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To me the BIGGER story worth noting here is how frequent in virtually ALL ancient texts - people deemed 'righteous' and full of spiritual wisdom were ALWAYS people with long hair (every Guru, every Mystic hermit etc), even Mohammed did not cut the hair on his face or head (most devout Muslim men STILL maintain full beards & shoulder length hair is the second most common look, clean shaved faces & heads is rare), not only Jesus - but EVERY Hebrew man (and virtually ALL 'un-civilised' peoples in every tribe) had long hair (shoulder length or greater), only the Romans (a spiritually dead & negative-entity-pantheon of Hedonistic 'gods' worshiping people) maintained clean shaven faces and close-cropped heads of hair (like the 'Apostle' Paul who grew up in Roman culture, claimed to have a divine vision, and then began to preach that 'it is a disgrace for a man to have long hair' in Paul's view Jesus and EVERY other non-Roman culture assimilated person is a 'disgrace'...note how frequently 'Paul' is quoted in most 'Christian Churches'...then wonder likely do NOT know of the 'Epistle of James' - because the organised Church deliberately omitted it from the Bible they gave us...but the half-brother of Jesus - James, who was one of the 12 Disciples chosen by Jesus himself said and I quote:    "Letters in the Epistle of James found with the Dead Sea Scrolls written by the disciple James the brother of Jesus called Paul "a spouter of lies" . The epistle of James was written in part for the trial of Paul at the church of Ephesus (Revelation 2:2) where Paul is that false apostle the Lord spoke about and was tried, found a heretic and expelled. Paul mentions this fact in  2 Timothy 1:15 This you know, that all those in Asia have turned away from me,"...only OUR Churches are still turning TO the words of Paul more than ANYONE else at every Church service.

But let us examine the long haired TRUE Buddha we ALSO are not told about (neither are most Buddhist monks who now follow a false doctrine of shaven heads as well..... as a deceiver ALSO infiltrated their 'organizing' of Buddha's teachings into a 'religion' as well...and used it to control millions of minds in the East (as Paul has succeeded to achieve in the West):

One of Buddha's disciples drew his image secretly, while Buddha was teaching.

Yes, Sakyamuni Buddha is of the Mongoloid race.

The original portrait stored in the British museum of the oldest image of the Buddha can be seen at the end of article.

Before the term Nepal came to exist from 4th B.C, it was called "Kiratdesh".

Kiratdesh was never part of Bharat (India) as mentioned in Veda and other Hindu scriptures.

Buddha was born into a Shakya family,whom are Mongoloid in race.That's why he is also known as "Sakyamuni"("sage of the Shakyas")

Come to Kathmandu and go to Newar towns in Patan and Bhakatpur. you would meet Shakya communities...a sub group of the Newar, then look them straight into their eyes and see if they look Indo-Aryan to you.

Now ask me what proof do you have that Shakya was Indo-Aryan? Just because he was from a royal family (Kshatriyas) doesn't mean he was from the Aryan race.

'Kshatriyas' refers to Warriors and Kings. There were Kirat (Mongoloid) kings and warriors too hence the 'Kshatriyas' category.

Over 2500+ years ago, the Himalayas region was a stronghold of Kiratas. 'Kiratas' means 'the Mongoloid race'. This is even mentioned in the Vedas, Puranas, Epic.

The Sutta Lakkhan, describes the Shakya, whom the Gautma Buddha was born into as "those yellow-skinned, soft and delicate as the bronze, his dark hair and black slanted eyes" (dialogues of the Buddha, Part III p.138)

Indo-Aryan writers wants to claim all the good things for themselves. Nowhere was Aryan Civilization at the foothills of the Himalayas during (Buddha and Shiva's time) which is over 2500+ years ago.The Aryan civilization and their settlement was at the upper reaches of the Indus, Yamuna, and Gangetic plains near Rajasthan in northwest India bordering with Pakistan

The foothill of the Himalayas region belongs to Mongoloid civilization whom the Aryan refer to as 'Kirat'. Still in doubt, please refer to this website and ask the vice-President of the Council of the World Buddhist University and Mahachulalongkornrajvidalya University in Bangkok, Thailand. 

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