Friday, 28 March 2014


Does ANYONE set up a chess board, putting pieces carefully in place - with no intention of commencing a game? Military assets are the 'chess pieces' of the superpowers (USA, Russia, China) - and they love to play this 'game' (and ALWAYS at OUR expense).

A few weeks ago when I was speculating that world war 3 is becoming more likely than UN-likely with each passing month...the usual cadre of 'status quo will prevail ad infinitum' naive cheerleaders were telling me "Commerce runs the world now - do you really think Russia or China would invade anyone when they are so dependent on global commerce now?"...but that is PRECISELY why it WILL happen, the world is so interconnected by commerce now (China OWNS most of the USA's debt in bonds - if China calls in that debt the US Economy - and dollar - collapses)...people think because the USA is still  the one country with the most nuclear weapons - that therefore no-other country will ever 'dare' to challenge this hegemony.
Russia IS already and China WILL next....and the pro's and cons of 'actually doing anything beyond mere words will prevail again...because the FACT is...the world (literally) cannot AFFORD to cease all trade with the USA, Russia OR China....they together run the world economy and need each other - despite all the political posturing  and rhetoric you will see them display publicly.

I am not saying they will never attempt to destroy each other...but I AM saying that IF they DO - they will do so the same way they have done so twice long drawn out bloody years of CONVENTIONAL warfare...the kind of slaughter that affects everyone severely EXCEPT the tiny elite that actually run the world from behind the wars have little to no effect on won't be them or their children who will die in these will be YOURS and MINE.

Did any of you who believe this 'another great war is not going to happen because of global commerce' rationale ever consider the numerous prophecies written by seers from different cultures in different parts of the world in different centuries - that ALL point to the inevitability (they ALREADY have foreseen it in visions) of this coming final global conflict #3?

NONE of them say it will be an all-out worldwide devastating Nuclear exchange that will be over in minutes, they ALL say it will last about 25 years and be CONVENTIONAL, laying bloody waste to 1/3 of the Earth (no continent will escape some carnage this time...just as WW1 only affected the 'continent' of Europe, but WW2 was bigger and affected other continents - WW3 will be biggest of all and will affect ALL continents) - and result in 1/3 of mankind's current population dying due to war, famine and disease CAUSED by this expect almost 2.5 BILLION of us to die by the time it is all over....and the same cartel of criminals who rule our lives today - will STILL emerge to rule the lives of the survivors at the end of this next round of 'Great war' bullshit.

It is BECAUSE we live in a world chained together by financial tethers - that a country such as Russia (or China - or the USA) CAN and WILL act aggressively (if they so desire) in these times we are living in ...because NO-ONE is truly going to do one damned-thing to STOP it, we may/will see opposing sides engage militarily directly or via proxies...but the USA/RUSSIA or CHINA are NOT going to launch a nuclear missile at each other when they know the recipient can retaliate the same way on them...remember the old African saying "When the Elephants fight it is the grass that suffers" is YOU and I...that are the 'little insignificant civilian populations' of the world who are the 'Grass' and the USA, Russia and China are the 'Elephants'...they will fight with a degree of self control (like boxers, limiting themselves to a temporary 'knock-out' of the opponent at best...not a 'kill' like in Gladiator combat) ...or just watch each other trample wherever desired....but they are not going to commit 'suicide' in our defence (though they will TRY to kill the other if victory is absolutely certain)....and in the meantime they WILL watch each other cause OUR deaths without losing any sleep among themselves.  

Damon Gerard Corrie
28 March 2014

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  1. Un hmmm! ...and that's the way they roast the turkey! Totally agree!