Saturday, 23 June 2018


When this ordinary candle burned down to the last, it erupted into a large flame, and as I took snapshots of that large flame at 1 second intervals, because a voice told me to do so - to 'learn something hidden' I did and I captured dozens of letters, each one different and no two the same, which to most ancient language exerts I have shown - to be letters from an ancient language they do not know, but similar to some ancient languages they do.


One difference between RELIGION and SPIRITUALITY is this example...Religion tells you at best - a candle used in prayer is ordinary but the candle flame can be a representation of the light of God in your mind if that comforts you.
However, spirituality tells me that - just as all the ancient holy mystics said..'words are hidden and revealed in prayer flames'...just not any language you know, a far more ancient one...I daresay the original one...for which every 'letter' has meaning and power of its might describe it as ''the language of creation'' uttered at the beginning of time and space as we perceive it in our multiverse....the ignorant will laugh because they have not developed the capacity to comprehend such mysteries....but wisdom is not gifted to fools (obviously).
I share with you now a FEW of the ancient letters revealed in the prayer flame of one ordinary candle last night, as I took snapshots every second to record them so I can write them down. One day mankind will realise that religion keeps you at a primary school level of supernatural abilities and understanding, whereas spirituality (that religion attempts to eradicate all over the world - and maybe you see why now?) allows you to attain a University level grasp by contrast.
PS - And for all the silly Christians who equate flames with ''evil'' and 'hell-fire''...did not God itself appear to Moses as a burning bush? Therefore - God was fire in that case, and did not tongues of flame come down from heaven on to the heads of every disciple of Jesus? I rest my case.

Because just looking at the large flame revealed nothing unusual, only by following the advice of the voice, did I learn that still photos of the flame revealed everything your eyes cannot see normally. 

Sunday, 10 June 2018


Great Astral experience last night, have to share as it will be understood & appreciated by some:
So I fell asleep in Sint maarten island thinking about my life and things that ended so that other things can begin again (or new), and I astral travelled to my wife in Guyana on the reservation (1,000 miles away), I entered the room and she was sleeping on her side with back to the side of the bed I was approaching, I passed through the mosquito net and softly kissed her on her neck, because she loves when I do that (but she did not wake up), seconds after I did that I tried to lay down next to her - but passed completely through the mattress (naturally because it was my spirit form not physical one) and I heard our youngest daughter Laliwa laugh...and a split screen (for lack of a better term) appeared to my right showing me our youngest daughter giggling in her sleep back in Barbados Island ....then I saw my mother smile in her sleep, but her thoughts were also about how the years have flown by, and how her and dad were once young and in love, and now their twilight years are upon them, and they dont know how many more grandchildren or great grandchildren they will live to that part I found both incredible (to see my mothers thoughts like a 3D hologram projected from her head), but also very sad because it is a reality none of us (their loved ones) want to face anytime soon, but then I noticed a golden cord (glimmering more brilliantly than any polished Gold in the physical world I had ever seen)...and it connected me to my parents, them to each other, me to Laliwa and her to them, and Laliwa to her mother and me to my wife...and many other infinite connections.....but on the periphery they were legions of dark entities, older than man, that serve the Defiler ,watching and waiting for opportunities to strike, all full of malice towards mankind and ceaselessly trying to do us harm and sever the golden cords in our family (and EVERY family on Earth), and no golden cord was connecting to them...then a loving voice of authority (that always escorts me on the Astral plane) explained:
"All souls once in human physical bodies are connected by love to their parents and other family members when they enter this world, because all families are supposed to be bound by love for each other, but the dark forces in this would never stop trying to cut those bonds, because a loving family is the keystone for positive-minded human societies, and if/ when they succeed in doing so by turning one family member against another...because any chain is only as strong as its weakest link... the individual is no longer connected to this foundation of love and light and becomes a receptacle more easily filled by hatred, bitterness and despair....thus he/she becomes a knowing or unwitting force multiplier for a negativity that spreads like a virus in the sea of humanity, consuming one host till it is utterly destroyed - before moving on to the next victim.
So when the parent is feeling love and happiness, the child subconsciously feels it too, and likewise when the child is feeling love and happiness the parent subconsciously feels it too, likewise same goes for hurt and unhappiness, all who are connected by the golden cord of love and light feel the pain of the others they are connected to also..but physical bodies also are a veil of ignorance to souls, and most completely forget for the entire duration of their Earthly lives - that the multiverse is governed by spiritual rules as well, and these are far more complex and numerous for one who only understands the rules that govern the physical world to ever truly comprehend.....but this is why the spiritually wise speak of 'being connected'' and the one thing the spiritually ignorant all have in common - is that they are all disconnected from the golden cord of love and light - therefore any deeper spiritual understanding is beyond their grasp, so in their false pride they comfort themselves in the shallow illusion of man-made religious dogma instead.
Everyone must take responsibility for everything that happens in their world, even how one reacts to some unexpected negative thing that occurs to them - has a ripple effect on the total mental, spiritual and physical well being of others...there is no such thing as "Í alone'' for any life form no matter how small or great it may be...all are connected, and not understanding and accepting this is the downfall of every human being" 

Wednesday, 2 May 2018


                                       Even the crippled in Nicaragua are fed up  


In the opinion of most Nicaraguans: 
"The FIRST mistake President Daniel Ortega made was In January 2014 when the National Assembly, dominated by the FSLN, approved constitutional amendments that abolished term limits for the presidency and allowed a president to run for an unlimited number of five-year terms, this made him look like another power hungry third world dictator.....but in his defense, it is possible he is just convinced that no-one else can see his vision for Nicaragua come to fruition better than him (lets be fair after all - because that is a genuine possibility)....however - the 2nd mistake is worse - because it cannot be justified or rationalized by ANY truly educated person...this was making his own wife the Vice-President....because that is absolute 100% proof of NEPOTISM !" 

Yet, with those two matters in mind, do NOT think for one minute that the private sector in Nicaragua (who had it good - while the poor suffered - under the Somoza capitalist dictator that Daniel overthrew with the rest of the Sandinista rebels so many decades ago), and the CIA who was a big supporter of Somoza and helped to train his murdering personal private death squad force known as 'the Guards' by ordinary Nicaraguans (who were the main people they murdered)....has never stopped wanting & trying to end & reverse the gains of the leftist social revolution in Nicaragua Daniel unleashed on the Aristocracy/ don’t fool yourself that an American THIRD HAND is not inserting itself - in an unlubricated gynecological manner - into the current political crisis unfolding in Nicaragua. 

The situation in Nicaragua reached the point of eruption with the publication of the new reforms of the social security that established that workers will move from contributing 6.25% to 7%  to the social security starting in July 2018, and the companies will move from contributing 19% to 21% in July and in 2019 and 2020 they will have two more adjustment to reach to contribution of the 22.5% by 2020..not a big deal compared to most other countries (for example in Costa Rica the workers contribute with 8.8%)....but the Private sector REFUSED to agree leaving the government of Ortega to make a unilateral decision.

On the 18th of April the day the new reform of the pension system that increased workers 'and employers' quotas was published in the GASETA, protest were triggered by university students and the so call Auto-summoned youth, which later spread to other social sectors. The rally on that day went out of control after pro-government supporters clashed with the Auto-summoned youth in the presence of the police.

From the information I was able to collect from a student leader involved with the protest,  it is clear that on 19th of April 2018 students in Nicaragua held an annual rally in honor of Roberto González Herrera, a university student killed 19 years ago during the struggles of 6%, on this day the students also decide to voice out their discomfort with the censorship and clash that occurred on the previous day and the new re-forms to the pension system.

Things escalated rapidly during the morning when police forces try to suppress the students protest, on that day 3 persons died a police officer and 2 young persons - one of whom was on his way home from work and unfortunately ended up in the middle of the conflict between students and the police....immediately 'persons unknown' begin to spread rumors like wildfire that the Police had positioned special snipers  around the university campus who were targeting protesters

The Anarchist elements in the protest began rioting violently, more rumors began to spread that Daniel was calling out the Army to slaughter the protesters, and 'persons unknown' began to refer to them as ' Daniel’s Guards (a clever psychological ploy to equate Daniel with Somoza in the minds of Nicaraguans as that term 'the Guard' has deeply embedded connotations of repression in the psyche of average’s the sort of Psych-Ops the CIA is the best in the world at fabricating).  

Fake news that called for a National strike:

More fake news - this one on social media claimed the Government had released convicts to attack protesters:

And more fake news from someone in California USA:

Another mistake President Ortega made was to wait 3 days before taking to the airwaves and addressing the manifestations on state TV, so his words were NOT convincing to anyone, and by having the Chief of Police and the Head of the Army next to him, it just gave the opposition more fuel to create new rumors...this time they were that 'The chief of Police is a prisoner of the President, and the Army is going to do his dirty work and begin eliminating the protesters’.....neither of which has happened yet as of my time of writing on 1st May 2018.

The government of President Daniel Ortega was literally in a no-win situation, either order the Police to do nothing and let rioting and looting go unchallenged - and let anarchy prevail - and get blamed for permitting it...or challenge it with force and get accused of being bloodthirsty murderers.           

As of today, many NGOs in Nicaragua are reporting that a total of 63 civilians are dead and 15 are still missing as a result of the unrest and police brutality.   

Without a doubt, the government of Nicaragua, like all governments, has done GOOD and BAD things, but no-one I have spoken to IN Nicaragua - thinks the Sandinistas will win the next presidential election in 2021, furthermore they believe it will be DECADES before they win any national election in a free & fair plebiscite, so the 'forces unknown' are going to get the victory they worked so hard to achieve. 


Tuesday, 1 May 2018


President Ortega and his wife - who he made Vice President...what kind of yard-fowl political buffoonery is that? Then we get angry when Europeans refer to us as 'Banana Republics'.... For the ideological Left has proven itself to be just as hostile to true Indigenous rights as the Ideological Right....'Left wing, Right wing - same anti-indigenous rights bird'....and that's the damned truth! 

"Daniel did a great thing to free us from Samoza, but today he is like a Chef who made a soup by putting in the wrong ingredients - and expected it to still taste good" (Nicaraguan government official who asked to remain anonymous).

In the opinion of someone in his own government:
"The FIRST mistake President Daniel Ortega made was to rewrite the constitution of the Republic of Nicaragua - to allow himself to run for an unprecedented third term in office...this made him look like another power hungry third world dictator.....but in his defence, it is possible he is just convinced that no-one else can see his vision for Nicaragua come to fruition better than him (lets be fair after all - because that is a genuine possibility)....however - the 2nd mistake is worse - because it cannot be justified or rationalised by ANY truly educated person...this was making his own wife the Vice-President....because that is absolute 100% proof of NEPOTISM !"

Without a doubt, the government of Nicaragua, like all governments, has done GOOD things for some people, and BAD things for other people, but no-one I have spoken to IN Nicaragua - thinks the Sandinistas will win the next election in 2020, furthermore they believe it will be DECADES before they win any national election in a free & fair plebiscite, most Nicaraguans right now are fed up with the regime that has overstayed its time, and the only honorable thing for President Ortega to do at this point is to resign and let fresh FREE AND FAIR elections be held.

We ALL know that new political leadership in Nicaragua is the best solution, no more old leaders with their old ideas, but change via the use of the same kinds of dirty tactics that power hungry politicians use to stay in power - does not give you any more legitimacy than the very people you are condemning...always better to take the moral high horse and usher in change based on honesty. 




Another more important (to me) story is being overshadowed by the unfolding political drama in Managua, and it is the CONTINUING DEADLY LAND GRABBING BY RICH AGRO-BUSINESS NON-INDIGENOUS NICARAGUANS....for years they have been illegally encroaching on Miskito Tribal lands in North East Nicaragua WHILE THE GOVERNMENT DOES NOTHING TO STOP THEM, AND SEEMS TO PROTECT THEM INSTEAD (an area called the Çaribbean North')...these wealthy farmers have been kidnapping and murdering indigenous leaders for YEARS, and because by law non-indigenous persons CANNOT own indigenous lands, they have began a kind of ethnic co-option by marrying poor native girls just to get them pregnant with the children of non-indigenous men, so that the children then have legal rights to get indigenous lands in the East.   


"La Moskitia, located on the Caribbean cost of the Central American country of Nicaragua, is the traditional territory of the Miskitu, Sumu-Mayangna, and Rama indigenous people, and also of afro-descendent communities (Garífuna and Creole). Together they, along with the mestizo national majority population, live in peace and harmony with nature and the elements of the region. 

 During the second term of the Sandinista government, which took place in 2007, and almost parallel to the process of demarcation and titling of indigenous peoples and afro-descendant’s territories, the emergence of groups of pillagers of natural resources began. They began by first extracting and stockpiling precious timber, especially mahogany and cedar of indigenous territories. Subsequently, these groups involved wealthy settlers (invaders and traffickers of indigenous lands) from the rest of the country for logging to extract all precious woods from indigenous areas of the region. Over time, the presence and activity of the settlers became overwhelming. These settlers came from all areas of the national territory, invading ancestral lands, pillaging community property, and preying on the habitats of indigenous peoples throughout La Moskitia. 

With the clearing of the forests, the groups of invading settlers funded by ranchers and national landowners, have become dedicated to the usurpation of large expanses of indigenous lands by planting grasses, fencing pastures, and introducing large amounts of cattle. Meanwhile, the landowners are accumulating large expanses of indigenous land for the purpose of driving megaprojects and investments in the future. Parallel to the increased livestock activity, other groups of settlers sponsored by the mining company, HEMCO, with an office in the region, has become dedicated to the extraction activity of alluvial gold from rivers and other indigenous areas. Clearly, these extractive activities are executed and have a direct detriment to the rights, and the very existence of, indigenous peoples.

However, although in Nicaragua communal ownership is recognized in the Constitution – along with other types of properties at the same level, respect, and opportunity, of the others – in practice, this recognition does not cover the legal certainty in the country in terms of assets of indigenous peoples and afro-descendants. Indeed, the invasion and usurpation of ancestral lands, plunder of communal property, and environmental depredation of the settlers occur in plain sight and passivity of the government and its institutions. In this manner, there is a clear government complicity with the illegal activity of the settlers and their sponsors to our indigenous communities.

It is evident that the groups of settlers have taken action counting on certain political and material support from government institutions and of their parties in the region, whom provide recognition and infrastructure support for their activities and settlements. Similarly, it has been known that officials and activists of the regional governments, along with ruling party members in the region, are involved in the illegal sale of indigenous lands. In addition, groups of settlers have weapons of war and mobilize and carry out armed attacks against communities with impunity, and even with prior knowledge of the national forces of order and defense located in the region. Therefore, for indigenous communities, armed settler groups led by former military are, and act as, paramilitary forces against them. 

It follows, that the invasion and occupation of the settlers carry a complete policy of internal colonialism by means of an aggressive process of border advancement of population and agricultural. At the same time, there is also evidence of a colonization of the territories of the indigenous and afro-descendants, involving a policy of fading out cultures and communities themselves. By imposing a so-called ‘cohabitation of communities’ with the groups of settlers, the Government and their parties promote the legitimacy and legal recognition of these invaders, and eventually the ethnocide of indigenous peoples.

Faced with this stark reality of aggression and threat to the very existence and historical memory of our indigenous peoples, the struggle remains the same today as it has always been for the survival and dignity of indigenous peoples through the defense of their ancestral territories, whose existence pre-dates Nicaragua as a Republic. This is the resistance to the advancing government plan of colonization, which serves as a launch pad for the invading settlers, sponsored by the wealthy, with their megaprojects, under its extractive model of the communal property and the usurpation of ancestral lands. The challenge is our survival as a people and we cannot fail in the struggle. So be it."


Sunday, 29 April 2018


I just decided to compile this list after a friend jokingly remarked "Hey Damon, if there was ever a Pulitzer prize for the journalist who wrote the highest number of news articles about the widest number of indigenous peoples around the world - you would be a real contender for it" lol.

So here is a reference list with links to the articles on my blog, for easy reference now & in the future (as I don't plan on stopping anytime soon) so I can easily add new articles to this going forward.

These articles below are only the ones where I was allowed to name our students, I did additional articles without using the names of other students who could be arrested, jailed, tortured or murdered - just from learning the kinds of truths in our course that their governments back in their home countries prefer to keep them ignorant of.

I was raised to give credit where it is due, and to speak the truth without fear, so when I say that I have become the Caribbean Indigenous Rights Activist with the broadest ever influence in the worldwide indigenous rights struggle that exists today, it is not a boast (as my enemies see it) it is just the plain truth, no one else from the Caribbean Indigenous community/ancestry has written more news articles about more indigenous peoples around the world than I, or diverted as high of a percentage of their personal income to sponsor indigenous persons & projects around the world - which includes self defence operations for indigenous people under attack from Central America to the Middle East (since most activists do not go that far to risk their own lives in óther people's problems' and instead focus on their own tribe only).....but it was not made possible by magic (though one might argue a high degree of luck is obviously on my side lol), it was made possible by 4 key people in my opinion, #1 my mother for naming me after a famous writer (Damon Runyon), #2 - Famous Barbadian Journalist Ian Bourne who gave me my first internet news platform on his news site to write about anything I wanted to free of censorship (and he encouraged me to create my own blog too -, #3 - my Taino brother Roberto Borrero who recommended and actively supported my entry into the Organization of American States (OAS) Indigenous Rights working group process back in 2000...where I was able to work with him on the Caribbean Caucus at the OAS and help him and a select group of other indigenous colleagues - to negotiate and achieve the Declaration of the Americas in 2016 (after 16 years of negotiating with the governments of the Western Hemisphere); this Declaration will benefit not just a few thousand indigenous people in one country - but the approximately 50 million indigenous peoples who live in the Western Hemisphere that is no small matter....However, these 40 news articles below were made possible via Roberto recommending me to get into the United  Nations process - and this brings me to the #4 person - for it was the financial assistance of Pamela Kraft and her Tribal Link Foundation that got me into the UN since 2007 (and gives me the continuing opportunity to meet & network with new indigenous peoples from around the world every new), and it was at the UN in the Tribal link training that the Caribbean Amerindian Development Organization was born (CADO)
AND the Indigenous Democracy Defence Organization (IDDO) - which is the ONLY Global Indigenus NGO of its kind in existence - and which boasts as Country Commissioners many graduates of this Tribal Link UN Training all these good folks & more helped me to be in the position I am today to not just be limited to operating locally or regionally - but to be able to act we are all helping each other and learning from each other on the invisible indigenous spiritual family world-wide web we are weaving together <3   







NEPAL - GURUNG (Pratima)












USA - TAINO (Monika)






















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Just me and 2 Ethiopian men I befriended from the Gamo tribe in South West Ethiopia, I told Abera (in the middle) the old family story I knew about the Ethiopian princess who was sold to Arab slave traders by her wicked step-mother (Empress Wallata Iyasus) unknown to their father (Emperor Egwale Seyon of the solomonic line - whose throne name was Newaya Sagad, and who was the weakest and most sickly Emperor of Ethiopia in the modern era, constantly manipulated by everyone), and who was re-sold in Egypt and finally ended up on the slave auction block in Guyana - where Dr. Johnson (the English great grandfather of great-grandpa Vivian Arnold De-Weever who descended maternally from that union through his mother) purchased her and her younger sister because he remarked that they were "Negroes of exceptional beauty, poise and dignity very different to the other slaves'" 
Abera (the Ethiopian translator) repeated my words to the 90 year old Ethiopian Goma Elder, and the elder became excited and told me (through the translator) "I heard the first half of that story from MY Elders, my heart is heavy with joy to meet someone from the other half of that story" the story of the Princesses who were sold to Arab slavers by the King's new wife was preserved among the Gamo (A Cushitic People), but no-one knew any more than that, I knew the rest of the story but could not find the first half confirmation, my sister Lisa even asked Haile Selassie's grandson Prince Ermias (when he visited Barbados some years ago) and asked them to check their own family records...but they could find nothing...of course not - because they were expunged from the royal records by their step-mother who made sure only the 5 subsequent children she had with the Emperor were in the royal records in Ethiopia (a common albeit malicious tendency in Royal politics). Suffice to say, I nearly cried to finally have resolution on this 200+ year old family story, but ALL of us descended from the union of De-Weever and Princess Marian of the Arawaks share this now confirmed Ethiopian Gamo Tribe royal lineage (through Grandpa De-Weever's blood), more reason to be proud of who we are and where we have come from.

If  I ever made a documentary of our  young beautiful Ethiopian great-great-great-great Grandmother I would ask someone like this young lady friend of mine Yassmin to play the role, as I think she has lovely Cushitic/Nilotic features and is the right height and body size for the part.
Regarding the secret Ethiopian connection in our family tree – note that Vivian Arnold DeWever (your maternal Guyana-born granny’s father) was the son of Father Karl DeWeever (of Saba) and Eileen Johnson (of Guyana) who was a granddaughter of Dr. Morris Johnson and Princess Lydia of Ethiopia….here are the main dates in your family tree with relevance to this connection to Ethiopia:

  • 1580 – Thomas Warner is born in Suffolk England, he joined the Army at an early age and became Captain of King James I Guards, he was also later knighted by King James I.
  • 1620 Sir Thomas Warner traveled to the Oyapoc British Colony in what is now Guyana, South America.
  • 1624 Sir Thomas Warner becomes the first English Settler in the Caribbean (St. Kitts)
  • 1787 Princess Lydia Seyon is born in Ethiopia to Prince Egwale Seyon (who became Emperor Newaya Sagad in 1801) – who was a sickly and very much manipulated monarch. Her sister (name unknown to us) was born in 1789.
  • 1803 Dr. Morris Johnson of Barbados purchased a ‘coffee colored with long wavy hair of striking beauty‘ -16 year-old slave who was an Ethiopian Princess called Lydia and her younger sister who was 14 – and made Lydia his wife; her younger sister acted the role of nanny/maid in the plantation estate he soon thereafter purchased in Guyana (possibly in Berbice?) where he moved his family to (after it had just become a British territory)
Princess Lydia told her children and grandchildren her sad story of being the victim of her father the Emperor’s new wife’s jealousy, the step-mother was 18 – a mere two years older than Lidia, they were in Gondar (then the Royal capital of Ethiopia) when his jealous new wife sold the two sisters to Arab Slave Traders from Egypt and told her husband that the girls had been kidnapped by his enemies during the civil war (which started in 1803). The stepmother then saw to it that these two girls were expunged from the royal records and only her own children were recorded, which was a common practice in various imperial households in Ethiopia – as a means to De-legitimize primary heirs and to legitimize secondary ones.
After months at sea after changing hands several times the two Ethiopian Princesses ended up in Barbados on the slave market – where the elder Lydia was purchased by Dr. Morris Johnson who immediately made her his wife. Princess Lydia claimed that her and her sister were treated well in their captivity however (most likely because of their high value on the auction block as being Royal as opposed to ‘ordinary’ slaves).

Chinese descendant Marjorie Sue-Kirkpatrick (author of the book ‘From the Middle Kingdom to the Americas‘) confirmed the story and saw herself in a Daguerrotype of the Ethiopian Princess wearing white veil, hat, long-sleeved dress and gloves in Guyana where she rarely ventured off the estate of her husband till the end of her days.
  • 1879 Princess ‘Marian the Lucky‘ (later shortened to ‘Marian Lucky‘) was born to Lokono-Arawak Chief Amorotahe Haubariria (who’s mother was a Makushi) and his Akawaio wife Twengga, Marian was the first to be Christianized in the Clan and receive a western education, she was raised by Anglican Missionary Priest William Percy Austin – who later became the Bishop of Guyana – and in 1883 the Archbishop of the West Indies.
  • 1885 Fr. Karl DeWeever marries Mrs. Eileen Johnson (granddaughter of Dr. Morris Johnson and Princess Lydia Seyon of Ethiopia) in Guyana, Karl was born & raised in the Netherlands and was posted as the priest to the island of Saba in the Dutch Windward Islands before being sent to Guyana.
Karl also passed on the ownership of the Argosy Newspaper he created to his son Vivian – who was an entrepreneur but a reckless businessman, sold it.
  • Above our only existing photo of Great Great grandfather Vivian Arnold DeWeever as a young man in Guyana
  • 1886 Vivian Arnold De-Weever was born to Fr. Karl and Eileen Johnson-DeWeever as their only son, they had one other child Irene, the only daughter.

  • 1899 Vivian Arnold De-Weever meets Princess Marian of the Eagle Clan Lokono-Arawaks on a river trip bartering goods for the Sprawstons Company where he was a Manager, falls instantly in love and weds her.
  • 1913 on 29th January George Cecil Corbin was born in Barbados to father Julian Alban Corbin and mother Florence Warner, Florence was a direct descendant of Sir Thomas Warner through his first children who were half 'Kalinago/Carib (from his common-law Dominican Kalinago/Carib wife in the St. Christopher Colony, now called St. Kitts).
  • Sir Thomas Warners white children in Antigua resented their half Kalinago/Carib siblings and it was one of these racist white sons who travelled to Dominica to murder his half brother chief Carib Warner who had returned to his others people, poor unsuspecting Chief Warner welcomed his brother with a feast and while he and his Kalinago warriors were drunk and asleep, Phillip and his english men murdered them all, and their wives and children of these half Kalinago/Carib children of Chief Carib Warner who survived the massacre was rescued, adopted & taken to Barbados by a ship sent by the english governor of Barbados after receiving news of the massacre of their ally by their English Antigua rivals....and the boy was  groomed to one day return to rule Dominica as the pro-Barbados native Governor like his father was, but this plan was never realised and he remained in Barbados all his life...becoming part of our diverse and exciting ancestral family tree - that links us forever to the Kalinago Tribal Nation as well. 

    • 1928 on 18th April Princess Marian De-Weever dies in Barbados at the age of 49, she is buried in Westbury cemetery – the only known burial site of an Arawak Royal in the Caribbean.

    • 1930 George Cecil Corbin (then 17) and Hanna Mariah De-Weever (then 16) married, the couple had 8 children, one of whom died at birth, and 7 who survived into adulthood – Sheila (deceased), Daphne, Merton (deceased), Cecil, Audrey (my mother), Judy & Cheryl.

    • 1914 on 24th of March Hanna Mariah De-Weever was born; she is the sixth child of Vivian and Marian.
above Great uncle/Grandad David Arnold DeWeever with two of his grandchildren - Evelyn (left) and Nigel (right)...Evelyn posted a comment at the bottom of this article confirming that she too had seen the glass plate portraits of our Ethiopian ancestor Princess sisters.
NB – Great uncle David Arnold DeWeever said that on several occasions during World War II ‘An Ethiopian Princess appeared to him and warned him about danger to his life that would occur the following day“, he always followed her warnings, and his life was spared as the vehicle or boat he was to have traveled on was either bombed or torpedoed with the loss of all lives aboard – just as she had predicted. As for me (Damon) since I shared this info with the present generation of the family – after years of digging ever deeper including consulting family elders (now deceased) and even elders from Ethiopia (whom I met by chance at a UN sponsored Climate Change conference in Alaska) who were aware of the story of the 2 Princesses and the wicked stepmother who sold them to Arab slave traders, I too have seen her once in a dream, she was with my other great granny Arawak Princess Marian, and they both smiled at me; perhaps happy that their memories have been kept alive by my efforts?
FAMILY MEMBERS WHO SHOW STRONGEST DNA EVIDENCE OF THE ETHIOPIAN ANCESTRY - in my opinion would be our St John first Cousins Charles, Richard, Stephen & 2nd cousin Ian...because DNA cannot be hidden forever, it only skips some generations only to reveals itself in others. 

First cousin Charles (the eldest even bears a striking resemblance to the last Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie, not surprising as they are both of the Solomonic family lineage. 
                                                   First Cousin Richard St. John (above left)
                                                 First Cousin Stephen St John (above right)
                                                        2nd Cousin Ian St. John (above right)
  1. Damon,
    R U aware of any family members who knew of the Ethiopian connection? If not, wouldn’t it be more accurate to state your research as the “Unknown Ethiopian Connection” rather than the “Secret” one?
    This is the first time I am learning of this but I will also say that for a very long time I have felt a connection with Ethiopia and indeed Eritrea. There’s some kind of connection there but I didn’t know what or why I felt it. Maybe this explains it??
  2. Yes Rich, several older ones told me about it before they died, I grew up hearing about it since I was in Secondary School, but they grew up in an age when any non-European ancestry was ‘nothing to boast about’ (especially in Barbados) so it was very much a secret, DNA cannot be erased from one’s ‘genetic memory’ so yes – I would say your instinctual pull/affinity is due to that. Some of these same deceased elders were full of pride in our Amerindian heritage also – in their last years…but things they told me they did not bother to tell their own children (decades before) – who did not show my level of interests & pride in it – due to them not having ever shared all they knew with them in the first place! A vicious cycle of a bygone era, the main thing now is that I tell all of the younger generation all that I know before I too die and take a lot of valuable info with me to the grave.
                                               Great aunt Irene DeWeever at far left (standing)

Hi Damon – Cousin Evelyn here – I remember well when great aunt Irene came to stay with David Arnold Dewever (my grandad) in the UK – this was back in the late 1950s – from memory I can tell in no uncertain terms that she possessed with her glass photographic plates of the two princesses – and she relayed a story about them coming from Ethiopia……I will be emailing you in due course…

Wednesday, 25 April 2018


BY REQUEST...something of an esoteric informational nature...

I understand a great deal now more than I did as a youth, but many questions remain to be answered, nevertheless, let me touch on what my current level of understanding is about a few things about our lives.

#1....information (including memories) ARE stored and transmitted through DNA...if you are lucky you will have glimpses into past lives, this is also why if you have 4 mentally normal children (just for example) - each successive child will learn a bit faster than the sibling born before it...this is because mum & dad knew more the year they made the new child than they did the year they made the previous child (etc.) so each new baby is born with more data in its brain than the one before. If a man fathers a child at 20, and again at 80, the child he made in his old age will learn faster than the child he made at 20 - because the fathers accumulation of knowledge was greater at 80 than 20 ....if you get what i'm saying.

#2 ....everything that is made in physical form has also a spiritual form, because every tangible thing is made of atoms....from the grain of sand or rock, to the plant, to the most complex biologically independent organism (humans)...if you look at a rock with an electron microscope and obliterate it with explosives, the shape/form the rock had before the explosion will still be visible to the electron microscope, even though your biological eyes will see only dust and debris where the formerly solid rock once stood....likewise experiments were done with leaves, a man cut a leaf in half - yet under the electron microscope the leaf appeared still intact at the molecular level....same thing if you look at a man and sever part of his body - under the electron microscope he still appears to be whole and intact (that is why you see the spirit of a dead loved one looking intact even if they died in a dismemberment) ...even though our biological eyes see a limb missing....this is what you may call the 'spirit' of the man (also the plant, also the rock)....the SOUL is conscious energy and is NOT the same as the spirit....everything (as I have said) in our 5 senses perception of reality (and note that science admits our human eyes only see 5% of the visible spectrum, there are literally 95% more to see all around us but we are biologically incapable of doing so when inside our bodies) has a 'spiritual form' and a 'physical form' when that native elder told you ''The animals, plants and rocks all have spirits' - he was not talking ''crap'...he was telling you wisdom you were to ignorant to comprehend at the time....even though I find it amusing to hear Christians laugh at native elders saying rocks have a spirit - yet in their own Bible they read in HABAKKUK 2:11; LUKE 19:40; JOSHUA 24:27

11 For the stone will cry out from the wall,

and the beam from the woodwork respond.

40 He answered, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

27 And Joshua said to all the people, “Behold, this stone shall be a witness against us, for zit has heard all the words of the LORD that he spoke to us. Therefore it shall be a witness against you, lest you deal falsely with your God.”

But of course when their religious icons say the EXACT same thing it suddenly does not so sound silly anymore...the word for this is: HYPOCRISY

But getting back to today's sermon'...

#3 - Your 'race' (and your gender) has NO everlasting spiritual importance whatsoever, for your soul has no 'race' - it is immortal genderless conscious energy that transcends anything crude such as tangible matter, your race may or may not hold biological importance to you, and that is an entirely different matter, because all your inherited memories have passed down through your DNA from biological body to biological body from the dawn of time going back to your first physical ancestor, so nothing is wrong with loving the skin you are in and trying to be an asset to the collective of your people (whom you belong to on Earth), so long as you do not cause the detriment of people in other skins & lands (who have just as much right to live in peace unmolested as you do) ...and your DNA is what makes your physical body the wild horse that needs to be tamed by your soul - lest it ride away with is driven my urges, impulses, desires and passions and worst of all EGO (biological brain generated self-preservation algorithm) is your LOWER self (your body), when you realize that it is merely the vehicle that your higher self (Soul) must use to be able to function in this physical plane of existence, you will learn to exercise control over it...and not become a Hedonist.
That is why some ancient texts (banned by organised religions) described the ORIGINAL 'Holy Trinity' as ''Soul, Spirit, and body'' (and they stressed the need for the SOUL to take command of the spirit and body - or they would take command of the soul instead) ....for every human being is indeed 3 in 1.
Which brings me to #4, YOU and I shall indeed only live ONCE as YOU (the mortal human you are now in this present life with the name you now bear)....but the SOUL that is using this current physical vehicle you see in the mirror every day, will use MANY such bodies over many eons on this planet, until the soul has learned all that exists to know, what it is like to be a man, to be a woman, rich, poor, live in a land of ice, live in a sand desert, live in mountains, live in valleys, live in caves, a farmer, a hunter, a gatherer,to live as a seafarer, live as a landlubber, to be a warrior, to be a teacher, to be a father, to be a husband,a brother,to be a follower, to be a leader, a sister, a wife, mother, an elder, a youth, to live in the jungles, live on the grasslands, live in a swamp, live on an island, to be a member of EVERY race and ethnic group on Earth, etc, etc, etc...old souls (those that have lived many lives) know this to be true...but young souls (new to their 'school for the soul' experience on this planet) imagine that they only came to be here once....their intelligence is still too shortsighted and deficient to realise that it would be pointless and futile for the soul to experience only one physical life...if it had only a few hours or days of life before dying what the hell could it have possibly learned? Also, there are some bigots who live to be 100 years old but STILL die as ignorant fools.....this is why each of us must live many times to finally reach the level of complete knowledge and understanding of everything...before we are worthy enough of our 'spiritual graduation' so we can be re-united with the divine mystery in that place of pure love and perfection we left so long ago to begin our learning process....because we cannot learn there - what we learn here, for we need a balance - to not only know the joy of paradise...but to know sorrow on the Earth too, to not only know contentment in paradise...but to know hunger on Earth too, to not only know love and unity in paradise....but to learn what a sense of betrayal and disunity feels like on Earth as well.

Jesus alluded to incarnation (though Christian leaders try to deny it and put their own dogma driven spin on its ínterpretation'instead of letting it stand just as he said it) also when he said in Mathew 11:14 about John the Baptist:
"And if you are willing to accept it, John himself is Elijah who was to come."
(bear in mind the Prophet Elijah lived long before John..but the SOUL that was in the body of the man called Elijah returned in the body of the man called John the Baptist). 

 This is why no-matter what evils befall you and those souls who share your Earthly sojourns with you, you must never die (depart any of your physical lives) with hatred in your heart...we must learn the power of hatred yes, but only to rise above it and realize it is a lower vibrational frequency that serves no purpose to hold on to....leave it behind like your useless bodily garment when you experience the physical death - and spiritual re-birth into the higher plane of existence as immortal conscious energy. ONCE AGAIN...Remember, any great sword MUST be tested by FIRE first, and its impurities removed from it - which makes it all the more stronger <3

It is no coincidence that all the highly intelligent people on Earth are old souls, and all the ignorant fools on Earth are young souls.....the student is never greater in understanding than the master.