Monday, 31 March 2014


Take a read of what my Brazilian brother in the struggle to share knowledge with a world that increasingly prefers the bliss of ignorance..... 

Dear Sisters and Brothers spread all over Gaia:

As the world (shadow) leaders of stupidity and ruthless greed continue 
to push Mother Gaia into Her most serious man-caused transformation that 
might cause the end of the world as we know it 
there sure are voices that inform (what corporate media hides):

(To me) It is not a question of who to vote anymore. Since electoral 
democracy doesn't give any answers pro-life instead of pro-profit (for a 
few) anymore - ANYWHERE. And with every day that passes by and the world 
being steered into an abysm of no-return I see it as our (= the Peoples 
of One World) moral and survival duty to take things into our own hands. 
Now! And with no SUCH above-mentioned (shadow) leaders necessary. Yes we 
can! See the Zapatistas.

Yet I also ask myself more and more whether there actually still are 
many people out there who give a damn. As long as they manage to clinch 
on to a few leftover “privileges” (compared to the neoliberal 
waste-people and lumpen-proletariat concentrated outside the “G8” or 

To the comprehensive article I wrote and sent to you on the deadly 
impact of agribusiness-monocultures and the genocidal plight of 
Indigenous Peoples who defend Land as a common good and place of 
bio-diversity, diametrical to the neoliberal death imperative, and who 
are thus a living way/example OUT of the total destruction as coerced by 
the above-mentioned (shadow) leaders, has so far caused only four 
(northern indigenous) reactions. And none by those who I personally know 
and who personally know me and my struggle.
That makes me feel very sad. Asking myself a few questions I rather 
would not like to ask myself.

Ardaga Widor

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