never deny the perfection of the teachings of Jesus either...and there is nowhere in the 4 Gospels where he tells anyone to gather in a building once a week or more (if you REALLY have time to waste on show without substance) in order to 'save your souls'...if I recall correctly - Jesus said we will be judged by the Creator according to our DEEDS done in THIS life to help others, not by being a regular attendant anywhere to sit, stand, kneel, donate money and listen to someone read (usually about Paul and other inferior players of the New Testament).

And I am damn sure I know full well the depth and depravity of heinous crimes and injustices done to MY ancestors (and many scandals & abuse that is STILL occurring worldwide) in the name of the 'Church' and in the name of 'Jesus'...but the big difference between ME and many others... lies in the fact that I do not let my mistrust, contempt & disdain for organised Christianity (and all forms of 'Organised religion' in fact) - make me turn against the Messenger or his message...I am mature enough - I think, to know the difference between initial divine truths and subsequent man-distorted lies.

To all of those people out there who have some deep seated hatred for anything that concerns the name 'Jesus' because of what false 'Christians' have done (or 'new' information being peddled - which they never suspect might itself be from the forces arrayed against this humble and divine teacher) - and are still doing...I merely challenge you to read the sayings of Jesus AGAIN, and tell me honestly - what aspect or part of what he had to say - do you find so offensive that in your mind you should REJECT everything concerning him?

You can nit-pick all manner of petty and spiritually insignificant and unimportant 'points' that you want...was he born on this date or that...was he this complexion or that...was he this height or that...was he crucified or not....was he resurrected or not....did he travel to this place or this the cloth that buried him or not.....and NONE of that makes one dam difference in the FACT that what he had to say was profoundly wise and worth implementing in our own lives - and we would ALL be better human beings if we did so.

There is nothing he preached that is against the spiritual wisdom teachings of my own Lokono-Arawak tribe, and nothing he said was against the manner in which we pray for the healing of others with sacred Tobacco in my family, the teachings of Jesus have not diminished or supplanted my ancestral animist spirituality in any way, it has only reinforced it by repeating the same core 'animals and plants can be used by the Creator in his dealings with men', 'love others as you love yourself', 'peace & love', 'generosity, 'self-sacrifice for others' philosophy.

So put THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

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