Monday, 31 March 2014


It might be an interesting project for me to list every war men in my family have fought in.....I mean, especially for my sons ...for me personally, I never felt that I was meant to 'merely live in a world at peace where the only 'important' thing was earning money' feels like a pretty worthless life to me....the way the world is heading...all those dreams of being in a future of conflicts that have plagued my mind since I was a lad of 10 - might yet come to pass, so be it, 30 years of premonitions have prepared me to face it with the same fortitude as my ancestors did 1000 years before me.

I can empathise with nobler causes, such as putting your life on the line for others and for causes much greater than your own my ancestors and family members who have participated (documented) in such wars over the last 1,000 years. As I tell my children always...'war' is not what makes one a 'great warrior' is how you conduct yourself in such evil times that determines whether you are 'great' or not.....not how many battles you have participated in - but how many of those battles revealed your bravery, your love for others you were trying to protect and willing to die doing so,...not how many victories you won - but how many lives of your defeated enemies did you spare when you had vanquished them and not murdered in vengeful cruelty....not how many enemies you have killed - but how many elders, women and children's lives you have SAVED.          

Just off the top of my head I can recount ancestor and family member participation in:

The Battle of Hastings 1066 (where my fathers ancestor is recorded as having 'slew many Englishmen with his sword on that day') and the Norman Invasion of England, the Crusades in the 1100-1200's (one ancestor died in Palestine as a Crusader, others survived), the Scottish Wars of Independence in the 1300's against England under Wallace, the War of the Roses in England in the 1400's,  the Anglo-Spanish war from the 1500's-1600's,  the English Civil War and the Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 1600's, the Anglo-Spanish war and American war of Independence (on the side of the British) of the 1700's, the Napoleonic wars of the 1800's, World War I, World War II, The Cuban Revolution, and the War in Angola - all of the 1900's.  

The photo below is of the medals cousin Aurelio (aka 'Yiyo') received for his role as a Guerrilla soldier in the Rebel Army of Fidel Castro in the 1959 Cuban Revolution. We tend to excel in the otherwise very stressful (for most others) situation of warfare, as though the ability to cope with the pressures of the madness 'come naturally to the men in our bloodline who more often than not - volunteer to serve.

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